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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 882 - Apology Statement  

Chapter 882: Apology Statement

Ji Shu had not expected her to ask about this.

“Yeah! It’ll be in another half a month. What’s wrong?”

The physical demands on professional racers were very high. Every year, the government would organize several regular physical examinations as well as occasional random checks.

The closest one would be coming in half a month later.

Shen Li leaned against one hand.

“It’s nothing. I was just asking. I was afraid that I would remember it wrongly.”

Ji Shu laughed.

“That’s true! Sister Li, since you’ve participated in the rally race, you’re now considered a professional racer. According to the rules, you will have to go through the physical examination this time.”

Shen Li replied, “Hmm.”

“In the upcoming period, you’ll have to be more disciplined in all aspects. I’ll need to read your physical examination report later.”

Ji Shu was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, he understood. He laughed carelessly and said, “Sister Li, are you still worried about me? Ever since you advised me, I haven’t touched alcohol or cigarettes in a long time.”

Shen Li had been keeping a close watch on these minor problems of his. He also understood that it was not good for his health. Ever since he had been wholeheartedly preparing for the national competition, he had not touched those things.

After all, winning the championship was much more interesting than these things.

Shen Li knew that he could easily change his mind and she did not want him to make this mistake.

“It’s fine as long as you remember that.”

The two of them chatted for a while more before Shen Li hung up.

She held her phone and lightly tapped twice on the screen with her slender fingers.

Half a month?

She could still afford to wait.

Although Yu Cheng’s name had disappeared from the trending searches and the relevant videos and photos had almost all been deleted, things did not calm down as quickly as the Yu family had expected.

That was because the Bai City Fashion Week was still going on. Also, Pan Jiajia was also still lying in the hospital, and YU’s earlier clarification had been proven to be a lie.

The number of discussions about the boycott of YU continued to rise rapidly. Meanwhile, the Beijing Public Security Bureau, the Haicheng Public Security Bureau, and other official Weibo posts were also flooded with countless comments.

All of them were demanding that this matter be investigated strictly and that the public be told the truth.

Since the matter had become so huge, it was obvious that it was no longer something that could be resolved just by blocking public opinion.

In a certain district in Bai City.

Yu Yu wore a hat and sunglasses as she went straight to the elevator from the underground parking lot.

Arriving at a certain floor, she keyed in the password to enter.

As soon as she entered, the thick smell of smoke assaulted her. She immediately frowned and suppressed the discomfort in her throat as she closed the door behind her.

She waved her hand, but the smell continued to linger at the tip of her nose, causing her to cough.

“Cough — cough — cough — Brother?”

In the living room, Yu Cheng was sitting on the sofa with a gloomy expression on his face.

He had a cigarette in his hand, and the ashtray on the coffee table in front of him was already filled with cigarette butts.

Hearing this, he looked over solemnly.

“It’s been so long, why hasn’t the matter been resolved yet?”

His words did not conceal his frustration and criticism.

Yu Yu took a few steps forward and stood in front of him, her expression troubled.

“Brother, this matter is indeed very troublesome…”

Yu Cheng put out the cigarette butt.

He should have returned to Haicheng long ago, but just before he was about to board the plane, the surveillance video of the hotel had been exposed. The Bai City police had immediately asked him to stay and cooperate with the investigation.

Hence, he had been forced to stay on here.

He was unable to stay in the hotel any longer, so he had come to the apartment here. However, the media was very well-informed and they quickly found out where he was staying. Day and night, they began to camp out downstairs in wait for him.

That made it hard for him to even leave the house!

In all the years of his life, Yu Cheng had never been so stifled before!

Impatiently, he interrupted Yu Yu.

“What did Grandpa say? When can I leave?”

Yu Yu choked. Her palms tightened slightly, but she did not show it on her face.

“Grandpa has already asked Mr. Craig for help. There shouldn’t be much of a problem with the Bai City police. After all, we’re all Chinese, so they don’t have that much authority. Moreover, the main reason Pan Jiajia is still lying in the hospital is because she lost too much blood from her suicide attempt. It has nothing to do with you…”

Who knew how others would react if they heard him say that he had nothing to do with the culprit?

However, now that Yu Yu had dared to say it, Yu Cheng also dared to believe it.

“D*mn it,” he cursed under his breath. “That woman is sincerely trying to harm me!”

It was obvious that even until now, he did not feel that he was in the wrong. Instead, he pushed all the blame onto Pan Jiajia.

Yu Yu changed the topic.

“However, public opinion about this isn’t too good right now. After we return to China, we’ll probably have to make a trip to the Public Security Bureau.”

Yu Cheng leaned against the back of his chair and scoffed.

He did not care about this.

He had committed many crimes over the years, yet hadn’t everything always worked out fine?

The reason he was in such trouble now was largely due to the fact that he was in Bai City.

When he returned to his home country, he would no longer worry.

Seeing his expression, Yu Yu knew what he was thinking. She paused for a moment before continuing.

“In addition to that, in order to settle the matter as soon as possible, I think it’ll be better for us to make a public apology–”

“What did you say?!”

Yu Cheng’s expression changed.

Yu Yu repeated herself.

“An apology statement.”

At this point in time, they had no choice but to respond no matter what.

Yu Cheng suddenly stood up.


He was not stupid. He knew very well how much trouble this statement would bring him!

Yu Yu looked at him and let out a sigh.

“Brother, this is Grandpa’s idea.”

At 9 am in the morning in Bai City and 3 pm in the afternoon in the country, Yu Yu’s official Weibo account released an apology statement.

[ YU: A few days ago, Pan Jiajia, an artiste under our division, had an argument with her boyfriend, Yu Cheng. Due to that, she had impulsively made an extreme decision. Fortunately, she was rescued in time and is now out of danger. She will be discharged from the hospital in a few days. Our division did not supervise her well and failed to protect the safety of the artiste. It was a serious dereliction of duty. At present, Pan Jiajia’s agent has been dismissed. In addition, in response to the recent online speculation about Pan Jiajia being subjected to violence by her boyfriend, we will fully cooperate with the police investigation after returning to China and return the truth to the public as soon as possible. Once again, our division once again solemnly and sincerely apologizes to Pan Jiajia and the public! ]

This was Yu’s first official response after the incident.

Once Weibo was posted, it quickly exploded.

[ So it’s true! It really was Yu Cheng! ]

[ He has finally admitted it! I told you that the partially shown face in the video was Yu Cheng! ]

[ He has finally apologized! Didn’t he refuse to admit it before? Isn’t he embarrassed at all? ]

[ Is it enough just to apologize? The young lady was forced to commit suicide. Isn’t YU’s response just an easy way out? ]

[ However, it’s still a good thing. We’ll just wait for the results of the investigation. ]

[ I’ve been a loyal fan of YU for the past three years. I’m extremely disappointed! YU should close their business as soon as possible! ]

After eating breakfast, Shen Li took out her phone and scrolled through it.

She read this apology statement several times.

Yu Yu was a person with means. Although she was ruthless to others, she was also ruthless to herself.

Once this statement was made, the brand YU was basically destroyed.

However, she was not completely at a disadvantage. After all, she had written “YU” in this statement.

It was worth it to sacrifice YU to avoid a black mark that could not be erased.