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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 872 - Video: Counter-Attack!  

Chapter 872: Video: Counter-Attack!

[ All Star Entertainment: Pan Jiajia has reportedly woken up today and admitted that the wounds on her body had been caused by her boyfriend on the day before the press conference! ]

The following was a screenshot of an interview with Pan Jiajia by Bai City Daily.

In order to find out the truth as soon as possible and give an explanation to the public after Pan Jiajia had woken up, YU had chosen Bai City Daily from the many media outlets and allowed them to conduct an exclusive interview with Pan Jiajia.

Bai City Daily was quite reputable, so when this interview was published, most people chose to believe it.

The comments below had already exploded.

[ Heavens! Was she actually beaten up like that? The young miss is so pitiful! ]

[ When I saw the news picture that day, I was shocked… What a domestic abuser! ]

[ She was supposed to be part of the showcase the next day, but in the end, it was all ruined by this sc*mbag of a man! It’s truly not worth it to commit suicide for such a man! ]

[ So, this matter really had nothing to do with YU? What about those who put pressure on YU to apologize? Now that the truth has been revealed, don’t you feel ashamed? ]

[ See, it’s best not to speak before you know the truth, so just let the bullets fly for a while! ]

[ Domestic abuse? Are you sure that this news is true? If she was really abused, why didn’t she report it to the police? Besides, isn’t it strange that YU had always said that they did not know anything about this situation? How could they not know that their model was injured to this extent? ]


[ Domestic abuse is very scary! She must have been very scared when she was beaten up like that! As for reporting it to the police, there were so many cases of domestic abuse every day every year, yet so many people don’t report it to the police! Besides, this was not a glorious matter. Should she have spread the news that she had been abused? It was very normal for YU to not know about it. Many people are abused yet even their own family members don’t know about it. ]

[ I’m also of the opinion that YU was just the victim of an unexpected disaster. When the model faced the problem, their show had forcibly been interrupted. In the past few days, there have been all kinds of criticisms. I heard that several companies have already terminated their cooperation with them. It’s truly tragic.

Most of the comments expressed the same thing: They opposed domestic abuse and sympathized with Pan Jiajia.

There were also quite a number of people who mentioned YU. Basically, they were saying that YU had been wronged this time.

It was very obvious that among these. there were some Internet trolls mixed in to help YU clean up the mess.

Of course, there were also some people who raised doubts.

[ … If it really was domestic abuse, then there’s still hope. Just go back to China and report it to the police. But if it’s something else that’s hidden… That would be too scary! ]

However, such comments were quickly dismissed. The top few comments were all in support of YU.

Naturally, the onlookers who did not know the truth also thought the same.

Shen Li clicked on a few other links to look at the other news. The situation in the comments section was basically the same.

Yu Yu had obviously put in a lot of effort this time in her determination to turn the tables.

She would never allow herself to be dragged down by such a thing.

There were some people who wanted Pan Jiajia’s boyfriend to be revealed, but because it was said that he was someone who was not in the industry and would not be easy to be found.

Hence, the focus of public opinion was still on domestic abuse.

Of course, YU had also taken the opportunity to clear its name.

Most people believed it.

After all, it was Pan Jiajia who had said it herself. After all, the exclusive interview had been conducted by the Bai City Daily.

Shen Li casually read the news for a while and saw that more and more people were speaking up for YU.

She put her phone aside, thought for a moment, then turned on her computer.

Even if they insisted on investigating Pan Jiajia’s so-called “boyfriend who was out of the industry,” they would still definitely not be able to find Yu Cheng.

Moreover, as time went by, the heat of this matter would soon pass.

In the end, how many people would still be following this matter then?

It was just a matter of getting to the bottom of it.

Yu Yu clearly understood this point.

Shen Li’s finger lightly tapped on the computer’s touchpad a few times.

Actually, it was safe to say that this matter was complicated.

The public wanted the truth, so YU had forced Pan Jiajia to come out and say those words. Surely, the words of the person involved had to be true.

For Yu Yu, or rather, the Yu family, to make someone say something they did not mean was the easiest thing to do.

This was the answer that was given to everyone as an explanation to calm down the public opinion.

After some time had passed, the heat of this matter would eventually subside. Most people might not even remember who Pan Jiajia was by then, so why would they suspect anything else?

As the founder of YU, Yu Yu had received a lot of criticism.

Now, many people on the Internet had started to apologize to her.

As for Yu Cheng…

This person, this name, had never appeared from the beginning to the end.

He was like an invisible person who was completely detached from this matter.

Shen Li tilted her hand and looked at the computer coldly.

The screen flashed.

After a while, she stopped moving and the corner of her lips curled into an extremely gentle smile.

It was as if the culprit had left his traces and disappeared after.

After doing so many “good things”, he still wanted to live a carefree life. How could such a good thing exist?

“President Yu, the direction of public opinion has basically changed.”

As the assistant spoke, he looked carefully at Yu Yu who was sitting in front of him.

Yu Yu was leaning against the sofa and resting with her eyes closed.

She had just finished the interview with Pan Jiajia at the hospital and had continued to be busy for some time before she finally had time to relax.

Fortunately, her work had not been in vain.

The assistant continued,”Don’t worry, Eldest Young Master was not involved in this matter.”

Yu Yu opened her eyes.


Her heart finally settled down,


Before she could finish her sentence, her phone suddenly rang. It was her other assistant.

She picked it up.


The voice on the other end of the phone was filled with shock and panic:

“President Yu! This is not good! The video of Pan Jiajia going to Yu Cheng’s room that night has been exposed!”