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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 887 - Have You Paid Off the Debt You Owe?

Chapter 887: Have You Paid Off the Debt You Owe?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Am I that cheap in your eyes?!”

A year of Red Gold Stars was not worth that much!

Shen Li’s expression did not change.

 did it on purpose?”

“I think so. Chen Mo’s Thunderbolt entertainment is basically a giant now. It should have no problem supporting an entire exhibition hall.”

“Hahaha, I just remembered Chen Mo’s first convention. It was a funny one with Emperor dynasty, and he even stole all the attention from Emperor dynasty’s VR games with his anipop. I’m dying of laughter.”

“This time, Thunderbolt entertainment is in the same exhibition hall as a lot of small companies. It looks like Thunderbolt Entertainment’s status in the industry has indeed risen. Even the organizers of the convention are taking this seriously.”

“Which one should we go to first?”

“The booth babes from Emperor dynasty entertainment are definitely the best. As for ZEN Entertainment, the in-game activities were good, and the merchandise was good; However, Chen Zhao’s side was definitely the most unexpected. I’m so conflicted. ”

“But Chen Mo didn’t even show up last year. I wonder if he’ll come this year.”

“Let’s go and take a look. ”

Many players ‘first choice was still Emperor dynasty entertainment and ZEN Entertainment’s booths, since Thunderbolt entertainment didn’t have many games and Chen Mo didn’t even attend last year’s Convention, so there wasn’t anything particularly attractive about it.

Of course, some of Chen Mo’s die-hard fans went to Thunderbolt Entertainment’s booth.

When they arrived at Thunderbolt Entertainment’s exhibition hall, the players were all dumbfounded. Why were there so many people?

The entire exhibition hall was filled with people, and it was getting crowded. Most of them were squeezing towards Thunderbolt Entertainment’s booth, and the other small gaming companies were almost ignore

That was the reward she was giving him?!

He snorted coldly.

“Ji Shu! Hand me the wrench!”

Ji Shu looked at the wrench that he had thrown to the ground, feeling completely speechless.

‘You can’t win against her, so you want to vent your anger on me?’

Thinking of it this way, he did not dare to say anything.

Ji Shu obediently went over to pick the thing up and handed it over.

Null lowered his head and started working again, and the loud banging sounds rang out again.

Ji Shu’s heart began to ache when he heard this, but he did not dare to say anything.

Forget it, forget it. If worst comes to worst, he would ask for compensation!

After Shen Li had said what she wanted to say, she did not seem to have any further intention of continuing to persuade him. She continued to just relax leisurely and enjoy the breeze.

After all, the air here was much better than in the city.

After a while, Null removed a tire and looked up at Shen Li again.

“Why are you helping LY so much?”

Without waiting for Shen Li to speak, Ji Shu could not help but remind him.

“Null, LY belongs to Gu Siyang.”

They were part of the same family. Wouldn’t this be completely normal?

However, Shen Li gave another answer.

“It’s because LY is the only team in this country that is capable of winning the International Car Racing Championship.”

Her tone was calm and indifferent as she gave a simple and straightforward reason.

Null frowned.

“You want to win the Championship?”

He had never felt that she was interested in these things before.

Shen Li nodded. Her gaze swept over Ji Shu’s body. It was an extremely light and indifferent glance.

“That’s right.”

This was Ji Shu’s wish.

If there was anything that she could do to make up for the youth who had come for her but had stayed forever on that rainy night, this was undoubtedly the best and most suitable answer.

Of course, there was also another part of the reason for this. It was for Null’s sake.

Null did not continue this topic.

He did not say that he would agree, nor did he say that he would not agree.

Shen Li said,”There’s still some time before the tournament starts. You can think about it carefully.”

Null turned around and entered the room.

Ji Shu came to Shen Li’s side and gave an emotional sigh.

“Sister Li, I reckon that only you would dare to mention this to him.”

Shen Li smiled and said, “What’s there to be afraid of?”

Ji Shu smoothed his hair.

“Tsk, if it were anyone else, they would probably have been kicked out long ago. Why do you think Liao Yuan and the others never came to make him this offer before?”

Shen Li was silent.

“It’s because they don’t have his number.”

Ji Shu was flabbergasted.

He took a step back and looked at her with a sigh.

“Sister Li, with your kind of reasoning, you might as well just say that they don’t have a cell phone!”

Null had been hiding his identity for ten years and had completely disappeared from the public eye. However, if Liao Yuan and the others had really wanted to find him, they would definitely have been able to find him.

They knew that it would be a waste of their efforts to invite him, which was why they had not come.

No one would have ever expected that Shen Li would be the one to bring this up first.

As he spoke, he turned around to take a look. Null had yet to come out of the room.

“Actually, I think… It’s already been ten years. He probably doesn’t want to change his current life. Sister Li, although I really hope that he agrees, his wishes are the most important thing. Why don’t we… just forget It?”

Shen Li rested her chin on her hand.

“He’s not interested in racing, yet he’s been repairing cars for so many years. He has no interest in racing, but he went to the rally to watch the race.”

Ji Shu suddenly paused.

“Ji Shu, why do you think he’s still willing to help you modify your car today?”

Shen Li said calmly, “It’s just like how he’s always spoken in a civilized manner in the past ten years. So, is it just a one-time failure now that he’s letting all kinds of profanity fly everywhere?”

Ji Shu’s expression instantly became complicated.

Although this analogy was very peculiar, he really understood it in an instant.

“I just blurted out a few profanities on impulse! In what way are profanities flying all over the place?”

Null heard her words as soon as he came out, and he was clearly in a bad mood.

Shen Li looked at him.

“On the day LY won the championship, I listened to the voice message you sent to Ji Shu.”

Null immediately shut his mouth and aimed a death stare at Ji Shu.

Ji Shu raised both his hands.

“It was an accident, it was an accident… Hehe.”

Null threw a rag at him.

“Go wash the car. I’ll check on it later.”

Ji Shu’s expression instantly fell.

“Got it.”

Ji Shu obediently went to wash the car. Null looked left and right, before bringing a stool over to sit down beside Shen Li.

The two of them watched Ji Shu as he bitterly washed the car.

After a long while, Null said, “Have you thought it through? If I were to go to LY, your match in Leland will be known by others sooner or later.”

Otherwise, with her performance in the rally, it would be impossible for her to win the International Championship.

Shen Li nodded.

Null finally turned her head to look at her. After a long while, he said, “I really regret taking you to Leland back then.”

Shen Li’s lips curled into a smile.

“Isn’t Leland quite interesting? What’s there to regret?”

Null gritted his teeth and took out another cigarette. He put it in his mouth and muttered in a melancholic manner,”If you hadn’t been cheated by Saint that day, I wouldn’t have brought you to race with the car. In the end, you played such a trick on me.”

“Speaking of which, are you done paying the money you owe?”