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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 899 - Thank You for Your Trouble

Chapter 899: Thank You for Your Trouble

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The entire room was silent.

Shen Li’s words were logical and sincere. There was really nothing wrong with them.

After all, Yu Yu was indeed one of the most active organizers of today’s salon. With her qualifications, she was definitely qualified to become a committee member.

However, these words were full of ridicule and humiliation to Yu Yu’s ears!

She had been aiming for the position of president from the very beginning! Why else would she have gone to so much trouble and effort?!

Who would have known that in the end, all her efforts would all be for someone else’s benefit?

It just so happened that this series of rules, including the election of the thirteenth member as the president, had all been personally approved by her.

If she did not acknowledge Shen Li as the president now, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face?

However… to make her Shen Li’s subordinate and be at her beck and call from now on, listen to her orders, and go back and forth just from a single order from her…

It was extremely humiliating!

Everyone looked at her, waiting for her answer.

The expressions on everyone’s faces were different.

Who did not know that it was because Yu Yu had already felt so certain that she would be chosen as the last member of the Bai City Fashion Association that she had made this series of preparations?

The people who were capable of being included in this circle of people were all smart so her intentions were obvious.

However, everyone had been willing to give her face and support her.

After all, being a lifetime member of the Bai City Fashion Association was indeed an existence that many people looked up to.

Who would have thought that the person that had ultimately been chosen had turned out to be Shen Li?

In that case, the position of president of the national committee would be hers. All the power and resources would naturally be hers as well!

As for Yu Yu?

It was as if she had only been left a pile of chicken feathers on the ground, which would only add to her ridicule.

At that moment, many people were looking at Yu Yu with a hint of ridicule in their eyes.

Without YU, and after the drama in Bai City, her situation was no longer that good to begin with.

Now that the only way to turn things around was being blocked, it was even worse.

Who would treat her like before, fawning over her in every way possible?

“Miss Yu?”

Seeing that Yu Yu did not speak for a while, Shen Li smiled and raised her voice slightly.

“Miss Yu is extremely capable. If it’s not you, who else could it be?”

Yu Yu choked in her heart.

She had just said this to Shen Li not too long ago. She had not expected the other party would return the favor so quickly!

This boomerang of her words made her feel extremely humiliated.

She forced a smile onto her face and opened her mouth to refuse.

“I’ve only done some insignificant things. I really don’t deserve such praise. I think it’d be better to–” ‘forget it.’

She was not given enough time to say the last two words.

That was because Shen Li interrupted her.

“I think what Miss Yu said before is very reasonable. Setting up this committee is very important to the development of everyone and the industry as a whole. Of course, this is only my personal suggestion. If Miss Yu is really unwilling, then I’m willing to respect Miss Yu’s wishes.”

Yu Yu’s expression froze.

There was a calm smile on Shen Li’s face and her words had been spoken clearly and lightly. Every word conveyed the same meaning: I will never force you.

How could Yu Yu possibly reject such words?

Those words had indeed come from her mouth.

Back then, she had used them to teach Shen Li a lesson. If she rejected her now, how would her peers view her?

How could she continue to exist in this industry in the future?!

Yu Yu gritted her teeth.

With Shen Li’s high status now, there was really no room for her to deny it!

Yu Yu’s lips moved and she finally managed to squeeze out a smile.

“How can that be? I’m very happy to do my part and be able to do something for everyone.”

Shen Li’s peach blossom eyes curved.

“Then… in the future, I’ll have to trouble Miss Yu to take care of these matters.”

At the same time, the news that Shen Li had been selected as the 13th lifetime member of the Bai City Fashion Association had also spread online.

[ Fashion Eve: Surprise! The last membership position of the Bai City Fashion Association has been awarded to Shen Li! Congratulations on becoming the first Chinese member! ]

There were two screenshots below, both from the official website of the Bai City Fashion Association.

The first one was an announcement, and on the screenshot, the German, English, and Chinese versions of the announcement could be seen clearly.

The paragraph in Chinese was particularly eye-catching.

The second one was the list of names, with the twelve members’ opinions listed one by one.

That long column of “Shen Li” neatly printed shocked countless people.

[ Ahhhh! Congratulations, Sister! Sister is a treasure! ]

[ I love you! It’s the new year for fans today! ]

[ When I saw that “Embrace of a Star” showcase earlier, I knew it was definitely her! No one else is more qualified to take on this role! ]

[ Seven votes in favor! Over a thousand people competed, yet she alone took over half of the votes! ]

[ Kneeling is really not enough. Ning, please let me go, sob-sob-sob! ]

[ Family members! There’s another piece of good news! I just saw it! The National Fashion Couture Committee was officially established today and Ning is the president! The official Weibo account has just been opened, and the first Weibo post has been made! Everyone, quickly go ahead and share it! ]

This comment was quickly confirmed, and many people went onto the Internet and searched.

The official Weibo announced the final results of the committee at the salon event.

President: Shen Li.

Vice President: Xie Jingyu.

Committee members: Luo Cheng, Yu Yu, Jiang Yichuan, Fu Qiqi, and Yin Yue.

Under this Weibo post, countless netizens quickly came over to congratulate her.

[ Congratulations, Ning! ]

[ Sister, you’re so awesome! ]

[ Is it too late for me to study fashion design now? ]

Placed alongside the others, Yu Yu’s name was not deemed anything special and no one paid her any attention.

Everyone’s gaze naturally fell upon the name at the top– Shen Li.

That night, Yu Yu had just finished dealing with the matters here when she received a call from the old mansion.

“Second Miss, Old Master wants you to come back as soon as possible.”

The maid lowered her voice a little,

“Old Master is not in a good mood, you…”

Yu Yu’s nails dug into her palms, trying her best to make her voice sound like it was normal.

“Got it. I’ll be back right away.”

After hanging up, the assistant who was driving looked at the rearview mirror and asked carefully, “President Yu, should we turn around and return to the old mansion now?”

“There’s no rush. Let’s pull over first.”

As Yu Yu spoke, she made another call to Yu Cheng.

At first, no one picked up. It was only after the third call that Yu Cheng finally answered.

Amidst the noisy music in the background, there were sounds of men asking women to make a toast.

Yu Yu was extremely frustrated, but she endured it.

“Brother, where are you now?”

Yu Cheng’s attitude towards her had become much colder recently. When he heard this, he only asked impatiently, “I’m outside. If there’s nothing urgent, I’ll hang up first.”

Yu Yu said, “Brother! Today… I saw Shen Li.”

When he heard this name, Yu Cheng subconsciously frowned.

Then, he heard Yu Yu speak hesitantly, “Brother, there was something I didn’t tell you before. The matter about you attacking Pan Jiajia… Shen Li already knew about it some time ago.”

Yu Cheng suddenly stood up.

“What did you say?!”