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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 874 - Girl’s Prayer  

Chapter 874: Girl’s Prayer

Ordinary people might not be able to recognize him, but those who were familiar with him could tell at a glance that it was him!

Otherwise, his friend would not have called him directly.

Moreover, according to the current development trend, the number of people who knew about this matter would only increase!

Originally, Yu Cheng had not taken this matter seriously, but when he saw that half of his face had appeared in that video, he realized that things were not looking good for him now.

After taking just a few casual glances, he had seen that many people had taken screenshots and were insulting him in various ways. Some people were even trying to use various methods to search for him.

If this continued, his identity would definitely be exposed!

“Didn’t you say that everything had been taken care of?”

Yu Cheng spoke in a tone that was accusatory.

Yu Yu was already frustrated, but when she heard him talking so arrogantly as he pushed all the blame onto her, she laughed coldly in her heart.

If he had not gone overboard, would this have even happened?

The showcase that she had meticulously prepared had been interrupted. Yu Yu’s reputation and interests had been damaged. She had been chased and criticized for the past few days, and she had to deal with the various media outlets. Everything had just been to clean up his mess!

Yet, in the end, he still had the nerve to say such things?

For a moment, Yu Yu felt the urge to hang up the phone.

However, in the end, she did not do so. Instead, she waited for Yu Cheng to finish speaking before she spoke apologetically.

“Brother, I’m sorry. My people made a mistake in this matter. I’ve already asked them to handle it. I hope that this matter can be suppressed as soon as possible.”

Yu Cheng was unconvinced.

“Suppress? The video has already been released. How are we going to suppress it?!”

In her heart, Yu Yu cursed at the idiot, but she kept the tone of her voice sounding patient and careful.

“In that video, only half of your face was revealed. As long as we refuse to admit it, they can’t point the finger at you. I will also continue to remind Pan Jiajia.”

After all, Yu Cheng was not a public figure and his looks were rather ordinary.

With only half of his face in the surveillance video, it was indeed difficult to confirm that it was him.

Moreover, the Yu family was behind him.

There had to be a way.

Hearing what she said, Yu Cheng’s anger subsided slightly.

“Then hurry up about it! Otherwise, if it gets out of hand, it won’t be good for anyone!”

“I know, Brother, don’t worry.”

Yu Cheng hung up the phone.

Yu Yu’s expression immediately turned cold.

Shen Li looked at her phone. At the end of the video, she paused it when half of Yu Cheng’s face was shown at the last second.

She looked at it for a few seconds and nodded in satisfaction.

Well, this frame had been chosen well.

She put down her phone and got up to wash up.

After breakfast, Shen Li and Shen Zhijin went out together.

Their plan for today would be very relaxed and free.

Shen Zhijin drove her to a few of the more famous scenic spots in Bai City.

The first one was Bai City Cathedral.

Probably due to fashion week, not many people had come to visit today.

The architectural style of the church was a combination of the Baroque and Renaissance styles. The huge round dome was very unique. On the wall, there were gorgeous and exquisite reliefs. The interior was mainly platinum in color and was extremely luxurious.

In front of the church, there was a wishing fountain.

The clear water column rose and fell. Under the sunlight, it looked particularly clear.

As the water splashed and there was a small rainbow that looked extremely beautiful.

Looking at it quietly, Shen Zhijin suddenly asked, “Tangtang, do you want to make a wish?”

Shen Li was stunned and looked at him in surprise.

“Make a wish?”

Shen Zhijin was an absolute realist. How could he believe these things?


As Shen Zhijin spoke, he actually took out a coin from his pocket and handed it to her.

A faint smile appeared on his handsome and elegant face.

“In the past, your mother liked to come here to make wishes. Many of these coins were thrown by her.”

Shen Li felt a slight tugging at her heart.

She took the coin from Shen Zhijin’s hand.

“Dad, do you want to make one?”

Shen Zhijin looked at her and shook his head gently.

“I’ve already gotten more than what I’ve ever wished for before.”

That was enough for him.

Shen Li pursed her lips and nodded. She held the coin in her palm.

After a moment, the corners of her lips curled up.

“Dad, you might not believe me, but I actually have the same thought as you.”

She turned around and faced the fountain. Her gaze focused on the short rainbow for a moment.

She said softly, “What I’ve gotten is something I never thought of even when I made a wish.”

She pressed her palms together and closed her eyes gently.

Shen Zhijin tilted his head to look at her, his gaze much gentler.

The next moment, she opened her eyes and tossed the coin in her hand.

The coin traced a perfect arc in the air, the light reflecting off it brilliantly.


Shen Zhijin had lived in Bai City for many years, so he was very familiar with everything here.

There were also many memories that he and Gu Tingyin had shared.

Shen Li followed him around as they strolled leisurely around and went to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

The two of them did not return to Corning Street until it was dark.

That evening, Shen Li posted on her WeChat Moments.

There was no caption, only a photo.

It was a photo of her and Shen Zhijin in front of the wishing fountain at Bai City Cathedral.

The sunlight was just right. The cathedral behind them was solemn and elegant, and the water from the fountain was crystal clear.

Shen Zhijin stood to the left side of Shen Li, and on the right side of Shen Li, a gorgeous rainbow hung above the water.

The two of them were looking at the camera, their smiles showing on their similar brows and eyes.

After posting this on WeChat, Shen Li went to take a shower.

When she came out half an hour later, the number of likes on this post was already very shocking.

In addition, there was also an unread message from Lu Huaiyu.

[ Did you have a good time today? ]

Shen Li lay on the bed and thought for a while before deciding to give him a voice call.

The call was answered very quickly on the other side.

“Ah Li?”

The low and sweet voice sounded especially seductive in the quiet night.

“Second Brother.”

Shen Li actually had a lot to say. Her chest seemed to be filled with something, but in the end, she chose the simplest and most straightforward sentence.

“I’m really happy today.”

A smile could be heard in Lu Huaiyu’s voice.

“Yeah, I can see that.”

Shen Li hugged the pillow and turned over on the bed.

This feeling was hard to describe.

She had never, ever thought that such a day would ever come.

Perhaps it was because her personality was more like Shen Zhijin, quiet and reserved, or perhaps the experiences of all those years in the past were too heavy.

She was not used to confiding in someone.

However, today was different, and the first person she had thought of was Lu Huaiyu.

She wanted to tell him all of this.

She also knew that he would understand.

“Bai City is really very nice,” said Shen Li.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Is it the best?”

Shen Li’s eyes curved in a smile.

“More or less. Lincheng is too crowded, the traffic jams in the Capital are very bad, and it’s always raining in Leland–”

She abruptly stopped speaking.

The surroundings instantly fell silent.

For a moment, she even felt that the air seemed to be frozen.

After a moment, Lu Huaiyu asked with a smile, “Hmm? What did you just say?”