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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 889 - She Was Waiting  

Chapter 889: She Was Waiting

He Xiaochen’s message kept popping up on the screen.

[ He pushed her? Everyone saw the bruises on Pan Jiajia’s body! Now they’re saying it was caused by her depression? Why didn’t they just say that Pan Jiajia abused herself? ]

[ He almost indirectly caused a person’s death, but in the end, all he’s receiving is criticism and a lecture? This is too f*cking ridiculous! ]

[ I heard that the Yu family is quite powerful and influential in Haicheng. Now, it looks like it’s really true! They’re even capable of settling such a huge matter! ]

[ Oh right, there’s also Yu Yu. If she were really on Pan Jiajia’s side, Pan Jiajia wouldn’t have said those words to defend Yu Cheng, right? This is too disgusting! Bah! ]

This announcement had clearly made her extremely angry.

In fact, it was not just her. Everyone who was paying attention to this matter probably felt the same way.

Shen Li logged out of Weibo.

Even the official Weibo post was only showing selected comments. It was obvious that this matter would not be trending. The relevant sensitive content probably would not survive for long.

It was obvious that the Yu family was not willing to let Yu Cheng have a criminal record. In order to resolve this trouble, they had used a lot of connections and energy.

They were determined to make a decent ending out of this matter.

No matter the reason, Pan Jiajia had attempted suicide, so there was no way to convict Yu Cheng. Moreover, both sides had already reached an agreement. So that should have been the outcome of this matter.

However, He Xiaochen was still very angry.

[ I know! But I’m still angry! Everyone knows that there must be a problem with that agreement. ]

[ Even after doing such a thing, he faced no loss at all! How can this be? Is there really no way to deal with a person like him? ]

Shen Li held her phone and stared at the dialog box for a while.

This matter had indeed been a big deal, but Pan Jiajia had attempted to commit suicide after all. It had not been done by Yu Cheng’s own hands. Moreover, she had survived.

To put it simply, Yu Cheng had merely had a conflict with her.

How could this be determined?

There were too many factors at play here.

Hence, from the start, she had never hoped to deal with Yu Cheng completely through this matter.

On the contrary, she had been waiting for the Yu family to make a move.

As expected, the Yu family had indeed done so.

Yu Cheng was safe and sound.

However, now, everyone knew what was going on.

The Yu family relied on their own power and openly trampled on the law and morals. This announcement was undoubtedly testing the bottom line of what was acceptable to the public.

The Yu family had taken advantage of this loophole. So, although this announcement infuriated many people, there was very little room for debate.

The Yu family was probably feeling quite proud of how they had handled the matter.

Shen Li replied.

[ There will always be a time for him to pay back what he owes. ]

The more the Yu family was suppressed this time, the more shocking the backlash would be next time.

Shen Li looked at the date.

It should not be too far off.

Everything was as Shen Li had expected. After the official announcement was made, the relevant content never made it onto the list.

Even though countless people expressed their doubts about the outcome of this matter, the official verdict was already sealed. Whatever they said would be in vain.

Two days later, Yu Yu finally returned to the country.

Pan Jiajia was also with her.

After getting off the plane, Yu Yu headed to the Yu family’s old mansion in Haicheng while Pan Jiajia was sent to a private hospital in Haicheng to continue receiving treatment.

“Is Brother at home?”

Along the way, Yu Yu asked this question as she sat at the back of the car when she saw that the car was already heading towards the Yu family’s villa.

The chauffeur replied,”Eldest Young Master went out today and is not at the old mansion.”

Yu Yu nodded, looking a little regretful.

“I was about to say that we haven’t seen each other for a few days… By the way, how has he been feeling these few days?”

“The first two days when he came back weren’t very good, but he’s much better now.”

“That’s good.”

Yu Yu smiled, but she was secretly sneering in her heart.

Of course, he was in a good mood. The entire Yu family had helped him clean up the mess.

He was the one who had caused the trouble, and he was the one who had done the wrong thing. However, in the end, he did not need to do anything. Naturally, there were people who helped him solve all of this.

In the entire Yu family, he was probably the only one who could receive such treatment.

“Second Miss, Old Master has been a little angry recently due to the matter regarding Eldest Young Master. When you get home later, if… If Old Master says anything, please don’t take it to heart.”

The chauffeur had been working in the Yu family for many years and had watched these young masters and young ladies grow up.

He had always thought that the second miss was smart and sensible, although the treatment she received at home was not very good. She was often at a disadvantage and he felt a little pity for her.

That was why he had specially said these few words.

Yu Yu smiled at him.

“I know, thank you.”

Although she was smiling, there was still some anxiety in her eyes. It was obvious that she knew that she would be reprimanded, now that she was back.

“After all… I really didn’t do a good job this time and implicated Brother.”

She lowered her head, looking rather apologetic.

The driver looked at the rearview mirror and sighed.

“Sigh, how can Second Miss be blamed…”

He wanted to persuade her, but in the end, he could only shake his head.

Firstly, it was already too late to say anything now. Secondly, he was just a driver and had no right to interfere in this matter.

Yu Yu thanked him and asked about the old mansion.

After all, she had not been back for some time and she had caused so much trouble this time. It would be easier to deal with it if she asked around.

The driver talked a lot.

Yu Yu’s phone vibrated. It was a message from a friend.

[ I bumped into your brother at the Four Square Bar. He looked like he was in a very good mood. Even in this state, he still has the mood to come here and play? ]

A hint of mockery flashed in Yu Yu’s eyes.

Of course, he would go there. He was surely ‘playing’ very high, right?

“Second Miss, we’re here,” the chauffeur informed her as he parked the car.

Yu Yu put away her phone and her expression returned to her usual gentle and elegant self.

“Got it.”