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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 860 - Game Theory   

Chapter 860: Game Theory


Shen Li took a bottle of mineral water from the small fridge and looked at Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, would you like something to drink?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and smiled faintly.

“There’s no need.”

He paused for a moment before saying,”You’ve got a call. Aren’t you going to answer it?”

Shen Li closed the cabinet door and unhurriedly took out her phone.

She looked down at the caller ID and answered the call.

“Hello, Aunt?”

It was a call from Liang Su.

Lu Huaiyu leaned against the table. Yi Bin seemed to have heard Shen Li’s voice and tactfully quieted down.


Liang Su’s tone sounded a little strange.

“Ah Li, I happened to meet Mr. Ronai just now, so I passed your message on to him. However, he said that you’ve already submitted the application. What’s going on?”


Shen Li was also stunned.

“I didn’t submit the application to the association. Is there some kind of mistake?”

“It can’t be, right? Mr. Ronai said that after receiving your application, he was very happy for a while. How could they make such a mistake?”

Shen Li frowned slightly when a sudden possibility came to her mind.


Liang Su let out a soft “Ah”.

“That’s possible… On the morning after the show, Mr. Ronai mentioned the matter of the membership while George was there. But if he really handed in the application on your behalf, why didn’t he tell you about it?”

Shen Li was speechless.

She massaged her temples as she felt a headache coming on.

George had always done things as he pleased so perhaps he had really done it.

“I’ll ask him later. Are you still with Mr. Ronai?”

“No, we only talked briefly.”


Shen Li’s original intention had been to ask for Liang Su’s help in explaining the situation to Ronai so that she could withdraw the application. However, it seemed that it would be a little troublesome now.

Besides, it was not a good thing to do anyway.

It would be too disrespectful to submit an application and then withdraw it almost immediately.

It would be better to look for George to clean up this mess.

“Ah Li, do you want me to contact Mr. Ronai?”

Liang Su now understood her thoughts. Although she still secretly felt that it was a pity, she still put her wishes first.

Shen Li said, “There’s no need, Aunt. I’ll look for George later. There’s no need for you to worry about this matter.”

“Okay. If you find yourself facing any trouble later, just come and look for Aunt at any time.”

“Okay, thank you, Aunt.”

Shen Li hung up the phone.

There was still a message from Zhao Xuan on the phone.

[ President Shen, Xia Wei, who is in charge of Lu Corporation’s cinema business is a little difficult to deal with. He has proposed the following two amendments to the contract. Please take a look. ]

Shen Li scrolled down and quickly scanned the two amendments. She tapped her fingertips lightly to send back a reply.

Lu Huaiyu happened to walk to her side.

She held her breath.

Lu Huaiyu raised his hand to take the bottle of water from her. He unscrewed the cap before handing it back to her.

Shen Li put away her phone and accepted the bottle of water.

“Thank you, Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu stared at her for a few seconds before turning his body sideways.

A moment later, Yi Bin’s voice could be heard with a hint of joy in it.

“Second Master, Shengguang is willing to give in.”

They had truly been a tough nut to crack.

Lu Huaiyu laughed and said, “Since they’ve given in, Ask Xia Wei to be a little more polite.”

Yi Bin was stunned.

“Second Master, you mean…”

“This will be our first time working together after all, so we have to show some sincerity.”


Yi Bin looked at his phone suspiciously.

It really was Second Master that he was talking to over the phone, right?

Had he just heard wrongly?

Was Second Master actually willing to take the initiative to make concessions? After so many years, this was something really rare!

This was especially so because Shengguang had also taken the initiative to concede as well…

However, even if he was one of the bravest men in the world, he still would not dare to question Lu Huaiyu’s decision.

He quickly snapped back to his senses and respectfully said,”Yes, Second Master.”

After hanging up the phone, he turned around and walked toward the conference room.

The Lu Corporation and Shengguang Media had met today and negotiated for almost a whole day until their mouths had practically gone dry.

That is, until Shengguang Media had taken the initiative to compromise.

A smile of victory was already on Xia Wei’s face. Zhao Xuan, who was sitting across from him, also had a smile on his face. He did not look like he was determined to win at all.

He looked very open to the discussion now. Since the person above had spoken, it was natural that he had to comply.

“Mr. Xia.”

Yi Bin walked forward and conveyed Lu Huaiyu’s message by whispering it into his ear.

The smile on Xia Wei’s face froze as he looked at Yi Bin in disbelief.

Yi Bin, on the other hand, had already stepped back as usual.

Xia Wei still found it unbelievable.

Taking the initiative to step back when he had already gained the upper hand was not that person’s style!

Zhao Xuan called out to him as if he could see that his expression was a little strange.

“Mr. Xia?”

Xia Wei immediately returned to reality.

After all, he was an old fox who had been in the business world for many years. In the blink of an eye, he revealed a friendly smile.

“Vice President Zhao, what about the earlier terms of the contract? We can still discuss it.”

Zhao Xuan looked surprised.

Xia Wei chuckled. “After all, this is the first time we will be working together. It’d be best for everyone to compromise so that we can achieve mutual benefits. What do you think?”

Zhao Xuan was silent for a moment. Then, he quickly stretched out his hand and said with a smile, “What Mr. Xia said is right. May we have a happy cooperation.”

“Hehe, that’s good! That’s good!”

Lu Huaiyu casually put his phone aside.

Shen Li took a sip of water which helped her dry throat become much more comfortable.

Lu Huaiyu asked, “Was Mrs. Gu looking for you just now because of the matter regarding the membership in the Bai City Fashion Association?”

Shen Li felt her headache return when she mentioned this.

She said,”I’ll give George a call and ask what’s going on.”

As she spoke, she looked at the time.

“Then, Second Brother, you should rest first. Shall we go for dinner later?”

Lu Huaiyu cupped her face.


As soon as Shen Li returned to her room, she dialed George’s number.

The call was answered very quickly.

“Hi, Ning?”

From the sound of his voice, it seemed like he was in a very good mood.

It was true that the showcase today had been very successful. As the son of the Crown Prince of G&S, as well as the person who was a good judge of talent, and who could be said to have single-handedly discovered Ning, George was naturally very happy and proud.

However, at the moment, Shen Li did not care about these things.

She got straight to the point.

“Did you submit my name to be considered for the membership of the Bai City Fashion Association?”

“Oh? So you already know about it?” George seemed a little surprised as he smiled and said, “I meant to find an opportunity to tell you about it!”

Shen Li kept quiet andclosed her eyes.

“I didn’t personally apply for it. How did you manage to do it for me?”

George smiled.

“Dear, I believe you’ve forgotten that you’re the co-designer for G&S! G&S is allowed to recommend one person, so I submitted your name!”

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched.

No matter how much she had thought about it, she had never even considered this…

She pressed the space between her eyebrows.

“I’m not interested in the membership. Could you please think of a way to withdraw the application?”

A strange silence fell upon George.

After a long while, he said in disbelief, “Ning, do you know what you’re saying?”

Shen Li was expressionless.

“Why? Are your ears not working?”

George shivered silently and forcefully swallowed those questions.

However, there was something that had to be said.

“Even though I don’t know why you’re doing this, but… the application has already been submitted to the association. There’s no way to withdraw it…”