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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 896 - My Vote of Approval. Where Did It Come From?

Chapter 896: My Vote of Approval. Where Did It Come From?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Li.

The moment this name was heard, the entire hall fell silent. All the noise immediately cut off, leaving only a dead silence.

For a long while, it seemed like the whole scene had frozen.

Finally, after some time had passed, someone asked anxiously, “Shen Li? Are you sure? Did you see wrongly? Take a closer look!”

How could it be Shen Li?

Should it not be Yu Yu?!

This shocked everyone. Their first reaction was to look at Yu Yu.

Just a moment ago, everyone had thought that the thirteenth member would definitely be her!

But why was it Shen Li now?

The man who was being questioned stiffened and his lips trembled.

Stiffly, he handed the phone over.

“Here, take a look for yourself…”

On the phone screen was the official website of the Bai City Fashion Association.

Two minutes ago, they had just released the latest announcement, so it was placed at the top.

The content of the announcement was very short, but there were a total of three versions, which were German, English, and Chinese.

If the characters “Li Shen” were not enough, then there was no other possibility of a mistake with “Shen Li” written in an alphabetized form!

Shen Li.

Shen Li!

The announcement was loud and clear!

It was worth mentioning that this was the first time the Bai City Fashion Association had released a Chinese announcement on its official website.

For Shen Li!

It was to show respect and welcome to Shen Li, the first Chinese member to have been elected to the Bai City Fashion Association!

Her name had been engraved in her native language!

It was really her..

It was really her!

Yu Yu clenched her fists tightly until her nails began to dig into her palms, causing a sharp pain.

It was only through this pain that she was able to barely control her emotions.

When the man had begun to stutter at the end of his sentence, she had gotten an uneasy feeling.

She had thought that even if it was not her, it should at least be Xie Jingyu or someone else.


She had not expected it to be the most impossible person!

At this moment, she knew that everyone was looking at her. All eyes were on her.

The more this happened, the more she could not lose her composure!

Yu Yu took a deep breath and allowed her facial expression to return to normal. She even smiled.

She turned around and looked at the crowd from afar.

“Congratulations, Shen Li.”

Following the direction of her words, everyone seemed to have returned to their senses and turned to look at Shen Li at the same time.

Shen Li was expressionless as she chewed on the biscuit in her mouth.

She took out her phone from her pocket and searched the official website.

She read those few lines of words back and forth several times.

This result was extremely unexpected. Everyone had already expected Yu Yu to be selected this time. They had even rehearsed the congratulatory messages that they would say to her in their minds many times. Who would have guessed that it would ultimately be Shen Li?

All the previous preparations had been in vain.

Moreover, under such circumstances, it was too sudden to start currying favor with Shen Li now.

They were still surrounding Yu Yu like stars surrounding the moon!

There was really no more awkward scene than this.

Of course, Yu Yu understood.

However, it was precisely because of this that she had to put on a show.

It was already embarrassing enough that she had not been selected. She could not show her disappointment on her face and allow the others to laugh at her.

With this thought in mind, she took the lead and walked towards Shen Li. Finally, she stood three steps away from Shen Li.

With an elegant and appropriate smile pasted on her face, she spoke as if she was teasing her.

“Shen Li, you’ve really played a big joke on us this time. Just now, didn’t you say that you hadn’t submitted your application? It can’t be that you were worried that you wouldn’t be selected, so that’s why you deliberately said that, right? However, this appointment of you as a member is well-deserved by you. Other than you, I can’t think of anyone else who is more suitable than you. If it wasn’t for the announcement, I would have really been convinced otherwise by you.”

The way she spoke made her seem like she was being very familiar, as if she was teasing her. However, no matter how one listened, it still sounded strange.

Many people looked at Shen Li with complicated expressions when they heard this.

That’s right!

Had she not just said that she had not submitted her application?

How had she suddenly become the one who was chosen?

Was there a need to lie about such a thing?

Shen Li lifted her eyes slightly and looked at Yu Yu.

The other party’s words were very skillful. Even at such a time, she did not forget to give her a push.

If it had been any other time, she might have given her a witty comeback. However, she was extremely frustrated and did not have the patience to do so.

She said softly, “I did not submit my application. It was George who recommended me under the name of G&S. When I found out about this matter, the information had already been sent for review and there was no way to withdraw it.”

Yu Yu’s expression froze.

Everyone gasped in disbelief.

What did she mean? Had Shen Li actually tried to withdraw the application?

Then was she… really not interested in this membership position?

How could there be such a person?

Within the fashion industry, who would not be attracted to the status of this title?

Yu Yu pursed her lips and smiled again.

“I see… Then I’ve truly misunderstood you. I’m sorry. That’s true. George has always admired you. It’s not strange that he would do such a thing.”

Shen Li narrowed her eyes.

Then, she heard Yu Yu continue,”I remember President Ronai had also expressed his admiration and affection for you more than once when we were in Bai City.”

“Your ‘Embrace of a Star’ really won over a lot of people.”

As she spoke, she let out a light breath. It was as if she was sighing with emotion, but it was also as if she was murmuring.

“If it was not you, who else could it be?”

Shen Li listened without any expression on her face.

On the other hand, the others could not help but look at each other. Their expressions continued to change.

Low discussions could be heard.

“Is President Ronai really fond of her? I’ve never heard of that before…”

“It should be true. Otherwise, Yu Yu wouldn’t have said that.”

“If that’s the case… then it’s no wonder that the members chose her. George’s father, Mr. Compton, was one of the members and held one vote. As the president, Ronai had two votes. Just these two alone could give her three votes in her favor…”

“That’s right! There are a total of thirteen votes, and there are more than a thousand people who were in the running. With these three votes, it’s basically a shoo-in for victory!”

The crowd became restless, and they looked at Shen Li suspiciously.

If she had gotten this membership through the back door, then why was she still pretending to be aloof?

Shen Li looked at Yu Yu and said, “You’re right. It just so happens that I would also like to ask how I managed to get this membership.”

As she spoke, she took her phone out and made a call.

Countless pairs of eyes looked over.

What was she trying to do?

The call was answered quickly.

Then, everyone saw Shen Li’s indifferent expression and her tone of voice was extremely calm as she said, “George.”

“How did I get the vote of approval?”