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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 867 - I Must Have Liked You Too  

Chapter 867: I Must Have Liked You Too

Shen Li raised her head slightly as her body trembled slightly. She could not help bending her legs to kick at him.

“Please don’t… don’t leave a mark…”

Lu Huaiyu seemed to have anticipated her actions and moved his long legs slightly to easily suppress her.

However, this time, he finally regained some of his rationality.

He lightened his strength and suppressed the impulse in his heart. His thin lips gently kissed her delicate skin.

At some point, the hand that he used to hold the back of her head slid down and brushed past her ear. Then, it continued down her fair, slender neck followed by her delicate and straight collarbones.

Each place that he touched seemed to catch on fire.

Finally, he reached that unbelievably delicate and soft place.

Usually, Lu Huaiyu was always restrained, rational, ascetic, and noble.

However, at this moment, he felt a trace of an extremely rare loss of control.

Almost at the moment that the palm of his hand touched this place, a strong and uncontrollable possessiveness emerged from the deepest part of his heart. It seemed to destroy the last line of defense of his rationality, which had already been in danger.


He gasped, and unable to control himself, he suddenly and instinctively increased his strength.

It was like the sudden arrival of a summer evening wind, enveloping the soft white cloud.

The cloud moved with the wind, changing its shape in the violent atmosphere, gradually coloring it with the warm color of the sunset.

Shen Li could not control herself, and a light moan escaped from her throat, ending in a slightly higher pitch that sounded tantalizingly sweet.

When he had moved to kiss her neck earlier, she had been so embarrassed and anxious that she had asked him to be gentler, for fear of leaving a mark.

He had acquiesced to her request and only kissed her skin very gently.

However, he had never been willing to be at a disadvantage, so he had to find another place to vent the strength that he had restrained here.

From his caresses, Shen Li’s heated body had become soft and pliable and filled with a deep aching inside. She was about to say something but was stopped by him again.

She whimpered softly and began to shake her head.

Lu Huaiyu withdrew a little and pressed his forehead against hers. His dark phoenix-like eyes seemed to be burning with fire. Just one glance was enough to almost turn her into flames.

He spoke with great restraint and patience, his voice sounding husky.

“So, I can’t leave a mark here either?”

Shen Li was so embarrassed that could not help but raise her head and bite his shoulder.

Lu Huaiyu grunted.

He really felt like he was going crazy.

However, the girl in his arms was really still too young.

He held his breath and buried his head in the crook of her neck.

After a while, he finally moved back reluctantly and put her disheveled clothes back to order again.

She was trapped in this small space. Her small face was flushed, and even the corners of her eyes were slightly red.

As she looked at Lu Huaiyu, who was carefully tidying up her clothes with his eyes slightly lowered, her thick and curly eyelashes trembled slightly.

Seeming to have sensed something, Lu Huaiyu looked up and immediately bent his fingers to wipe away the moisture from her eyes.

He kissed her eyelids and coaxed her with a low laugh.

“Why are you crying?”

The tone of his voice was distinctly gentle. The favor and greed in his eyes could almost drown a person. However, the words he said seemed to be somewhat flirtatious.

Shen Li’s face instantly turned even redder.


Lu Huaiyu pondered her answer for a few seconds.

“Hmm, then perhaps I saw wrongly?”

How could Shen Li not know that he was doing this on purpose? She snorted softly, then turned away to move to the side.

This man was too dangerous. It was better to stay away from him.

However, as soon as she moved, she found Lu Huaiyu’s arms wrapped around her to pull her back.

Shen Li tried to move to the other side of the sofa again, but in the next second, she felt a warm sensation on her ankle. Lu Huaiyu had grabbed her again.

With a slight force, Shen Li had been pulled back again.

She raised her leg to break free, but the hem of her nightgown slid upwards instantly, revealing a white, dazzling, and delicate creamy surface.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes darkened.

In the next moment, he scooped her up and helped her pull down the hem of her gown to cover up the view that had shaken his heart.

His voice deepened a little, carrying a faint warning as he said, “Are you being dishonest?”

Shen Li realized that something was wrong when he had helped her pull down her skirt. When she heard this, her entire body stiffened. She immediately stopped and obediently nestled in his embrace.

However, after thinking about it carefully, she felt that she was not the one who should feel guilty.

She glared at him and complained in a soft voice, “You already did something even more outrageous just now. Now you want to pretend that you’re the good person here?”

Lu Huaiyu paused and narrowed his eyes to look at her.

After a long while, he seemed to laugh.

“Shen Tangtang, I’m not interested in being a good person. But I can’t be a bad person either.”

Shen Li wrapped her arms around his neck and tactfully stopped talking about this topic.

Lu Huaiyu hugged her and gently caressed her back. He whispered in her ear,”Also, my willpower is very weak, and I can’t resist temptation. Please don’t torture your boyfriend anymore, Miss Shen.”

Shen Li wanted to defend herself, so she immediately straightened up.

“I didn’t!”

Lu Huaiyu stared into her eyes for a long time and smiled.

“Doesn’t what you said just now count?”

Shen Li was at a loss for words. She wanted to say something but she did not know where to start. She was blushing furiously as she looked like she wanted to say something, but she hesitated.

How was she going to tell him that what she had said was true?

It was only a few words, but it required too much courage.

In the end, she could only lean against his shoulder again and say obediently, “Yes, I guess so.”

As Lu Huaiyu embraced her, neither of them said anything. There seemed to be some kind of ambiguous, sweet, and peaceful aura flowing in the air.

Shen Li looked at his side profile and gently poked his cheek with her finger.

Lu Huaiyu looked over at her and kissed her hand. Shen Li felt her hand tingle and withdrew it with a smile.

As he looked at her, a thought seemed to come to his mind. He smiled and said, “Miss Shen, I believe I must have liked you very much in my previous life too.”