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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 898 - What Do You Think?

Chapter 898: What Do You Think?

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Seven out of twelve was already more than half!

Therefore, even without President Ronai, who had two votes, choosing her she would still have been chosen with an absolute advantage!

In reality, even if everyone else had chosen the same person, the result would still not change.

Shen Li, who had won seven votes, would definitely still have become the last member under any circumstances!

Yu Yu held her phone tightly as she looked at Shen Li’s name which was listed repeatedly and her mind went blank.

How did this happen?

All these people… had actually chosen her?!

It was at this moment that the other people in the hall also saw this list.

They were all in shock.

“Seven votes? Seven members had actually chosen Shen Li?!”

“Isn’t this too ridiculous? How did she get so many votes?”

“No, don’t you guys think it’s incredible that President Ronai and Mr. Compton actually didn’t vote for her?”

“Earlier, Yu Yu said that the votes in their hands must have been for Shen Li. I thought that it made sense, but who would have thought that it was the two of them who had not voted for Shen Li?!”

“This is too…”

Many people looked at Yu Yu but they hesitated to speak.

Everyone present had heard what she had said earlier.

If not for this list, they would definitely have thought that Shen Li had relied on her relationship with these two people to obtain the membership position.

“It’s fortunate that the results of the votes have been announced.” Xie Jingyu chuckled. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know that President Ronai had actually chosen me.”

He had also submitted his application, but from the start, he had never expected to be chosen.

Hence, when he saw this, he had been pleasantly surprised.

He glanced at Yu Yu and smiled meaningfully.

“It’s better to be clear and unambiguous like this. It saves us from making our own guesses and causing misunderstandings.”

Yu Yu bit her lip.

If she had known this earlier… If only she had known this earlier…

She would never have said those things earlier!

Now, it was as if she had been trying to throw dirty water at Shen Li!

However, how could she have expected that Shen Li would actually obtain seven votes of approval? Moreover, this was a situation where both Ronai and Compton had chosen other people.

The others might not know, but she had actually gone to the Bai City Fashion Week.

Both Ronai and Compton had admired Shen Li to the extreme.

This was also why she had been certain that they would choose her. It had been an obvious choice!

But now, it was only the two of them who had not chosen her!

If the three votes in their hands had been included, then… Shen Li would have obtained ten votes!

Other than the three votes that she had painstakingly obtained, the rest had all voted for Shen Li!

Realizing this, Yu Yu felt as though she had been slapped twice on the face.

Her heart was so full of shame and anger that she subconsciously clenched her fists until her knuckles were pale.

After a long while, she finally raised her head and forced out a smile.

“Uncle Xie’s words make sense. Luckily…”

She still wanted to say something to smooth things over for herself, but when the words reached her mouth, her throat felt as though it was blocked by something.

Her chest was also throbbing with pain, making her extremely uncomfortable.

Shen Li held her phone.

This result had indeed been far beyond her expectations.

She had only thought of asking George to persuade those two, thinking that as long as those three votes did not fall on her head, everything would be fine.


This result had indeed been out of their control.

This was because these twelve members all came from several different countries, and they were all important bigwigs in the fashion industry.

With some hard work, they might have been able to persuade one or two of them, but it would have been absolutely impossible to persuade all of them.

The voting result right now was the best proof.

Xie Jingyu smiled and moved forward.

“Ning, congratulations!”

He meant what he said.

In his opinion, Shen Li was indeed the most suitable candidate.

Although she was very young and had only debuted a short time ago, after a few successful shows, she had already conquered the hearts of countless people.

In China, she had a deep fan base, and many people had formed an interest in fashion only because of her.

Even abroad, professionals in the industry also generally gave her high praise.

So, who else was more qualified than her to become the first Chinese member of the Bai City Fashion Association?

At first, when he heard that Shen Li had not submitted her application, he had secretly been disappointed and regretful.

Fortunately, that had not been the case!

Shen Li was not in a good mood. However, seeing that he had taken the initiative to congratulate her, of course, she had to give him some face.

She nodded slightly.

“Thank you.”

Xie Jingyu thought of something again and said, “Right, since the membership has been decided, can we start on our end?”

Shen Li reacted for a moment. “What?”

Xie Jingyu smiled.

“Have you forgotten? The person who is chosen to be the thirteenth member will automatically be elected as the president of the National Fashion Couture Committee!”

Shen Li was at a loss for words.

She took a deep breath.

She had truly forgotten about this…

Many people overheard what Xie Jingyu said and they all turned to look at Yu Yu with different expressions.

Yu Yu had been busy from the beginning to the end of today’s salon event. She had really put in all her effort.

Everyone had thought that the position of president would definitely belong to her.

Who would have thought…

Shen Li’s brows furrowed slightly.

It was already troublesome enough to have a lifetime membership in the Bai City Fashion Association. Now, there was this additional role of president!

She looked around.

Very good.

Almost all of the most outstanding designers in the fashion industry in the country were here.

If she gave it up…

Shen Li’s gaze finally landed on Yu Yu.

“Miss Yu.”

She suddenly opened her mouth.

Yu Yu had not expected her to suddenly call out to her. Subconsciously, she raised her head to look at her.

Shen Li said, “I heard that you put in a lot of effort to organize today’s salon and run it so successfully. Considering that you already have the experience, I want to leave the position of being a committee member to you and leave such matters to you. What do you… think?”