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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 864 - Was She Still Going to Be the Scapegoat?   

Chapter 864: Was She Still Going to Be the Scapegoat?


What should she say?

What was there to say?

Yu Yu’s face turned pale.

The surrounding staff quickly rushed forward to protect her. The reporter was still some distance away from her, but the words he had raised his voice to ask as he rushed over had already been heard by numerous people!

Someone in the audience stood up and looked over. All the models were confused and did not know what to do.

More and more media outlets rushed over until the entire venue was now in total chaos.

They did not give Yu Yu any time to react.

Yu Yu stood in the middle, surrounded by a whole host of cameras.

All sorts of pointed questions were thrown at her.

“Miss Yu, when Pan Jiajia was sent to the hospital, there were obvious injuries on her body. Some people suspect that she was a victim of abuse. Do you know anything about this?”


“It’s said that she was originally going to appear on stage at this showcase, but she was replaced at the last minute. You should know all of this, right? Then, were you also aware of what she went through previously?”

“A model under your company has attempted to commit suicide and is in imminent danger. Yet, until now, YU still has not taken any measures. May I ask, in Miss Yu’s opinion, is a human life not as important as your showcase?”

Yu Cheng, who was sitting amongst the audience, sensed that something was wrong with the situation and his expression changed.

That woman actually committed suicide?!

He stood up and looked at Yu Yu, only to realize that Yu Yu was also looking at him.

Yu Cheng frowned.

Yu Yu withdrew her gaze and bit her lip as if she had only just found out about what had happened. She put on a shocked and sad expression on her face.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t know about this matter. However, please believe me. YU definitely does not bully any of their talents. There may be some misunderstanding about this matter today. I’ll be going to the hospital first and conducting an immediate investigation. I’ll definitely give the public an explanation.”

With that, she bowed 90 degrees towards the camera.

Although this was a very official explanation, it did not implicate Yu Cheng in any way.

Yu Cheng’s heart relaxed slightly, but at the thought of all the trouble he would have to deal with after this, he became frustrated again.

He impatiently kicked the chair and turned around to leave.

Yu Yu felt stifled a feeling in her chest and forced herself to take a breath.

YU’s showcase had ended up being interrupted.

After all the noise and chaos, only a mess had been left in its wake.

No one would have thought that this highly anticipated show would end in such a messy manner.

When the media rushed over, they had switched on the live broadcast simultaneously. As a result, Yu Yu’s series of reactions were clearly recorded by the cameras.

From the moment she had stood behind the crowd looking livid, to the moment she adjusted her expression and announced that the press conference had been suspended, then apologizing and agreeing to give a full explanation, to the moment when she was escorted by a few security personnel and staff members until she hurriedly got into the car and left in a sorry state.

The entire process had been witnessed by countless people.

In the coffee shop.

Shen Li was sitting under a sunshade while holding a cup of coffee in one hand, and casually leaning against a rattan chair.

The view from here was very good. One could see that the ambulance for Pan Jiajia had arrived quite quickly, and one could also see that the speed at which the media had rushed to the venue of YU’s show had also been very fast.

Many people in the coffee shop had heard the commotion and had already headed over there.

After all, this matter had already blown up.

Yu Cheng was the first to step out. However, not many reporters were following him around.

It was obvious that he was not in a good mood. He smoked a cigarette by the roadside and kicked a car parked beside him before leaving.

A few minutes later, Yu Yu came out while surrounded by a crowd of people. The flashlights were flashing non-stop.

With great difficulty, she got into the car and left. No matter which way one looked at it, she seemed to be fleeing in fear.

However, even so, the media continued to chase her. It seemed that they were planning to chase her all the way to the hospital.

Before this, there had never been a case of a model committing suicide during a fashion week.

When this news had been exposed today, it had been like a clap of thunder.

This had been especially clear when she had been carried into the ambulance that this was not a simple suicide.

Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that there was definitely an inside story and that it very likely involved YU and some sort of subterfuge.

There seemed to be many sensitive and explosive points involved, so it was natural that the media would not let this matter so easily.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up slightly, but her eyes were ice-cold.

This time, the trouble had been caused by Yu Cheng.

However, Yu Yu had always taken care of this cousin of hers, so it was likely that she would use all her means to protect him.

However, she did not know if she would still be willing to take the blame for this cousin after her meticulously prepared showcase had been destroyed, along with the brand that she had founded and herself?

This time, the mess was not that easy to clean up.

Shen Li put down the cup, got up, and left.

On the second day of the Bai City Fashion Week, a shocking scandal had come to light.

A young model working under YU had been sexually abused on the eve of the showcase and had attempted to commit suicide in despair.

The medical staff had arrived in time and she had been rescued. However, due to her serious injuries previously, she had been sent to the ICU after coming out of the operating theater. The overall situation was still not very optimistic.

The nature of this matter was very bad. Yu Yu and YU were instantly pushed to the forefront of the storm.

After all, she was their contracted model. It was not believable to say that this matter had nothing to do with them.

In an instant, countless speculations arose and YU’s reputation plummeted.

As the founder of YU, Yu Yu became the target of countless people’s questions.

By the time Yu Yu came out of the hospital, it was already night and the sky had already gone dark.

However, a large number of the members of the media were still outside.

It was obvious that they were waiting for Yu Yu to come out and give her promised “explanation”.

When Yu Yu’s figure appeared within view of their cameras, the people who had been waiting a long time immediately rushed over.

However, Yu Yu was prepared this time and only said two simple things.

One was that Pan Jiajia was already out of danger, but due to many considerations, she would continue to be under observation in the hospital for a period of time.

The other was that the BaI City police had already intervened in the investigation. Before the official results were out, she and YU would not be making any further responses to this matter. She implored everyone to be patient and wait for the final verdict.

After saying this, she quickly got into her car and left.

However, this was clearly not the answer that the media had wanted.

It was obvious that this would not appease the public.

What they wanted was the truth!

Yu Yu sat at the back of the car and saw the cars chasing after her from the rearview mirror. The anger and resentment in her heart could not be suppressed.

Yu Cheng had caused her so much trouble, yet he was not affected at all!

However, she could not say anything!

Being his cousin, once those people suspected Yu Cheng, she would definitely be involved.

So, the only thing she could do was to think of a way to ensure that Yu Cheng and YU were clear of this matter.

She pressed between her eyebrows.

“What’s the public opinion on the Internet like?”

The assistant sitting in the passenger seat spoke very carefully.

“It’s… It’s still the same as before…”

Everyone continued to question YU.

Yu Yu’s face darkened.

The assistant continued.

“But President Yu, it’s a good thing that the ambulance came quickly. Otherwise, if something had really happened to Pan Jiajia, then–”

Yu Yu suddenly raised her head.

“Why did the ambulance come so quickly? How was her suicide discovered?”

The assistant was stunned. “What?”

Yu Yu’s brows gradually knitted together. Only after a long while, a name escaped from between her teeth.

“Shen Li.”