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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 87 - Going Back To The Capital

Chapter 87: Going Back To The Capital

The boy gasped in shock before he slapped himself.

“Busybody! Why must you ask that question?!”

The boy had been in the same class with Ning Li for quite some time now, and he should have expected it. Why would he ask her just to be insulted by the answer?!

Ning Li walked out of the classroom with her bag.

The thrill of luck and the tiny bit of joy disappeared as Ye Ci watched Ning Li walk away. She thought she had done okay, but compared to Ning Li…

She then got up and chased after her.

“Sister Ning Li, this coming Wednesday is Mom’s birthday. Have you thought of what present to give her?”

Ning Li was walking down the stairs when she heard Ye Ci call her. She paused for a moment before she continued walking.


She refused to remember this particular day.

However, Ye Ci did not sense anything strange from Ning Li, so she added with a smile, “Well, what we usually do is hold a grand birthday dinner for Mom every year on her birthday. It will be lively then. Even our aunts and uncles will be there.”

Jinshen Hotel was a five-star hotel chain managed by the Ye family’s business.

Ning Li barely responded while there was even a hint of frustration between her brows. She seemed uninterested in the event.

“I always paint a painting for Mom on her birthday. I’m not sure about Lil Cheng, but Mom loved them anyway.” Ye Ci carefully sized up Ning Li’s reaction. “If you can celebrate her birthday with her this year, she will be delighted.”

“Is that so?” Ning Li was as cold as ever.

Ye Ci’s eyes sparkled. Her lips curved into a warm smile and she said, “I’m sure she will!”

The two of them were already at the school exit where Zhou Hua’s car was parked around the corner.

The black Cayenne was both subtle and eye-catching at the same time.

“It’s great if she really feels that way.”

When she got back to her room, Ning Li took her things out. When she saw the book about astrophysics, she sent a message to Lu Huaiyu.

[Second Brother, Mr. Zhou told me to return the astrophysics book to you directly. When are you free? I’ll deliver the book to you.]

Lu Huaiyu did not reply immediately, seemingly busy with his matters.

Nevertheless, Ning Li was not overly concerned and simply put her phone aside.

Ever since Lu Huaiyu found out about her outstanding results, he had stopped urging her to complete the extra exercise books he had bought for her.

Right now though, Ning Li selected a few and started doing.

Two hours later, after she came out from the bath, she finally saw Lu Huaiyu’s message.

[I’m away from Yunzhou for two days. Keep the book, for now. You can give it back to me later. I also have some extra collections at my place. If you want to have a look when you have the time, go to my place and you can choose for yourself.]

Lu Huaiyu was not in Yunzhou?

Ning Li wiped her hands and sat on her bed to type.

[Okay. Thank you, Second Brother.]

At the capital airport.

“Second Master, you are finally back! How are you feeling after the flight?”

Fang Qingyun took Lu Huaiyu’s luggage and put it into the trunk of the car.

Lu Huaiyu nodded and then got in while Fang Qingyun got into the driver’s seat and started the car, driving them away from the airport.

“How’s Grandfather doing?”

Fang Qingyun looked into the rear mirror and sighed. “Hmm, he’s not been doing well lately. He’s been bedridden for days now. Dr. Yan said he must take a good rest for some time. You should know that your grandfather has been talking about you lately.”

Lu Huaiyu asked nonchalantly, “Oh? He didn’t talk about my brother?”

“I…You know about your brother’s unusual occupation, so it’s quite difficult for him to come back. We didn’t even inform him about your grandfather’s condition this time.”

Lu Huaiyu softly grinned. “I think Grandfather assumes I have too much free time in Yunzhou.”

“Haha, Second Master, you’ve mistaken your grandfather—”

“Did he go to Fangli Garden today?” Lu Huai asked all of a sudden.

Fang Qingyun said, “No, Fangli Garden is closed today—”

His voice stopped abruptly and the atmosphere in the car fell into an awkward silence.

As Lu Huaiyu leaned back and smiled, Fang Qingyun cleared his throat to break the silence. “I…uh…Second Master, it’s been a while since you came back and your grandfather misses you a lot. Please don’t tell him I told you that!”

Lu Huaiyu simply grunted lazily. “Sure.”

He had received a phone call from home saying that his grandfather was not looking well, so he had gone back in a hurry.

When he asked his brother about what happened but realized that the latter did not get the news, he had a hunch about what was going on. He could have stayed behind, but since his grandfather resolved to this method, it would be best for him to go back for once.

Fang Qingyun sighed a breath of relief. He looked into the rearview mirror and realized that Lu Huaiyu was staring at his phone from time to time, seemingly waiting for something.

“Second Master, are you having some kind of emergency?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his brow, but his eyes were glued to his phone. “No.”

He had to come back on short notice and did not get to inform her. To his surprise, the girl was not even curious and did not even ask where he had gone.

Fang Qingyun did not find his answer convincing at all. It was his first time seeing Lu Huaiyu like this.

A moment later, Lu Huaiyu decided to take the initiative and send her a message.

[I went back to the capital. I’ll be back in a few days.]

Ning Li was already in her bed, preparing to sleep. When she saw Lu Huaiyu’s message, she blinked curiously.

He had never spoken about it before, but since he was originally from the capital, it was not odd for him to go back once in a while.

However, the late-night flight was evidence of something urgent.

Returning the book was not a priority anyway, so she simply sent a short message to him.

[I got it. Do what you need to do.]

Lu Huaiyu read the message a few times. She did not ask why he had gone back to the capital or when he would be back in Yunzhou.

Fang Qingyun had a feeling that the atmosphere in the car felt strange. Lu Huaiyu had been staring at the phone for quite some time now. What exactly was he reading?

After some thought, Lu Huaiyu finally knew what to reply, but before he could type a word, Ning Li sent him a second message.

[I’m going to bed. Goodnight.]

Annoyed, Lu Huaiyu put his phone away.

“Little rascal.”

Fang Qingyun’s radar picked up what his second master said.

Who? Who could the little rascal be?

Having worked for the Lu family for 20 years and practically watching Lu Huaiyu grow up, he had never heard Lu Huaiyu say something in such a tone.

Lu Huaiyu sounded like he was angry but not entirely furious. In fact, he sounded a little…

Fang Qingyun did not know how to describe the feeling. While he was pondering about how to ease the strange atmosphere, he saw Lu Huaiyu pick up the phone and type something seriously.


Ning Li turned her phone off, then she put it beside her bed and closed her eyes.

The car drove all the way to a military district.

The wide avenue extended all the way forward with green trees lined up on both sides.

It was dark. The lights from the street lamps were bright and the shadows cast by the trees looked like they were dancing.

The car finally stopped in front of an independent mansion. When Lu Huaiyu got out, someone came to welcome him.

“Second Master, you are back.”

Lu Huai asked as he walked inside, “Where’s Grandfather?”

“The old master is in the study. Do you want to see him now?”

Lu Huaiyu paused. “It’s late. I don’t want to disturb him, so we’ll talk in the morning.”