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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 884 - Return to the Original Owner  

Chapter 884: Return to the Original Owner

Shen Li felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles as she watched this show.

This time, Edmund’s designs were cool, sexy, and bold.

It was very innovative, but also very artistic.

More importantly, it was a visual feast.

Of course, only the top male models in the industry were those who could walk in the G&S show.

Just looking at their physical condition alone, one could see they were extremely outstanding.

Although the music reverberated throughout the entire show, Shen Li still felt that the small area that she was in was filled with a subtle silence.

Even without turning her head, she could clearly feel the strong presence of the two people behind her, especially Shen Zhijin.

Even though he did not say anything from the beginning to the end of the show, Shen Li could still feel a substantial gaze directly on her.

When Edmund brought all the models to the stage to express their gratitude, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It was finally over!

She had never thought that this one hour would have been so difficult to endure.

“Dad, Little Uncle, the showcase is over. Shall we go?”

Shen Li stood up and turned to look at the two people behind her.

Gu Tinglan smiled and said, “This show was really exciting. Ah Li, what did you think about it?”

What kind of death wish question was this?

Shen Li’s small face remained calm.

“I think, it’s just–”

Before she could finish her sentence, she heard a happy voice coming from behind her.


Shen Li turned around and saw Edmund walking over.

George was behind him, talking to a few important guests.

Edmund was the main designer of this show, so naturally, he was the focus of everyone’s attention.

Many people had wanted to take a photo or chat with him after the show ended, but the moment he left the stage area, he had headed straight for Shen Li.

Now, he stood in front of Shen Li, unable to hide the excitement and joy on his face.

“Ning, what did you think of today’s show?”

He very much admired and even marveled at Shen Li’s talent and spiritual energy. Thus, after his showcase, he was the first to want to know her opinion of it.

Meeting his expectant gaze, Shen Li’s remaining words were stuck in her throat.

After a moment, she could only say, “I think, ahem, it’s very good.”


Edmund was even happier.

It meant a lot to him to be able to obtain Shen Li’s affirmation.

Shen Li raised the key point.

“Yes, the clothes were all very well designed.”

Edmund’s interest was piqued.

“Right! I knew you would understand! The fusion of the lines of the human body with the architectural lines in the design was extremely impactful! Only the purest and most perfect human body physiques could fully display the beauty of the clothes. So this time, I specially asked the models to shape up two months in advance so that they could maintain a perfect figure. How was it? Wasn’t it great?”

Shen Li was at a loss for words.

Why had he said that…?

However, the moment Edmund mentioned this, it was as if he had been hit with inspiration and he began to gush.

“Actually, I’ve always felt that you should also try designing for the menswear collection. With your talent, you would definitely be able to do it extremely well!”

Edmund’s invitation was extremely sincere.

“What do you think? After watching today’s show, are you at all tempted?”

Shen Li took a light breath and declined with a smile.

“Thank you, but I don’t have such an intention.”

Edmund was rather regretful, but he knew that such a thing could not be forced.

After much difficulty, Shen Li finally managed to deal with the uncomfortable situation and urged the rest of them to leave.

The moment she stepped out through the door of the venue, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Watching this show with these people had really been too torturous.

After taking a few steps, Shen Zhijin asked, “Tangtang, since this was also a G&S showcase, did they also take your opinion into consideration for this show?”

Shen Li immediately said, “They really didn’t!”

Gu Tinglan smiled from the side and said thoughtfully, “I think what Edmund said just now makes sense. Ah Li would definitely do well if she were to design a menswear collection–”

Shen Li solemnly shook her head. “I’m not interested in that, so I’ll pass.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“Oh? You’re not interested in that? Then… what else would interest you?”

Shen Li was silent for a while before she said seriously, “Studying.

“I’m especially interested in studying.

“I’ve been away from school for so long that I think it’s time for me to go back. Dad, what do you think?”

Thus, after watching this showcase that had caused a frenzy of admiration from countless women, Shen Li immediately booked a plane ticket back to the Capital.

This time, other than Gu Tinglan returning to Hong Kong City, Lin Fengmian would continue to stay here for photoshoots for promotional posters. Lu Huaiyu and Shen Zhijin would accompany her back.

At three in the afternoon, the plane landed at the Capital Airport.

Fang Qingyun was already waiting at the exit.

Seeing the three of them come out together, Fang Qingyun immediately greeted them with a smile.

He first greeted Shen Zhijin, then looked at Shen Li.

It had been a while since they last met.

“Ah Li, why did you come back so early this time? Weren’t you going to stay there for a few more days?”

Shen Li smiled.

“My work there was done, so I came back.”

Fang Qingyun sighed.

“I thought that you guys would take a visit to Leland…”

Shen Li’s eyes flickered.

“I didn’t have much time, so I didn’t go.”

Fang Qingyun had only casually mentioned it, but upon hearing her words, he immediately nodded.

“That’s true. Since you had to put up a show, this trip must have been quite tiring. Next time when you have the chance, you can go again. It will be the same!”

Shen Li nodded with a smile.

Fang Qingyun took a step back.

“Teacher Shen, Ah Li, please get in the car! Shall I send you back first?”

Shen Zhijin declined politely.

“Thank you, but my student will be here soon. There’s no need to trouble you.”

Just as he finished speaking, a car pulled up behind and Yan Qiu alighted from it.

“Teacher Shen, Junior Sister!”

Seeing this, Fang Qingyun had to regretfully give up.

Both parties got into their cars and left.

Fang Qingyun started the car and glanced at the rearview mirror.

Lu Huaiyu sat with his long legs crossed as he looked out of the window. Fang Qingyun could not tell what he was thinking about.

He asked hesitantly, “Second Master, would you like to rest for a while?”

Lu Huaiyu shook his head.

“There’s no need.”

Fang Qingyun did not continue to press further on this matter.

Lu Huaiyu asked about Old Master Lu’s recent condition and was relieved to hear that Old Master Lu was in good health and spirit.

The Lu family.

Old Master Lu had already learned that Shen Li had not accompanied his grandson this time, so he went out for a walk.

Therefore, when Lu Huaiyu arrived, Old Master Lu was not at home.

Lu Huaiyu did not mind, so he went back to his room and came to the bookshelf.

Sweeping his gaze over it, his eyes finally landed on a book.

He took it down and stared at the faint blood-red fingerprint on it for a long time.

“Speaking of which, two years ago, I also–”

She had not finished her sentence at that time, but he had known what she wanted to say.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the door.

Old Master Lu, who had just come back, looked at him. He wanted to say something, but his gaze fell on the book. He paused for a while, with a complicated look in his eyes.

“Why are you reading this book again?”

It had been a long time since Lu Huaiyu had flipped through this book

A faint smile appeared on Lu Huaiyu’s lips.

“Nothing, I was just wondering… when would be a good time to return it to its rightful owner.”