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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 875 - You Didn’t Misunderstand  

Chapter 875: You Didn’t Misunderstand

Shen Li’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this.

It was clear that Lu Huaiyu had only asked this question very casually, but every word fell heavily in her ears and rolled into her heart.

She held her breath for a long while, and then as if nothing had happened, she said,”Doesn’t Leland have a rainy climate? I think I read it somewhere before that it will sometimes rain continuously for a whole week.”

Lu Huaiyu said with a faint smile, “That’s only in the summer when the rainy season comes. In fact, except for that month or so, there are more sunny days throughout the year. Moreover, the temperature there is quite nice, so overall, it’s pretty good.”

Shen Li said softly, “Yes.”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment before he said with a chuckle, “Both Lincheng and the Capital are good. But I didn’t expect that Ah Li would take Leland into consideration as well?”

Lincheng was the place where she had grown up, and the Capital was her home now.

It was normal for her to have chosen these two places as a comparison.

However, Leland seemed to be completely unrelated.

Shen Li’s body tensed up, and her heart started beating hard.

She sat up and pressed a hand hard to her left chest where her heart was, to try and calm down this noisy heartbeat.

The question he was asking, it seemed that she had no choice but to answer.


It was as if a layer of invisible power was flowing over and gradually wrapping itself around her, making it difficult for her to breathe.

After a moment, she said, “It’s because Second Brother seems to like Leland more than Bai City.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly as an extremely soft sound left his nasal cavity, with the end of the sound trailing upwards in his usual noble and leisurely tone of voice.


Shen Li said, “During the year that Second Brother was in Bai City, didn’t you often go to Leland? You also mentioned that you liked Leland very much.”

He had indeed said that.

Moreover, he had also said that if there was an opportunity, they could go there and take a look together.

Lu Huaiyu stayed quiet for a while before he smiled.

“So, it was because I like the place that you also tookLeland into consideration?”

There was only one answer to this question.

“Yes,” she said.

“Ah Li, if I remember correctly, it seemed like you were considering a place to live in the future just now?” Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled up slightly as he spoke in a teasing tone. “If you mention Leland like this, I will misunderstand.”

Misunderstand what?

Of course, it was a misunderstanding. The little girl had included a completely unfamiliar place into her future just because he liked it.

She was so honest and straightforward, yet completely unguarded and devoted.

Just thinking about it made one’s heart tremble slightly.

“It would be too easy to kidnap you like this, you know?”

Lu Huaiyu tugged at the collar of his shirt and slowly expelled the heat from his words.

There was a smile in his voice that seemed to be like a warning to her.

There was only one bedside lamp in the room, and the warm light shone down, outlining her figure.

She sat on the bed with her head slightly lowered, and her raven-feather-like eyelashes cast a faint shadow beneath her eyelids.

There was silence all around.

Shen Li’s lips moved slightly, wanting to say something, but she pulled back several.

Lu Huaiyu had always treated her with the utmost patience and gentleness, so he just waited for her.

The two of them did not speak for a long time.

It was not until a breeze blew in from outside the window that Shen Li suddenly became alert again.

She opened her mouth to speak.

“… Not really. I just went out with Dad today and heard him talk about the past. So, I just thought that this place is indeed better than I thought.”

Lu Huaiyu understood what she meant.

He chuckled.

“Since Ah Li likes it, then this is the better place.”

Shen Li paused.

“Thank you, Second Brother.”

She looked at the time again and said,”It’s very late, so I think I’ll go to bed first, alright?”

Both she and Shen Zhijin had been out the whole day today, so it would be quite natural for her to be quite tired.

This was what Lu Huaiyu thought, so he urged her to have a good rest.

Shen Li agreed and then ended the phone call.

The room became quiet again.

Shen Li looked down at her phone and saw that Lu Huaiyu had sent another message.

[ Good night, Ah Li. ]

She sat quietly, as if she was reading it, but also as if she was not.

She remained that way until the light on the screen gradually dimmed and it finally turned completely dark.

After a long time, an extremely soft murmur rang out in the room.

“… Lu Huaiyu, you didn’t misunderstand…”

It was just a soft sound, like a dream, but it soon disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Happy times always passed quickly, but times filled with pain were slow.

The more painful it was, the more difficult it was to endure every minute and every second.

These past few days, Yu Yu had a particularly deep impression of this.

This morning especially, after the surveillance video of the hotel corridor had been exposed, the pressure from all sides came one after another, causing her to be overwhelmed.

Firstly, half of Yu Cheng’s face had been captured by the surveillance video. His identity could be exposed at any time.

Secondly, Pan Jiajia’s state in the video did not seem right. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that she had been threatened. After watching the video, everyone realized that the atrocities she had suffered had been even more terrifying than they had expected. Hence, some people had begun to question YU again.

After all, Pan Jiajia was one of their contracted models. On the eve of the showcase, and right under their noses, such a thing had happened, yet they had done nothing. Even if the violence had nothing to do with them, they would still be labeled as negligent.

The reputation that they had painstakingly clawed back up was now in danger again.

In addition, the Yu family had quickly found out about this matter.

Without a doubt, Yu Yu was the first to bear the brunt.

However, this was not all bad. Because it involved Yu Cheng, Grandfather Yu had taken this matter seriously and began to use the Yu family’s connections and resources to solve the problem.

As expected, that video quickly disappeared from the Internet and all related topics had been removed from the trending searches.

Even though the discussion had already exceeded 100 million, even though there were people posting posts to denounce it, it could not even reach the end of the trending searches.

Only then did Yu Yu heave a sigh of relief.

However, the tension after the incident did not go smoothly.

“You can’t find anything?”

Yu Yu looked at her assistant and questioned coldly.

“What do you mean?”

The assistant wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and said with trepidation, “President Yu, our people have tried everything, but… but they still can’t find out who released the video first–”