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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 862 - A Gift  

Chapter 862: A Gift

It was probably because Yu Yu’s tone was too harsh that the woman did not dare to say anything more.

Although she was worried about Xiao Pan, they were only colleagues, so there was no need for her to offend Yu Yu for her sake.

Shen Li narrowed her eyes.

Although the conversation between the two people had been rather vague, it was not difficult to guess that what was going on was related to Yu Cheng.

She suddenly remembered something.

In her past life, it was during this particular Bai City Fashion Week that YU’s fashion show had been successfully held. It was also because of this that she had been able to successfully become a member of the Bai City Fashion Association.

However, three months later, a young model under YU had suddenly committed suicide and died.

She had left behind a suicide note, which had revealed the tragic experience of having been a victim of subterfuge several times during the six months that she had been working for YU.

She had thought that she would finally have the chance to go on stage at the Bai City Fashion Week. However, on the eve of the show, she had been sexually abused by Yu Cheng and suffered great physical and mental damage.

She had been unable to go on the runway, and she had missed out on her dream.


What had made it even more painful for her was that Yu Cheng had left irreparable scars on her body.

To a model, that was undoubtedly fatal.

She had been so devastated that she had attempted to commit suicide in a hotel on the day of the fashion show. However, she had failed to die and had been rescued.

It was at that time that YU’s fashion show had been held. Once the news had spread, the consequences had been obvious.

Hence, Yu Yu and Yu Cheng had used all means to suppress the news.

The model was just a humble and ordinary 20-year-old girl. How could she be a match for the Yu siblings?

The scandal had been buried just like that and because she had made such an extreme choice, she was regarded as a dangerous person by the Yu siblings. From then on, she had been targeted, supervised, and controlled by the Yu siblings.

Three months later, the model finally committed suicide in despair and left the suicide note as her final revenge on them.

When that suicide note was first made public, it had indeed caused a huge storm of public opinion.

Countless netizens criticized the Yu siblings, wanting to seek justice for the model.

However, the Yu family was still the Yu family after all.

They claimed that the suicide note was forged and forcefully suppressed public opinion. In the end, no news related to it could be found on the Internet.

Not many people could distinguish the truth from what was false. As time passed, this matter had gradually been forgotten by the public.

The Yu family was not harmed in the slightest.

As for the young life that had passed away, no one had mentioned it anymore. It was as if the girl had never existed in this world.

It was even more lowly than grass.

Today was that day.

Yu Yu looked at her watch.

“Alright, the press conference is about to start. Go and check all the preparations again. Make sure everything is flawless.”

“Yes, President Yu.”

After Yu Yu said that, she turned around and prepared to return to the show.

However, just as she turned the corner, she saw a familiar figure not far away.

Even if it was just a silhouette, she could recognize it at a glance. It was Shen Li.

Yu Yu’s heart skipped a beat. She did not know if Shen Li had heard what she had just said.

She stared at Shen Li, but Shen Li did not seem to notice. She went to a cafe by the roadside, sat down on the rattan chair, and ordered a cup of coffee.

Several people around her seemed to recognize her. They could not hide their excitement and took the initiative to chat with her.

Shen Li began to chat with them, looking rather relaxed and at ease.

Yu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

Shen Li had probably not heard anything.

However, when she saw how enthusiastic those people were towards her, Yu Yu could not help but feel dissatisfied and jealous.

Shen Li was already quite famous in Bai City. After the “Embrace of a Star” show yesterday, she had become even more famous.

As she walked along the streets, she would hear her name from time to time.

Everyone was talking about her and praising her.

Yu Yu had already been to the Bai City Fashion Week a few times, but she had never received such treatment before.

She did not even dare to think about it.

However, to Shen Li, all of this was within her reach.

“President Yu? President Yu?”

The woman following behind her could not help but call out when she saw that Yu Yu was staring in a certain direction.

Yu Yu withdrew her gaze.

“Let’s go.”

Shen Li sat in the cafe.

A few of the more enthusiastic fans came up and chatted with her for a while. They were afraid that they would disturb her, so they quickly went back to their respective tables.

She was alone, drinking coffee as she played with her phone.

This situation made it an unsuitable time for her to go to Shen Zhijin’s residence in Bai City.

She thought about it and decided that since Shen Zhijin would be coming over the next day, it would be better to go with him.

She had drunk half of her coffee before she looked up at a building on the right.

That should be the hotel that the team from YU was staying at.

Since their show was in Durman Garden, they had chosen a hotel that was nearby.

It was only a 15-minute walk from the hotel to Durman Garden.

Shen Li looked to the left, where she could see the entrance to Durman Garden.

She could vaguely see that there seemed to be quite a lot of activity over there. YU had to be busy preparing for the show.

Shen Li rested her chin on her hand.

Well, this was quite a good position.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, YU’s show was to be officially held in Durman Garden.

The scenery in Durman Garden was very beautiful. In addition, Yu Yu’s theme this time was the autumn forest, so they had decided to hold it outdoors.

The entire stage was V-shaped, and both sides of the stage were filled with seats, making it look very lively.

At three o’clock sharp, the live broadcast officially began.

Yu Yu looked at her phone and realized that only 170,000 people were watching.

This had only been possible after spending a large amount of money on promotional fees and doing a lot of publicity.

Compared to Shen Li’s grand opening with a million viewers, this was really shabby.

Yu Yu frowned and said to the staff member beside her,”The number of viewers is too little.”

The staff member was also helpless.

After all, this was not something they could control!

The music started and the opening model appeared.

Yu Yu looked over and realized that the audience’s reaction was also rather calm.

She became even more anxious.

This was the opening. If this was not effective, then this show would probably–

“President Yu! The number of viewers in the live broadcast room is starting to rise!”

The staff members suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Yu Yu looked down and realized that in just a minute, the number of viewers had already exceeded 250,000.

She was delighted, but before she could even smile, she realized that something was wrong.

A bullet screen flashed past.

[ One of YU’s own models has committed suicide, yet they are still holding a show here? YU! Are you really that bloodthirsty?! ]