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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 879 - I Am Very Grateful to Him  

Chapter 879: I Am Very Grateful to Him


Angus reacted for a moment before he realized that Shen Zhijin’s question had not been aimed at him, but at Lu Huaiyu.

The atmosphere was subtle.

Lu Huaiyu was silent for a moment before he calmly smiled.

“Well, those documents are very precious, after all. I remember that Professor Angus had mentioned that there was a doctor who wanted to see them too. He said that he had lent them to a student of a relative. He had thought that it would be more convenient.”

He had quietly changed a few words. However, Shen Zhijin had an excellent memory. How could he not remember what Angus had said before?

Moreover, Lu Huaiyu had been at the Fino Laboratory for a year. Although he was no longer working under him, he was still very close to Angus. It was impossible for him not to know how much Angus admired Lu Huaiyu.

As long as Lu Huaiyu asked, Angus would definitely agree to lend him the books.

As for who he had lent it to… It did not matter.

Shen Zhijin paused for a moment before he said, “In that case, I have to thank you for taking care of Tangtang.”

Lu Huaiyu coughed lightly.

“It’s good that Ah Li likes it.”

Shen Li was thinking about something else. Lu Huaiyu had lent her a book back then and had even specially asked for the original German edition.

So, he must have guessed that she knew German at that time?

Later, in his study, she had deliberately taken the Chinese-translated version. He had actually known everything?

It was true that this was an extremely smart man.

Shen Li glanced at him.

Other than this, hadn’t he also guessed the other things… earlier?

Just then, someone passed by and greeted them.

Shen Zhijin did not ask any more questions, as he intended on continuing to show Shen Li the place.

Before leaving, Angus left Lu Huaiyu with a final message.

“Huaiyu, this is the first time you’ve come back since you left. Why don’t you come over to my department? Billy and the others are very happy to hear that you’re back today.”

Lu Huaiyu had stayed here for a year, so he knew many people.

Angus and the others had not seen him for a long time, so they naturally missed him.

Lu Huaiyu looked at Shen Zhijin and Shen Li.

This suggestion had come just at the right time.

He smiled and nodded.


Shen Li followed Shen Zhijin, walking half a step behind him. When they came to a quiet corridor, Shen Li looked at him and finally said, “Dad, actually, Second Brother had also helped to borrow books for me…”

Shen Zhijin suddenly stood still.


He stood there, with his straight back and shoulders.

A bright light shone through the window that was beside him and landed on his face. Light and shadow intermingled.

He lowered his eyes slightly, so the expression in his eyes could not be seen. The shadow that was cast on the ground was very long. Even though the sunlight was just right, there was an inexplicable sense of quietness.

“I’m not angry with him.”

As he opened his mouth, his voice was as calm as ever. It was just that the speed of his speech was slightly slower, showing a hint of dullness,

“On the contrary, I’m very grateful to him.”

He was blaming himself.

Why had he brought her back so late? So late…

The third year of high school.

At that time, she should have only just transferred from Lincheng to Yunzhou not long before. She had only been seventeen years old.

She had only wanted to read a book.

Of course, he knew that Lu Huaiyu had liked her a long time ago. He also knew that Lu Huaiyu had attended the parent-teacher meetings for her during that year. He had found someone overnight and also taken her away from the Ye family and stayed with her as she took the college entrance examination.

Since her return, he had rarely taken the initiative to ask about her past.

However, he still had many avenues and methods to learn about her past.

How could he not have asked or investigated it?

Those were the 18 years that he was completely missing.

Even if the more that he knew meant that he would feel more guilty, more regretful, and even more tormented.

Those were all things that he should have done.

However, he had not done anything.

There was only one person who had given her everything that she lacked.

Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Zhijin had imagined more than once that if Lu Huaiyu had not been by her side at that time, how would her life have turned out?

He was grateful to Lu Huaiyu, yet he could not help but feel jealous. In the end, he felt completely accountable for that.

However, those were too difficult to make up for. There were some things that he would never be able to do.

Shen Li looked at him, only being able to see his side profile.

He was silent. His face was half lit and half in the darkness, and his emotions could not be seen clearly.


She called out softly.


Shen Zhijin spoke in a low voice,”I really wished that I was the one who had given you those books back then.”

Shen Li’s heart suddenly sank.

She shook her head, walked over to take his hand, and said softly, “But it was you, Dad, who brought me here today.”

She knew what Shen Zhijin was saying. She understood all of his guilt and self-blame.


If that was also considered a mistake…

If that was also his fault….

How unfair would that be to him?

No one had ever given him a chance like that.

She shook his hand.

“I have the books that you gave me and I have the books that mother gave me now. Besides, if Second Brother heard what you just said, he would definitely be very happy.”

After all, Shen Zhijin was extremely critical of Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Zhijin looked at her, gently touched her head, and smiled.

“After all, you like him so much.”

As Lu Huaiyu followed Angus around, he greeted a few of his former acquaintances until they finally came to Angus’s office.

Angus made himself a cup of coffee. Knowing that Lu Huaiyu was quite particular about this, he did not bother with coffee for him and just poured him some water.

Lu Huaiyu sat down on the chair opposite his desk.

“Professor, it’s been a few years since we last met. As soon as I arrived, you gave me a big gift. Thank you so much.”

Angus had already come back to his senses. Hearing his words, he could not help but laugh.

“Zhijin is not such a stingy person. You’re worrying too much!”

Leisurely, he leaned back in his chair and took a sip of coffee.

“He was willing to bring you along here today. Don’t tell me that you don’t know what he means by that.”

This place could be considered as Shen Zhijin’s place.

Lu Huaiyu was a very clear-minded and intelligent person. How could he not understand this?

“As for you, you should also try to understand him more. After all, it wasn’t easy to find this daughter after so many years, was it?”

Lu Huaiyu took a sip of water. He thought for a moment and smiled.

“Yes, thank you for helping me.”

Angus looked at him and snorted.

“It was just a coincidence… If you really want to thank me, just help me teach the few people in the teaching group how to process the data later.”


Lu Huaiyu very quickly agreed.

Only after Angus got his answer did he finally feel relieved.

Looking at Lu Huaiyu who was seated across from him, he changed the topic.

“How are you… doing now?”

Having been invited someone, Shen Zhijin went to the laboratory. After thinking for a moment, Shen Li decided to turn around and look for Lu Huaiyu.

When she came to the door of Angus’s office, she saw that the door was ajar and not tightly closed.

She raised her hand and was about to knock on the door when she heard Lu Huaiyu’s voice coming from inside.

“Which aspect are you asking about?”

She paused for a moment.

Then, she heard Angus sigh and say, “You know very well… I mean, how are you doing after the car accident two years ago?”

Shen Li’s heart skipped a beat.