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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 891 - Kiss

Chapter 891: Kiss

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Putting it here meant that it would be seen as soon as the drawer was open.

Usually, no one else would come except for her.

Lu Huaiyu stared at the two books for a few seconds before closing the drawer.

Half an hour later, Shen Li arrived at Rongyue Mansion.

She went up to the top floor and rang the doorbell.

The door was quickly opened and Lu Huaiyu appeared from behind the door.

“Second Brother.”

Shen Li entered the door. Lu Huaiyu took the paper bag from her hand and bent down to help her retrieve a new pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

Shen Li glanced at it. It was the same type as the one with the rabbit and carrot design that she had seen in Yunding Fenghua. Even the color was the same pink and white.

She was a little surprised.

“This pair of slippers…”

“Don’t you like these a lot? I saw them two days ago and bought you another pair.”

As Lu Huaiyu spoke, he placed the slippers next to her feet.

Shen Li looked down and said, “Actually, it’s not very–”

She suddenly stopped talking, and her gaze focused on the pair of slippers on Lu Huaiyu’s feet.

It was grayish-blue in color, and there was a small… big gray wolf that had been sewn to the top of his left foot.

Looking over at it, she thought it was probably a logo.

She could only see it clearly when she got closer.

“Huh? Don’t you like it?”

Lu Huaiyu straightened up and asked with raised eyebrows.

The two of them were very close to each other. As he asked this question, his voice and breathing landed beside her ear, sounding exceptionally clear.

Shen Li said, “… I do like it.”

A satisfied expression appeared on Lu Huaiyu’s face.

“That’s good.”

As he spoke, he took her hand and walked inside.

Shen Li was half a step behind him, but her gaze could not help but fall on his pair of slippers again.

The small head of the grey wolf swayed along with his footsteps.

Thinking of this man’s usual cold and unapproachable appearance, and seeing this scene…

Lu Huaiyu suddenly stopped and turned to look at her.

Lost in her thoughts, Shen Li accidentally bumped into his arms.

Lu Huaiyu wrapped his arms around her, and his chest shook as if he was laughing.

“What is it? Do you like my pair better?”

Shen Li immediately straightened up from his arms.


Lu Huaiyu smiled at her.

“If you really like them, I’ll let you have them too–”

Shen Li stepped on him. The little rabbit’s ears trembled as she stepped on the little grey wolf head.

“No, I think this one is better.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows. He scooped her up and held her in his arms.

“You even dare to step on your boyfriend?”

Shen Li was caught off guard and subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. Hearing his words, she immediately retorted, “I didn’t use much force.”

Lu Huaiyu carried her and walked inside.

“You stepped on him too.”

Shen Li tilted her head and looked at him.

“Can’t I step on him?”

Lu Huaiyu placed her on the sofa in the living room.

Shen Li’s back was pressed against the soft backrest, and she immediately felt the seat beside her sink slightly.

Lu Huaiyu’s long legs were slightly bent, and his left knee pressed against the edge of the sofa, pressing against her leg.

Even through two layers of thin clothing, she could still feel the scorching heat from the man’s body, which was obviously different from her body temperature.

He placed a hand beside her ear and moved closer to her, easily trapping her in this small space.

The safe distance was broken, and even the air seemed to have become much thinner in an instant.

She moved back subconsciously, and in the next moment, she felt a hand pass through the back of her neck, through her soft hair, to cup the back of her head.

The palm of his hand was very big, and his fingers were long and slender. Just by closing them slightly, she felt paralyzed and unable to move.

Shen Li could only look up at him like this.

When her eyes met that pair of dark, deep phoenix eyes, her heart trembled slightly, and she could not help but feel a little nervous.

Lu Huaiyu leaned forward as if he wanted to kiss her. However, those cold, thin lips merely brushed past her soft lips before moving along the side of her delicate face. Then, he continued all the way to her ears before finally stopping on the white jade-like earlobe.

He leaned against her, moved his lips slightly, and lowered his voice. His low and languid voice rolled down her earlobe and into her heart.

“Of course you can.”

He smiled slowly, like a promise, but also with a hint of coaxing.

“You’re the only one that I’ll allow… to step on it, okay?”

For some reason, the way he said “step” was very light. The way it came out of his mouth sounded like it had an inexplicable hint of intimacy.

A touch of crimson quietly crept up to the tips of her ears.

If she did not answer, he would take it as her acquiescence.

Looking at her slightly quivering eyelashes, he could not help but curl his fingers.

It felt so tingly.

Shen Li subconsciously grabbed his hand.

“Second Brother, where’s the coffee machine? The Yirgacheffe needs to be roasted and ground for a long time.”

Suppressing the irritation in his heart, he straightened up and stepped back slightly. He smiled and said, “In the kitchen.”

Just as he stepped aside, the little girl in his arms quickly turned around and slipped under his arm to run far away with her slippers.

Lu Huaiyu wanted to let her go, so he did not stop her. He turned around slowly and saw the little rabbit’s ears on her feet swaying as she walked.

With a slight smile on his face, he laughed softly.

Shen Li walked over to the kitchen island and took out the jars from the bag.

The small and exquisite transparent glass cans were filled with brown coffee beans.

Lu Huaiyu walked over and raised his eyebrows. “Why did you bring so many?”

He had only chosen the Yirgacheffe, but there were a total of four glass jars here.

Shen Li said, “There are four different types of coffee beans from different origins here. I thought Second Brother might like them too, so I brought them here at the same time to save trouble for next time.”

Lu Huaiyu walked closer and swept his gaze over them. As expected, he saw that there were different labels on the bottles.

He had already taken out the coffee machine in advance, including a series of necessary tools, and placed them on the kitchen island.

Taking the bottle that was to the far left of her, Shen Li took out the coffee beans.

A faint smell that was similar to a citrus fruit acid gradually spread in the air.

Yirgacheffe had hints of floral and fruity aromas, and had a mellow taste. It could be considered a very popular type.

Lu Huaiyu stood beside her. His long legs were slightly bent as he propped his elbow on the edge of the kitchen island. Hearing this, he looked at her with a half-smile on his face.

“Next time?”

The little girl was really seductive even without realizing it.

Shen Li nodded.

This man liked to drink coffee, and his taste was extremely picky.

A lock of her hair fell onto her cheek.

She was about to raise her hand when a warm and strong hand moved even faster than her.

She was stunned when she heard a low and gentle voice coming from behind.

“Don’t move.”

It was Lu Huaiyu who came behind her and pushed her hair back.

She was stunned for a moment, but she then stood still obediently.

His slender fingers brushed against her slender and elegant swan-like neck, before wrapping around her hair.

Lu Huaiyu lifted the soft and long hair that was draped over her shoulders, and the delicate and white back of her neck and earlobe came into view.

They were very close.

He lowered his eyelids, the color of his eyes slightly dark, but the movements of his hands were still gentle and smooth.

Very soon, a hair tie was used to tie up her hair.

“It’s done.”

Lu Huaiyu said.

Shen Li raised her hand and touched it.

“Second Brother, this hair tie…”

It seemed like he had taken it over directly?

Before she could finish her words, the arm around her waist tightened.

Then, a hot kiss landed on the back of her neck.