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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 873 - Half a Face    

Chapter 873: Half a Face

Yu Yu’s expression changed and she stood up abruptly.

“What did you say?!”

“It’s already trending! You need to go and take a look!”

Yu Yu immediately shouted at her assistant who was beside her.

“Give me your phone!”

The assistant was very close to her so he could hear what had been said on the phone clearly. His face also turned pale and he handed her phone over stiffly.

Yu Yu immediately clicked on Weibo’s trending search.

# Pan Jiajia Video # had already reached fourth place on the list.

Yu Yu held her breath and clicked on the link.

On the topic square, the top Weibo post was the relevant video.

It was an entertainment marketing account with tens of millions of fans.


[ Gossip KK: Suspected video of Pan Jiajia’s suicide was exposed the night before! ]

The attached video began to play automatically.

Obviously, this was a surveillance video placed in a corridor.

At the start of the video, the time stamp showed that it was 11:27 p.m. The carpet covering the floor of the corridor was thick and gorgeous, and the place was dimly lit and quiet.

After 5 seconds, a tall figure appeared in the camera frame.

She was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and denim shorts which showed off her beautiful figure.

Her straight and slender long legs were particularly eye-catching.

She was wearing a hat and her head was slightly lowered, so only a small part of her face could be seen.

Then, when she came to a room, she paced back and forth for a while as if she was hesitating over something.

After about half a minute, she turned around as if she wanted to leave. Suddenly, a text message alert could be heard.

She took her phone out and looked at it.

Of course, the contents on her phone could not be seen on the camera. However, after looking at the phone, she turned around and walked back to the room. Finally, she knocked on the door.

The door quickly opened and a man’s hand reached out to pull her into the room.

The door closed.

The video was then fast-forwarded.

The time stamp soon showed the time as 6:13 a.m., the next morning.

The door was opened, and Pan Jiajia walked out.

Unlike before, this time she was wearing a hotel bathrobe, which covered almost her whole body completely.

Moreover, the way she was walking looked a little strange.

However, she walked very fast, as if something terrible was chasing her from behind.

Even through the screen, it was not difficult to feel her panic and embarrassment.

Then, there was another fast-forward. At the 8:21 mark, the door was opened again, and a man wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and black trousers walked out.

The visual of the man wearing a hat that showed half of his face flashed across the camera.

The video ended abruptly. The last scene had frozen as he faced the camera with half of his face showing!

The entire video had only lasted for 4 minutes and 23 seconds. However, to Yu Yu, every second during this period of time was extremely difficult to endure.

By the time the video had ended, her face had already turned from red to white. The hand that she was using to clutch her phone was trembling slightly.

The comments section had already exploded.

[ This figure is definitely Pan Jiajia! She wore this shirt when she was photographed at the airport in Bai City! ]

[ Oh my god! Is this man in the video Pan Jiajia’s boyfriend from outside the industry? You should die, Domestic Abuse Man! ]

[ It was definitely him who did it! Before Pan Jiajia entered the room, her legs and arms had still been fine. However, after she came out, she had come out wrapped tightly in a bathrobe so there had to have been something wrong! Also, look at the time! She had left at around six in the morning. YU’s showcase had been held that afternoon. ]

[ Had the young miss been threatened? I saw that she hesitated at the door for a long time before she entered. She was about to leave, but after looking at her phone, she went back. ]

[ I think so too! ]

[ Within a minute, I want to know who this sc*mbag is! The young miss almost died at his hands! We can’t let him get away with it! ]

The crowd was furious.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the man in the video.

Yu Yu’s mind went blank for a long time.

Her assistant stood at the side and saw everything.

When he saw that half of Yu Cheng’s face appeared in the video, her heart almost jumped out!

In a trembling voice, he said, “… President… President Yu… What… What do we do now?”

Old Master Yu loved Yu Cheng the most. So many of them had been working day and night for the past few days just to ensure that Yu Cheng was connected to this matter.

Who could have known that this video of the hotel would be exposed?

If Old Master Yu knew about this, who knew how he would react?

Yu Yu was jolted awake by this sound and was immediately filled with anger and resentment.

What should she do?

What else could she do?!

She suddenly looked at her assistant.

“I asked you to handle the surveillance videos, and this is how you handled it for me?!”

The assistant immediately panicked.

“President Yu! I already confirmed that the surveillance cameras at that time had indeed been destroyed! The police in Bai City didn’t manage to find anything–”

Yu Yu threw her phone at him!

Bang! Bang!

The assistant subconsciously dodged and the phone hit his left shoulder. Then, it fell heavily to the ground and the screen cracked.

“Then, what is this video all about?!”

Yu Yu rarely lost her temper. Now that she had started smashing her phone, it was clear that she was extremely angry!

The assistant’s shoulder hurt terribly, but he did not dare to say anything. He hurriedly explained, “President… President Yu… I really don’t know what’s going on…”

Yu Yu closed her eyes.

What was the use of being angry now?

The video had already been exposed, so many people had seen it!

Yu Cheng was not from their industry, and only half of his face had been exposed. That was why no one had realized his identity up until now.

However, Yu Cheng was a well-known hedonist in Haicheng, and there were many people who knew him. After some time, he would definitely be recognized!

Yu Yu stood in the same spot for a while, trying to calm herself down. However, she quickly realized that there was nothing she could do.

This matter was just too difficult to handle!

Another call came in from her phone. It was from Yu Cheng.

It was also at this moment that she realized that she had actually forgotten to hang up the phone just now.

She tidied herself up slightly and began to instruct the assistant on the other end of the phone to resolve this matter.

“No matter what method is used, get them to delete the video immediately! Remove the hot searches as well! Also, get the Internet trolls to take control of the situation. Do not allow Yu Cheng to be exposed!”

After hanging up the phone, she looked at the assistant standing beside her.

“Go and find someone to investigate where this video came from. Find the person as quickly as possible!”

The assistant quickly agreed and turned to leave.

Yu Yu was the only one left in the room.

She calmed herself down and looked at her phone again.

She had not picked up Yu Chengtou’s first call and now there was a second one.

Yu Yu stared at the name on the screen for a while before picking up.

Before she could speak, Yu Cheng’s cold voice could be heard first.

“What’s going on with that video on the Internet?!”

He had been asleep, but people had kept calling him. After he had picked up the call, he had heard about it from his friend.

“Half of my face was shown!”