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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 888 - Only He Has Made You Suffer, Right?   

Chapter 888: Only He Has Made You Suffer, Right?


When this matter was brought up, Shen Li’s face became much paler and her eyes narrowed slightly.

Looking at her, it was obvious that she was not in a good mood.


She said.

She owed too much. How could she pay it off so easily?

Null had expected her to say this, but it still felt strange to him.

“Although you owe a lot of people, for you in your current situation, it shouldn’t be difficult to pay them all back, right?”

Shen Li was the only young miss of the Gu family.

Just this alone meant that those debts were nothing to her now.

Not to mention that she was also making money now.

Shen Li lay languidly on the rattan chair.

“We agreed to pay them back once a year back then, so why should I rush to pay them back? If you leave the money there, the daily interest will be enough for you to earn a year’s worth of Red Gold Stars.”

Null was dumbfounded.

How could he be blamed for something like this?

So what if he smoked Red Gold Stars? Why was she being so calculative?

“That’s because I left you a line.”

Null fiddled with the lighter in his hand. It made a clicking sound, but he did not light it.

When he thought of what she said just now, “Smoking too much will kill you”, he had lost interest.

Besides, he really did not smoke in front of her anyway as he was afraid that he would be taught a bad lesson.

Although he himself knew that this was a ridiculous reason, it was still part of his self-cultivation.

“At that time, if they had insisted that you pay them all back immediately, I think you wouldn’t even be able to leave Leland.”

Shen Li nodded.

“Yes, I couldn’t leave, and neither could you.”

After that day, the two of them had been extremely poor.

If it was not for the money they had won from the car race, it would have been quite troublesome.


“Even though Saint tricked me, he didn’t really call in this debt. From this point of view, he still has some humanity.”

Null’s lips moved as he spoke without mercy.

“That should be because some people are too rich and don’t take this debt seriously. They’re probably too lazy to rush for it, right?”

Shen Li was silent for a moment, and when she spoke, the tone of her voice was slightly cold.

“If you’re really free, then go report in to LY today.”

Null’s elbows were propped up on his knees as he frowned.

“I haven’t agreed yet.”

“You didn’t refuse either.”


“Call me when you’re done thinking. I’ll personally bring two packs of Red Gold Stars when I pick you up.”

“… Did I not tell you before? Actually, I really admire Saint. In all these years, you’ve only ever suffered at his hands, right?”

Null bit on his cigarette and let out a long sigh.

“I’m really envious of that.”

Shen Li could not be bothered to reply.

In the other room, Ji Shu had already washed the car.

“Null, I’m done!”

Null raised his chin.

“Wash her car as well.”

Ji Shu stopped breathing for a moment.

One moment, he was being persecuted, but then in the blink of an eye, he did not forget to take good care of the other person’s car.

Now look at him, he’s just a coolie.

This truly was called double standards.

Ji Shu turned around, resigned to his fate.

Shen Li and Ji Shu drove the car back to LY together. By the time they reached home, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening.

Shen Zhijin was still working overtime at the school, she decided to casually take a book to read.

This was one that she had brought back from Bai City this time.

When she returned to the country, she thought that it would be a long time before she went to Bai City again, so she specially picked up a few books from the study and put them in her suitcase to bring back with her.

Some were Shen Zhijin’s, and some were Gu Tingyin’s.

There were profound and heavy documents, as well as lively and romantic comics.

Shen Zhijin rarely left any marks on the books, but Gu Tingyin was different.

She liked to leave some notes or notes on them, sometimes writing some essays, or leaving a small figure holding her head and thinking in distress at the foot of the page.

These were all evidence that she had read these books carefully.

She had tried very hard to study things that were too difficult and profound for her. Even after reading for a long time, she still could not understand them. She still looked at them attentively, trying to understand even a little bit more.

In this way, it seemed that she could get closer to the person she liked.

Shen Li read very slowly and carefully.

Gu Tingyin.

She always imagined her appearance from other people’s descriptions.

However, those were not concrete enough.

Only when she looked at her paintings, flipped through her books, and read the traces she had left on them, did the figure gradually become concrete and clear.

Shen Li turned another page.

There was only one picture printed on this page, which was of an astronomical telescope.

There was a line of notes below.

[ On September 16th, Ah Jin brought me to see this telescope! Happy! ]

After this sentence, a small smiley face had been drawn with a satisfied expression.

Shen Li looked at this line of words and this smiley face, and could not help but smile.

Even through the thin paper, one could still feel the joy when she had written this line of words.

Suddenly, she remembered something, and her movements paused.

Back then, she had borrowed a book from Lu Huaiyu. There was also a small date mark at the bottom of one of the pages of the nebula map.


This was also the password to his Yunding Fenghua villa.

When Shen Li saw it, she felt that it must have been a very important day for him.

It was just that it had not been convenient for her to ask about it at that time. She had not thought about it later either, so she had just let it go.

It was not until now when she saw Gu Tingyin’s words, that she suddenly remembered.

Lu Huaiyu’s character was actually not the kind of person who liked to mark things in books.

She did not know what that date was…

Maybe she could find a suitable time to ask about it later.

As Shen Li was thinking about this, her phone suddenly vibrated.

She casually picked it up and saw that He Xiaochen had sent her a message.

[ Ah Li! The results of the investigation of Yu Cheng is too outrageous, isn’t it?! ]

Ever since Yu Cheng had provoked Shen Li at the rally, He Xiaochen had always loathed him.

After Pan Jiajia’s incident came out, she was filled with righteous indignation and fought about non-stop.

The various official Weibo posts all showed the crazy results of her efforts.

She had always been very concerned about this matter, so when the results of the investigation concerning Yu Cheng came out, she immediately knew about it.

Following that, a Weibo link had been sent as well.

After Shen Li clicked on it, she knew why He Xiaochen was so angry.

The public security officials of Hai Cheng had made a post on Weibo, announcing a summary of the incident between Yu Cheng and Pan Jiajia.

The results of the investigation were as followed: Yu Cheng and Pan Jiajia were lovers. On that day, the two of them had an argument over some trivial matter and Yu Cheng had impulsively pushed Pan Jiajia.

The solution was as followed: Pan Jiajia’s injury was assessed as a minor injury. In addition, Yu Cheng had actively apologized and made compensation after the incident which led to him obtaining Pan Jiajia’s understanding. Finally, Yu Cheng had been given criticism and a lecture, with an order for him to not repeat it again in the future.

That’s right, criticism and a lecture.

A human life had almost been destroyed by his hands, yet in the end, it was just like this.

What was even more shocking was that the official Weibo post was only showing selected comments.

There were obviously tens of thousands of comments, yet only a dozen or so could be seen.

The content of those comments could be imagined.

Shen Li was not surprised by this result. Looking at the official notice with the white words on the blue background, she laughed.