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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 868 - I Know, Lu Huaiyu  

Chapter 868: I Know, Lu Huaiyu

Shen Li tilted her head to lean on his shoulder as her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

She looked at him for a long time, the corners of her lips pursed into a faint curve. Then, she leaned over and kissed his cool lips.

‘I know, Lu Huaiyu.’

This night was destined to be a difficult night for Yu Yu and many people involved with YU.

Pan Jiajia had yet to wake up, and public opinion in the outside world was at a boiling point. It had swelled into a huge pressure that weighed heavily on everyone’s hearts.

Yu Yu used all kinds of methods to suppress this matter. However, this was Bai City and not Hai Cheng, after all, so those methods had little effect.

She could only watch as the situation worsened.

The Internet was filled with all kinds of speculations, and the criticisms against her and YU were getting more and more intense.

The next morning, Yu Yu woke up and saw a few unread messages on her phone.

Two more companies wanted to terminate their contracts with Yu Yu. In addition, a project that was still under negotiation was also being put on hold.


It was obvious that it would be impossible to proceed smoothly.

Yu Yu stared at her phone, her face pale.

Due to the negative news about YU, they would have to pay a high amount of compensation to the other party, according to the terms of the contract.

Since yesterday’s incident, seven partner companies, including these two, had made the same decision.

For that matter, many people had still given her face because she was a member of the Yu family. Otherwise, the consequences would have been worse than just the termination of the contracts.

However, the real situation was far worse than what they had seen so far.

Although the remaining ones had yet to make a move, they were just waiting and watching.

Once it was confirmed that Pan Jiajia’s suicide was related to YU, they would definitely draw a line between themselves and YU.

In the past few years, Yu Yu had invested a lot of time and energy in YU, and it had not been easy for her to get to where she was today.

But now… everything was ruined!

Even if she and YU could clear their names in the end, the losses had already been caused.

Other than the direct or indirect financial losses, there was another important point: with this incident, it would be even more difficult for her to continue to be in the running to be appointed as a member of the Bai City Fashion Association.

Before she had come to Bai City, she had been very confident in herself.

Craig had told her in advance that the association was interested in choosing a Chinese member this time.

There had been no more suitable candidate than her.

However, after coming here, everything had gone wrong.

First, Shen Li’s star-studded performance had won everyone’s attention and admiration.

Then, there was the matter of the model’s suicide attempt. Even YU’s show had not been completed successfully and had ended in shambles.

The people from the Bai City Fashion Association would definitely take all of these into consideration in their assessment.

Her hopes were really slim.

Thinking of this, Yu Yu felt even more annoyed.

Tossing her phone to the side, she stood up and went to the window. Then, she pulled open the curtains.

The bright light that shone in was quite blinding.

Yu Yu raised her hand to block it out, but a thought quickly came to her mind. She looked down and saw that there were indeed still quite a number of reporters waiting downstairs!

It seemed that they had already found out that she was staying in this room. The moment she opened the curtains, they immediately looked up!

At the same time, several cameras were aimed at her!

She was shocked and immediately closed the curtains.

Turning her back, she gritted her teeth, feeling angry and resentful.

These few years, she had often appeared in front of the public. It was not that she had never faced the cameras or flashing lights before.

Moreover, she actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

That was because she was always exquisite, elegant, and outstanding whenever she appeared in the news.

That had also been to remind Old Master Yu from time to time that she was the most outstanding one among the younger generation of the Yu family.

But this time…

Yu Yu took a deep breath and quickly walked back to the bed to pick up her phone.

She replied to the messages there and called her assistant.

“Prepare the car. I’m going to the hospital to see Pan Jiajia.”

At noon, Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu returned to the hotel after having lunch.

Shen Li looked at the time.

“Second Brother, my dad is downstairs.”

Shen Zhijin had been on the one o’clock flight.

Shen Li had originally wanted to go and pick him up, but Shen Zhijin had refused her.

He had lived in Bai City for many years, so he was much more familiar with this place than Shen Li. Picking him up from the airport would really be more of a hassle.

Moreover, Shen Li’s showcase had just ended, so he preferred to leave this time for her to sleep more.

Therefore, Shen Li simply waited for him at the hotel.

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

“I’ll send you down.”

This time, Shen Li would be going back to Corning Street with Shen Zhijin, which would be equivalent to going home.

At a time like this, it would be better for him not to disturb her.

Shen Li looked around the living room before going into the bedroom.

After a while, she walked out with her luggage.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze focused on her luggage for a moment, then he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Shen Li coughed lightly.

“Second Brother, I forgot to tell you. I plan to go home and stay there for a few days.”


‘Her suitcase was already packed, how could she have forgotten?’

The little girl had obviously waited as long as possible before telling him.

Lu Huaiyu walked forward, took her luggage with one hand, and stroked her hair with the other. He smiled and said, “Teacher Shen is here to bring you home. Could I possibly hog you and not let you go?”

Upon hearing what he said, Shen Li immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

He had accompanied her on this trip, but now she was leaving him halfway through, so she was a little embarrassed.

“Thank you, Second Brother!”

Her eyes curved as she smiled at him.

Lu Huaiyu bent down slightly, and he used his fingertip to gently tap the dimple at the corner of her lips. Then, he chuckled softly, “Remember to be just as happy when you come home with me in the future.”

Shen Li blinked and said frankly, “Even if it takes a long time.”

Lu Huaiyu kissed her lips.

“Then remember to cooperate with me, both inside and out.”

Shen Li, “…”

Lu Huaiyu’s kiss was like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

He then took half a step back.

“Give me your hand.”

Shen Li stretched her hand out for him to hold.

The two of them went downstairs together.

As soon as they arrived at the lobby, Shen Li saw a familiar, straight and slender figure outside the glass door.

Shen Zhijin spotted her at almost the same time… as well as Lu Huaiyu, who had his fingers intertwined with hers.

He lifted his foot to walk over.

After he came through the door, the three of them met.


“Teacher Shen.”

Shen Li called to him as she tried to gauge Shen Zhijin’s expression.

“Are you tired from the trip?”

Because he had been flying back and forth between Bai City and China for a long time, he had a car parked at Bai City Airport. After his flight had landed, he had driven straight over.

Shen Zhijin shook his head as his gaze fell on Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Li’s luggage was still in his hand.

Shen Zhijin stretched out his hand.