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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 895 - My State of Mind Collapsed

Chapter 895: My State of Mind Collapsed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as this statement was said, the surroundings instantly became silent.

Everyone’s faces were filled with disbelief.

“You… You didn’t submit an application?”

Shen Li nodded lightly, as if she did not have any interest in talking about this.

Her reaction was so cold that no one knew what to say for a moment.

‘She really had not submitted an application?’


‘What was she thinking?’

Many words were stuck in the throats of the people around as they struggled to speak. However, when their eyes met the girl’s calm and indifferent eyes, they suddenly froze.

Just a little earlier, Yu Yu had been walking into the hall accompanied by a few other people.

From the moment she had entered, her sharp senses had caught sight of Shen Li’s figure.

She stopped in her tracks and a look of disgust flashed across her eyes.

Had she not said that she was not coming? Why was she here now?

Just as Yu Yu was wondering why Shen Li had suddenly changed her mind about coming here, she heard her speak in a cold voice.

“I didn’t submit my application.”

The people who were beside her were also shocked and surprised.

“What? Ning didn’t apply?”

“Is that true?”

“Her show was so successful in the fashion week, yet she still didn’t apply?”

Hearing this, Yu Yu’s expression became a little calmer.

Someone beside her immediately retorted.

“Just because she did well in the fashion week doesn’t mean that she has the qualifications to become a member. How long has she been famous? It’s probably because she knows that she doesn’t have enough experience that she didn’t apply!”

The person who had spoken earlier finally realized that he had committed a taboo and quickly nodded.

“Yes, yes! After being chosen as a member, there are many things that she would have to be responsible for. She is just a student and doesn’t have any experience. She definitely can’t handle it.”

Yu Yu smiled.

“Whether she applies or not, is up to her. I think she wants to focus more on designing itself and is probably too lazy to bother about other miscellaneous things, right?”

It sounded like a compliment.

However, who here did not know the meaning of this membership?

No matter how outstanding a designer was, they would still be just a designer.

However, being a member of the Bai City Fashion Association represented absolute power and authority within the entire fashion industry!

It was definitely not something just being a designer could compare to.

At this moment, Xie Jingyu also spotted Yu Yu and raised his hand to greet her.

Yu Yu smiled and went forward.

Xie Jingyu looked at Shen Li again and explained, “Ning, actually, the main purpose of today’s salon event is to set up the national fashion couture committee.”

Shen Li frowned slightly.

Xie Jingyu thought that she did not quite understand and continued, “As you know, the domestic luxury and fashion industry only developed very late, so we’re less recognized internationally. In fact, there are many outstanding fashion designers in the country. We thought that if we could organize everyone and pursue development, it would be a good thing for ourselves and the entire industry.

“Today, this committee will be established and both the chairman and the committee members will be selected.

“This is also why I wanted to invite you here today.”

Xie Jingyu’s intentions were obvious.

Shen Li was now one of the top designers in the industry. Her participation would be extremely important.

Just then, Yu Yu had already walked over.

She smiled and continued Xie Jingyu’s words.

“Uncle Xie is right. We are gathered here today to work hard for a better environment for everyone to develop. Shen Li, if you agree to join us, you will definitely inspire many people.”

Shen Li’s lips curled up slightly.

Her words were like a superior welcoming his subordinates.

“Who will the president be?”

She asked.

Yu Yu did not answer immediately. Instead, a man standing beside her spoke up.

“The president hasn’t been decided yet, but everyone has already discussed and agreed to elect the thirteenth member of the Bai City Fashion Association as the president.”

He looked at the time.

“The official announcement will be made at 4:30.”

Shen Li understood.

So that was the case…

She glanced at Yu Yu.

Was she that certain that she would be able to obtain the position of a member?

That was true. Her previous resume indeed qualified her to compete for the position. Moreover, she had probably put in a lot of effort for this position during this period of time.

In her previous life, Yu Yu had indeed achieved her wish and became the thirteenth member.

The people around were not surprised. They obviously knew the rules.

It was no wonder that even after experiencing such a storm, Yu Yu had appeared once again and was still highly sought after.

She had confidence.

After thinking through all this, Shen Li felt more and more bored and impatient.

If it had not been for her senior brother, she would not have even come.

Watching them act here was not as comfortable as going back home to her painting and sleeping.

She looked at Xie Jingyu with the intention of telling this to him directly, but when she met his expectant gaze, she paused again.

Never mind, she had to show him a little respect.

It would be inappropriate for her to reject him in front of so many people after he had just clarified this matter.

She would have to find an excuse to reject him later.

Shen Li nodded as she thought about it.

“I understand.”

More people came forward.

Most of them were there for Yu Yu. It was obvious that they were trying to curry favor with her.

Yu Yu was very diplomatic and she was very good at dealing with these things.

In short, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

It was obvious that they were waiting for news from Bai City Fashion Association. Once they confirmed that it was Yu Yu, they would probably hold a celebration party.

Shen Li thought of that scene and felt that it was a little ridiculous.

She could not be bothered to do anything. Shen Li looked at Xie Jingyu.

“Teacher Xie, I’m sorry. I need to go to the washroom.”

Xie Jingyu immediately nodded and asked the waiter to lead her there.

Shen Li went to the washroom.

Some of the people who wanted to chat with her were a little disappointed and could only continue waiting in the hall.

However, the main focus of most people’s attention was still Yu Yu.

Shen Li stayed in the bathroom for a while. She only left when it was almost 4:30 pm.

When she returned to the hall, she heard a voice speak.

“The official announcement has been released!”

She looked over and saw that the person who had been accompanying Yu Yu was the one who had spoken.

At this moment, many people, including him, were excited.

Shen Li walked to the side and took a foie gras mango biscuit from the buffet area.

The atmosphere was lively over there and the man was reading excitedly.

“Notice from the Bai City Fashion Association: After discussion between President Ronai and the 11 members, the 13th member has been selected–”

His voice stopped abruptly.

Everyone began to urge him.

“Come on, read it! Why aren’t you reading it anymore?”

Yu Yu, however, already anticipated something. She clenched her fists tightly as a chill rose from the soles of her feet.

She asked softly, “Who is it?”

“… Who is it?”

Cold sweat continued to break out on the man’s forehead and his lips turned pale.

Shen Li had just placed the biscuit in her mouth when she felt that something was wrong. She turned around to take a look.

When she turned around, she met the man’s shocked and complicated gaze.

Then, she heard him speak with difficulty.

“The thirteenth lifetime member is…”

“Shen Li.”


Shen Li crushed the biscuit in one bite.

— My f*king state of mind has collapsed.