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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 863 - Didn’t Have Anything to Say  

Chapter 863: Didn’t Have Anything to Say

Yu Yu’s heart sank when she saw this sentence!

One of YU’s models had tried to commit suicide?! What was going on?!

At the same time, several staff members next to her also realized that something was wrong. Their expressions changed when they saw those shocking words.

The staff member who had initially informed Yu Yu that the number of viewers in the live broadcast room had increased had gone pale.

“President… President Yu, this… this bullet screen…”

Yu Yu’s heart was beating rapidly. An intense unease surged into her heart and she could not help but start to panic.

She forced herself to remain calm and said coldly, “Go and investigate! What is going on?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Also, block the relevant subtitles immediately!”

“President Yu, there are… There are too many!”


The staff member’s voice was filled with panic.

Yu Yu focused her eyes on the phone screen. Indeed, in less than a minute, the entire screen filled up with bullet screens.

[Someone has already died, yet these people are still laughing so happily here? ]

[ I really didn’t expect that YU would do such a thing. This is too disappointing! ]

[ Everyone, calm down. The model’s suicide might not have anything to do with YU. Let’s wait for the truth to come out before we judge what’s true or false, right? ]

[ Stop trying to clear their name! The news pictures have all been released! When the model was carried from the hotel into the ambulance by the medical staff, her legs and arms were covered in bruises! She clearly went through some kind of inhuman abuse before she committed suicide! It was said that she was supposed to appear on the stage at YU’s showcase today. However, now that she has committed suicide, YU’s showcase is still going on as usual. How dare you say that YU has no knowledge about this?! ]

The more Yu Yu saw all these, the more frightened she became.

“President Yu!”

A staff member beside her handed her phone over in fear, his voice trembling as he said, “You, you should take a look at this…”

Yu Yu already had a vague guess about what was going on and stiffly took the phone.

It was a Weibo post.

[ Fashion XI: Latest news! YU’s contracted model, Pan Jiajia, is suspected of having committed suicide in one of the hotels used during Bai City Fashion Week! She has been rushed to the hospital! ]

Two pictures were attached below.

One was outside a hotel, showing several paramedics carrying a person on a stretcher to an ambulance.

It was a very clear picture so it could be seen that the person on the stretcher was a young woman.

She seemed to be unconscious. Her head was tilted to one side, and her hair covered half of her face. Her exposed arms and thighs had obvious bruises, and her clothes were stained with blood. The whole sight was bloody and gruesome.

The second photo was an artistic photo of a girl. Her looks were not the type that appeared to be very stunning at first glance, but were very distinctive. She had a very good figure, and she was considered to be very elegant and very pleasing to the eye.

Pan Jiajia was a newcomer so she was not very famous yet. However, the suicide of an artiste was a highly sensitive topic, not to mention, that it also involved YU. Furthermore, it had also happened during the Bai City Fashion Week.

Because Shen Li’s showcase yesterday had been so stunning, many people who previously had no interest in the Bai City Fashion Week were now paying attention to it.

Therefore, it was now that the public’s attention was focused on the Bai City Fashion Week, and the heat was at its highest.

Naturally, now that such a thing had suddenly happened to YU, it immediately caused a stir amongst the public.

[ I don’t know you, but I pray for peace [ close your palm ][ close your palm ][ close your palm ][ close your palm ]. ]

[ Pan Jiajia? She’s the one who won the national model competition last year! She’s a very promising new up-and-coming model, I really like her style! This would have been her first time appearing at the Bai City Fashion Week, why would she suddenly try to commit suicide? ]

[ It looks like she’s only 20 years old? ]

[ Judging by the bruises on her body, it looks like she was abused… Her suicide attempt is so terrifying! ]

[ This is YU’s in-house model. However, I just saw that their showcase is still going on normally! Don’t they know that their model committed suicide? ]

[ They might not know about Pan Jiajia’s suicide, but surely they knew about the injuries on her body… ]

This Weibo Post had been posted ten minutes ago.

Within a short period of time, many entertainment marketing accounts had rushed over, and the number of retweets and comments had increased at an alarming rate.

She clicked on the hot searches list and found that the hashtag # Pan Jiajia’s suicide # was already in sixth place.

She finally understood why so many people had suddenly flooded into the live broadcast room.

“President Yu, what should we do now?”

After finding out what had happened, the whole group was dumbfounded.

No one had expected such an incident to suddenly occur during such a good showcase!

Yu Yu took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

“First, shut down the bullet screen in the live broadcast room immediately! Second, contact the person-in-charge on Weibo and remove the trending topics as soon as possible. Also, delete or block all relevant Weibo posts and suppress the news before the matter becomes even more serious! Thirdly, find out which hospital Pan Jiajia was sent to and check on her situation. Also, reject all media interviews.”

Actually, Yu Yu’s reaction was quite fast. She was able to think of these measures in such a short time.

But the point was that the news of Pan Jiajia’s suicide had already spread.

Once the bullet screens in the live broadcast room had been shut down, it made YU look even more guilty.

This caused those who initially thought that this matter might not have anything to do with YU to switch sides. They were certain that Pan Jiajia’s suicide was definitely related to YU.

Countless people flocked to the relevant Weibo posts to express their doubts and anger. There were also many who went to the previous Weibo posts of YU’s official Weibo to denounce them.

Other than Weibo, the other major media platforms also quickly followed.

Yu Yu quickly realized that this news could not be suppressed.

Moreover, the more forcefully they blocked the news, the more intense the backlash they received from the netizens.

This was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that many of the guests at the show had also found out about this!

Yu Yu raised her head and took a quick glance. She saw that many people had lowered their heads to look at their phones. Some people were also whispering something to each other, either with shocked or horrified expressions on their faces.

The atmosphere in the entire show venue quickly became agitated.

Some people began to look in Yu Yu’s direction.

She was YU’s designer and founder. Naturally, she would have to take full responsibility for this matter.

Yu Yu felt as if there was a spotlight on her back.

At this moment, it seemed that only the models who were walking on the runway were the ones who did not know what had happened.

However, the reactions of the surrounding guests could not be faked.

The models quickly realized that something must have happened.

The background music continued to play as the models were still walking on stage, but no one was paying attention to them.

Everyone’s attention had shifted to the area where Yu Yu and the entire YU design team were.

The atmosphere was so strange that it had a huge impact on the models.

At a certain moment, a model walked to the corner of the v-shaped stage and accidentally fell.

The entire show’s rhythm was completely disrupted.

Just then, there was a sudden commotion not far away.

Subconsciously, Yu Yu looked over and saw a large group of reporters with their cameras coming over!

She panicked.


However, there were too many people and since they were outdoors, there was no way to stop them.

A reporter rushed over and raised his microphone.

“Miss Yu! One of the models contracted to your company has just attempted to commit suicide in a hotel just a street away from here. Don’t you have anything to say?”