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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 861 - I Want a Veto  

Chapter 861: I Want a Veto

Shen Li’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“What did you say?”

George spread his hands helplessly.

“I personally handed that application form to Mr. Ronai at noon. It’s only been a few hours since then. What would Mr. Ronai think if I were to ask for it back? More importantly, after he received the form, he forwarded it to the association. The membership selection process this time is very strict. No one is allowed to interfere in the middle of the process. This is also to ensure the fairness of the audit to the greatest extent.

“Your name should have already entered the audit list by now. Even I can’t withdraw it, so…”

So, she would definitely be participating in the membership selection this time.

Shen Li did not speak for a while.

In fact, after hearing the news from Liang Su, she had already known that this matter had basically been settled.

She had called George only because she had been holding on to the last glimmer of hope.

The result was as expected.


George really did not understand why she had such an attitude towards this matter.

“Dear, do you know how many people have applied to be a member this time? Everyone is fighting over it. You might be the only designer who has no interest in this position.”

George could not understand what was going on.

She clearly had such amazing talent.

Although the Bai City Fashion Week had only just begun, he was certain that none of the subsequent 100 shows could be compared to her “Embrace of a Star”.

There was no one else more suitable than her.

Yet, she did not want it?

He clicked his tongue lightly.

“I wanted to give you a surprise.”

A surprise?

It was more like a shock.

Now that things had come to this, Shen Li could not be bothered to continue to debate this with him.

“I seem to remember that the final decision on the selection and evaluation of this membership position is in the hands of the other twelve members. I believe there’s one from G&S as well?”

George nodded.

“Yes, it’s my father. Why is that?”

Shen Li said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that you caused this mess, so you have to be responsible for solving it. I hope to get veto votes from Mr. Compton and Mr. Ronai.”

George was stunned.

He took a deep breath and took a moment to calm himself down. There was still a hint of incomprehension in his voice.

“Ning, you’re more unpredictable than any woman I’ve ever met.”

Shen Li said,”Then it’s settled.”

According to George, hundreds of applications had been submitted to the association this time. Almost all of the top designers had gathered here.

Shen Li was not sure if she would be chosen. After all, the competition was still very fierce.

However, if she could get the veto votes from these two, she would feel more secure.

Especially since Ronai was the president and had two votes in his hands.

Without waiting for George to reply, Shen Li simply hung up the phone after saying that.

The next morning, Shen Li attended two fashion shows. Both were super-A-list luxury brands that were comparable to G&S.

Since she had a partnership agreement with G&S and was not actually a part of the G&S Group, many brands were interested in signing with her.

Because of this, she received an extremely large number of invitations to the fashion shows during the Bai City Fashion Week.

However, she had only picked a small number of them.

This time, she had more important things to do in Bai City.

The two fashion shows would also be broadcast live online.

Shen Li’s show yesterday had been amazing. Even though a day had already passed, the buzz around her and “Embrace of a Star” was still very hot.

The directors of the broadcasts clearly understood this and deliberately gave her a few close-up shots.

As expected, this caused quite a stir in the live stream room.

Moreover, because she had appeared in two fashion shows in a row, many media outlets began to speculate that she would most likely sign with other brands after her contract with G&S ended.

For example, the two brands that had successfully invited her might be the ones she that would consider.

Which other brands whose fashion shows she would attend after that also became the focus of many people’s attention.

In short, after the two shows in the morning, there were almost more news reports about Shen Li than about the brands themselves.

In fact, Shen Li herself had not expected this. By the time she had seen it, the speculations as to which brands she would sign with next had already been made around the world.

Almost all of the super-A-list brands had been listed. Of course, there were also some people who thought that she would renew her contract with G&S or create her own brand.

Shen Li had a headache reading all this, so she simply ignored it.

After the two fashion shows ended, Shen Li went to a restaurant near Durman Garden to have lunch.

As she passed by a corner of an alley, she suddenly heard a voice that seemed to be full of suppressed anger.

“The showcase will be starting in two hours, and now you’re telling me that the model can’t go on stage? Do you know what you’re saying?!”

Shen Li stopped in her tracks and looked over.

It was Yu Yu’s voice.

It was rare to hear her voice like this, so it was obvious that she was really anxious.

Another distressed and nervous female voice could then be heard.

“President Yu, Xiao Pan really can’t go on stage! You… you didn’t see those marks on her body. The marks are too dark, there’s no way to cover them up. She can’t possibly go on stage!”

Yu Yu’s loud voice suddenly stopped and she secretly gritted her teeth.

She had not expected this to be the reason…

Yesterday, when Yu Cheng had come over, he had first gone to the bar to drink. After returning to the hotel at night, he had called Xiao Pan over in the middle of the night.

Yu Yu had actually known about this, but she had not expected Yu Cheng to be so rough with Xiao Pan even though he knew that Xiao Pan would be going on stage today!

The situation was a mess.

She could not look for trouble with Yu Cheng, so the only thing she could do was endure it.

She said impatiently, “Forget it, just let Xiao Pan rest first. Then, pick a reserve model from the team to take over.”

The female voice hesitated.

“But it’s too late for any more rehearsals. The model won’t be familiar with the venue, and she might not be able to master the entire show. What if…”

“Do you have a better idea now?”

The woman choked.

“Okay, President Yu, I understand.”

She hesitated for a moment before continuing.

“President Yu, Xiao Pan’s condition might not be very good. Why don’t we send her to the hospital first…”

Yu Yu impatiently interrupted her.

“If one of YU’s models is sent to the hospital before she has even appeared on stage. Do you know how many media outlets will be watching us? If this news is leaked, do you think YU’s show will still be able to go on?”