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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 865 - Offending  

Chapter 865: Offending

Pan Jiajia had attempted to commit suicide in the bathroom of her hotel room.

The hotel said that their staff had accidentally discovered her when they went in to clean up.

That sounded reasonable.


The media had come too quickly.

During the day, the situation had been so chaotic that Yu Yu had not had the time to think about it.

Now that she thought about it carefully, she realized that there seemed to be something wrong everywhere.

As soon as the incident had happened at the hotel, the reporters had reacted so quickly, almost arriving at the same time as the ambulance.

That was also why they had managed to take the photo of Pan Jiajia as she was being sent to the hospital.

Both she and her team had been so close to the hotel, yet they had only found out about this news through Weibo.


By the time they could react, they had almost no room to argue. All they could do was passively watch the matter get bigger and bigger.

No matter which way she thought about it, something about it was not right.

There had only been a few people who had known about Pan Jiajia’s situation, and they had all been at the show.

Yu Yu thought of the glimpse that she had of Shen Li’s back that she had accidentally seen that afternoon.

At that time, she had thought that Shen Li had not heard anything and had secretly rejoiced.

However, judging from the current situation, it was most likely that Shen Li had been the one who had added fuel to the fire!

The assistant did not know why Yu Yu had suddenly mentioned Shen Li, and she was gritting her teeth in such a manner. For a moment, he was worried.

Yu Yu was really in big trouble this time.

He hesitated for a moment and said softly, “President Yu, Old Master said to give him a call when you’re done here.”

Yu Yu frowned.

“Grandfather called? When?”

“This afternoon. At that time, you were busy at the hospital. Grandfather was afraid of disturbing you, so he didn’t ask for his call to be transferred to you.”

Yu Yu laughed coldly in her heart.

How nice that sounded.

Wasn’t the reason why Grandfather Yu had called because of Yu Cheng?

He knew his eldest grandson very well. After looking at the picture in the news, he would definitely be able to guess that this was a disaster that had been caused by Yu Cheng.

This phone call had been to remind her to handle this matter properly and not involve Yu Cheng in the slightest.

As for YU and whatever predicament she was facing, Old Master Yu did not care at all.

Yu Yu closed her eyes to hide the disgust in her eyes.

“Got it.”


Twenty minutes later, Yu Yu returned to the hotel.

The moment she entered, she saw Yu Cheng sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Yu Yu quickly adjusted her expression and called out to him.

“Brother, why are you here?”

Yu Cheng lowered his head to look at his phone. When he heard the sound of her voice, he raised his head and frowned.

“What’s wrong with that woman?”

Yu Yu wanted to laugh.

It was really ironic that these words had come from the mouth of the culprit.

However, she restrained her emotions very well and only shook her head.

“She was probably not thinking clearly for the moment. Luckily, she was saved…”

Yu Cheng sneered.

“She caused so much trouble. It would have been better if she had just died cleanly.”

Yu Yu’s chest tightened and she lowered her eyes slightly. She did not want to look at his face as she spoke.

“Brother, it’s actually a good thing that she didn’t die. At least we still have a chance to turn the tables. If she had died, we wouldn’t be able to explain the situation clearly.”

Yu Cheng’s frown deepened.

“What do you mean? She’s still alive, she can expose this matter at any time!”

He had not been worried at first, but now he realized that this matter was too big, and it would not be that easy to suppress it.

Wouldn’t he be dragged into the matter as well?

Yu Yu took a deep breath.

“Pan Jiajia is still unconscious. When she wakes up, the media will definitely investigate and ask her what happened. I’ve already gotten someone to hack into the hotel’s surveillance cameras that day. The relevant personnel have also sealed their mouths and will not be able to trace it back to you. As long as Pan Jiajia wakes up and takes the blame for the situation, everything will be fine.”

Yu Cheng understood what she meant and the expression on his face became much better.

Yu Yu walked to the side.

“Brother, I’ll give Grandfather a call.”

At this time, it was already late at night in China. However, this matter was related to Yu Cheng so she knew that she had to make this call as soon as possible.

The person on the other end quickly picked up. It was the Yu family’s butler.

After that, the call was indeed quickly transferred to Old Master Yu.

“Yu Yu.”

An old and hoarse voice sounded, with a stern and cold tone.

Yu Yu said respectfully, “Grandfather.”

Old Master Yu’s first sentence was to scold her.

“Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused your cousin this time?!”

What Old Master Yu meant was that if she had not insisted on inviting Yu Cheng to the Bai City Fashion Week, this series of troubles would not have happened.

He did not blame Yu Cheng for behaving badly. All he felt was that it had happened all because of Yu Yu.

Moreover, this matter had happened overseas. The Yu family could not do anything about it over there.

If it had been in China, the matter would have been much easier to deal with.

In the end, it was still Yu Yu’s fault.

Yu Yu felt guilty and admitted her mistake.

After Old Master Yu reprimanded her, he asked her to settle this matter as soon as possible. No matter what, she could not let Yu Cheng and the Yu family’s reputation be tarnished.

As for YU?

Old Master Yu did not care at all.

Naturally, Yu Yu agreed to everything.

The call lasted for a full ten minutes and was extremely torturous.

Only when she finally hung up did Yu Yu heave a sigh of relief.

She turned around and saw that Yu Cheng was lounging on the sofa, seemingly immersed in playing a game.

He was behaving as if he had nothing to do with this disaster that had been caused by him.

“Are you done?”

He asked casually.

Yu Yu nodded.

Yu Cheng looked at the time and stood up.

“Alright, I’ll be going back first.”

Yu Yu suddenly asked,”Brother, have you ever offended Shen Li before?”

“Offended? Not really.”

After taking a shower, Shen Li dried her hair with one hand as she held her phone with the other. The tone of her voice was indifferent as she spoke.

“I just happened to hear her subordinate tell her that a model was not feeling well and might need medical treatment, but she had rejected it. That person’s tone at that time had sounded quite anxious to me. I was worried that something bad had really happened, so I tried to help her out a little.”

Null clicked his tongue.

“This wasn’t a small favor, is it?”

Shen Li smiled faintly.

“The girl survived. Is that not a good thing?”

Yes, Pan Jiajia’s life had been saved, but Yu Yu and her company were now in trouble.

Null put out his cigarette.

“As long as you know what you’re doing, I won’t be concerned with you. I’m hanging up.”

Just as Shen Li put down her phone, the doorbell rang.

She got up and went to open the door.

“Second Brother?”

She had just taken a shower and was wearing a loose cotton nightgown which revealed her slender and fair thighs.

Her fair and delicate cheeks were slightly pink, her hair was damp, and her pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to still be misty.

Her gaze, as she looked over at him, was clear and clean. Her eyes showed her surprise, and she was completely unguarded.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes darkened. He took a step forward and pushed her back into the room. He closed the door behind him before taking the towel from her hand.

“Why did you come out again without drying your hair properly?”

Shen Li said, “I just received a call.”

Lu Huaiyu pulled her into the room.

“Come here, I’ll help you dry it.”

Shen Li obediently let him hold her hand and sat down beside him.

Lu Huaiyu helped her dry her hair bit by bit. His slender and well-defined fingers passed through her hair.

“Ah Li, your hair grows so quickly.”

Shen Li’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

That day, it seemed that he had asked her something similar.