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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 886 - I Invite You   

Chapter 886: I Invite You


A hint of shock flashed across Liao Yuan’s eyes.

“Really? How did you know that?”

The expression on Yang Tao’s face was strange.

“It’s because… someone picked up a flattened cigarette box at the scene the next day. It’s a domestic specialty, Red Gold Star, 4.50 yuan a box.”

The expression on Liao Yuan’s face instantly froze.

Those who played underground racing usually did not lack money, and their personalities were much wilder.

A big-shot racer smoking a red gold star for 4.50 yuan… This image was too beautiful for him to imagine.

After hesitating for a moment, Liao Yuan asked, “That’s not necessarily true, right? What if the person is from abroad…”

“A big shot foreigner smoking a Red Gold Star?”


That’s true.

That brand of cigarettes could not be found in Leland. The only possibility was that they had been brought over there from China.

Apart from smoking it themselves, would they really give it away?

In that case, it was very likely that they were Chinese.

“But… to be able to play underground racing, they shouldn’t be lacking in money, right? Why don’t they smoke better cigarettes?” Liao Yuan still found it hard to understand. “Or aren’t big shots afraid of hurting their throats?”

“How would I know?”

Yang Tao spread his hands.

“Every aspect of the competition on that day was kept very secret. Other than this cigarette box, no other information was leaked. It would be very difficult to investigate again. Otherwise, I would have gone to look for someone long ago.”

There was nothing else to worry about here.

“In that case, it’s a pity,” Liao Yuan said. “I didn’t know that so many powerful characters had gone that time.”

In fact, he had heard of that competition before. However, because it had been an underground race and not a professional race, and there was almost no information that he could find out, he had not paid much attention to it.

It was only today when he heard Yang Tao mention it that he found out that all the top figures on the international driver rankings had been there.

Yang Tao sighed.

“If that person is willing to participate in the race… forget it. It’s better not to think about it. I’ll try to look for him again later. We still have to try and pick a good head coach.”

Liao Yuan nodded and asked again, “By the way, what was the name of the driver?”

“He was only known by a code name that was engraved on the front of the car.”

Yang Tao said, “L.”

In a dilapidated auto-repair factory on the outskirts of the Capital.

Null was lying on a rattan chair with his legs crossed.

Looking at the two cars that were coming in succession, he glanced at them and said lazily, “Why are you guys so slow?”

Ji Shu got down from his car and looked at the scene in front of him. He sighed.

“It’s all because your location is too remote. I’m really impressed that there’s even such a dilapidated auto-repair factory in the Capital.”

There was a smug look on Null’s face as he gestured with three fingers.

“I just bought it and spent this amount.”

Ji Shu could not help but say,”To spend so much money to find such a shabby factory, I’m afraid the original boss must think that you’re some living bodhisattva who has descended to the mortal world to save all sentient beings.”

Null opened his mouth to scold him,”You brat–”

As he said this, Shen Li got out of the car behind him.

Null swallowed the last few words.

“… If you still want that broken car of yours, you should learn to speak less!”

Ji Shu carelessly laughed.

“Hey, don’t! It wasn’t easy for me to drive the car here…”

He walked over and saw Null holding a half-smoked cigarette in his hand,

“Null, are you still smoking this? It’s too strong. I’ll bring you some good ones next time.”

Null glanced at him and raised his voice.

“Didn’t Ah Li say that you quit smoking?”

Ji Shu shut up.

Even at this time, he never missed a chance to throw some shade on him!

He immediately reacted.

“Even if I quit, those things would be a waste to leave with me.”

Null sneered.

“Rascal, so the things that you don’t want, you give them to me?”

Ji Shu did not know what to say.

Shen Li walked over.

“Ji Shu, don’t worry about him. He’s just joking. Besides, no matter how good a cigarette you give him, he won’t want it. He only likes that kind of cigarette.”

Ji Shu glanced at him again.

“This 4.50 yuan brand is good?”

Null saw Shen Li coming over, took a deep puff, and threw the cigarette butt on the ground to stamp it out. He was annoyed.

“The price has increased. Now it’s 5 Yuan a box. F*ck.”

As soon as he said that, he regretted it. Why could he not hold himself back?

Ever since he had watched that rally, his habit of swearing had started recurring.

Shen Li glanced at him but did not seem bothered.

It was normal for him to be so irritable when it came to these cigarettes.

She raised her chin in the direction of Ji Shu’s car.

“Alright, the car is here. He’s here too. Let’s begin.”

Null then stood up.

There was a faint gleam in Ji Shu’s eyes. He was so excited that he leaned over to Shen Li and whispered, “Sister Li, this is the first time he’s personally helped me modify my car! I’ve begged him many times in the past, but he always refused!”

Null had indeed rarely done these things in recent years. He had basically left it all to her.

In any case, she had already learned all of his abilities.

However, Null was still Null after all, so the meaning was different.

It was no wonder that Ji Shu was so excited.

The corner of Shen Li’s lips curled up.

Ji Shu had indeed performed well in the last rally. It was probably because he had seen that match with his own eyes that Null was having such thoughts.

“Watch carefully later and learn from it,” she said.

Ji Shu simply replied.

“I know!”

Null walked back with a toolbox. When he saw that the two of them were standing together and talking, he casually asked, “What is it? Do you still have any last words to say to your car?”

These words were clearly meant for Ji Shu.

His expression turned solemn.

“No more. Please send it peacefully on its way!”

Null raised his chin.

“Come over and help.”

Ji Shu hurriedly went over.

After taking a few steps, he turned back to look at Shen Li. He saw that she was already lounging on the rattan chair, looking very relaxed and at ease.

Ji Shu reacted for a moment.

“Sister Li? You’re not coming?”

Null smacked the back of his head.

“You want to invite this ancestor to do something with this broken car of yours?”

Ji Shu hissed and rubbed the back of his head.


What he said made sense.

He turned around and followed Null.

As Shen Li looked at the two of them, her gaze lingered on Null for a few seconds before she said, “LY hasn’t made a decision on the head coach position yet.”

Null’s back was facing her. He was checking the engine. When he heard her voice, he acted as if he had not heard it. He did not even raise his head.

Ji Shu instantly understood. He looked back at Shen Li with a shocked expression.

Her words… Had she actually said it specifically for Null’s ears?

This kind of boldness was truly…

He could not help but glance at Null, who was beside him. He saw that his head was lowered and there had been no change on his face.

Shen Li continued.

“Null, what do you think?”

She directly called out his name. Of course, that meant that he could not pretend that he did not hear it.

Null stopped what he was doing and raised his head.

“LY can’t afford to hire me.”

Shen Li said,”I’ll hire you.”

Null’s expression became incredulous.

“What’s that?”

Shen Li extended a finger.

“I’ll guarantee you a year of Red Gold Stars.”

The corner of Null’s mouth twitched.