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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 858 - It's So Troublesome    

Chapter 858: It’s So Troublesome

The fans under this Weibo post were arguing non-stop.

After Yu Yu’s fans said that Yu Yu was very likely to become a member of the Bai City Fashion Association, they instantly gained the upper hand.

[ Member? Yu Yu? Really? ]

[ If she were really to be selected, then she could indeed be considered the pride of Chinese designers. One has to know that the Bai Cheng Fashion Association only had a total of 13 members, and they were all lifetime members. Every single one of them has a huge say in the international fashion and luxury brands industry. Before this, no one from China has ever been selected. ]

[ The fact that YU was able to obtain their official recognition is already proof of Yu Yu’s talent! If you’re interested, you can search for the fashion shows that YU has produced previously. The ‘Summer Night’s Fairy Tale’ and ‘Stranded’ collections are both excellent! ]

[ Ning’s designs are very good, but I still feel that YU’s designs are even more appealing to me. ]

[ YU’s showcase will be held tomorrow night. I think it will definitely be very exciting! I’m looking forward to it! ]

Bai City.

In the hotel room, Yu Yu leaned back in her chaise lounge as she casually scrolled through Weibo.

Her eyes were slightly lowered, and she had an unpleasant expression on her face.

When Yu Cheng came in, this was the state that he saw her in.

“What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?”

Yu Cheng casually sat down beside her, his body still reeking of alcohol.

He had just arrived in Bai City and since he did not feel jet-lagged, he had gone to a very famous bar in Bai City first.

He had just returned from having a fun night out.

Yu Yu put down her phone and forced a smile onto her face.

“No, it’s just that YU’s showcase will be held tomorrow so I’m a little nervous.”

“What’s there to be nervous about? Haven’t you always done well in the past?” Yu Cheng leaned back and rested his arms on the back of the sofa, completely unconcerned.

Yu Yu was very capable, something that he did not doubt.

However, these words did not comfort Yu Yu.

It had been great in the past, but how could it be the same now?

Ning’s “star-studded” performance today had simply been too stunning and too difficult to surpass.

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

This was because she knew very well that the designs for YU this time could not be compared with Ning’s!

The launch this time was very important to YU because it was related to whether she could successfully become a member of the Bai City Fashion Association!

The better the response and the comments, the greater her chances of winning.

Therefore, for this show, she had made a lot of preparations in advance.

For the past several months, she had worked hard with the rest of the team. From the theme selection to the dress designs, and even to the selection of the fabric and the matching of accessories, she had put a lot of effort into it.

She did not know how much time and energy she had spent in the process, just so that she could shine at this fashion week and win the membership spot with one blow!

Who would have known that Ning would suddenly appear out of nowhere?

Compared to her show, the designs for YU looked bland and ordinary.

This kind of comparison would be too frightening.

With Ning having gone before her, her presentation tomorrow was surely doomed!

She bit her lip.

“But Ning was too brilliant today. I’m worried…”

Yu Cheng knew what she was worried about.

“Didn’t you ask Craig to help you arrange for a meeting with Ronai previously? He’s the president of the association, so his words will carry the most weight. With him around, what are you worried about?”

Yu Yu smiled bitterly.

“It’s precisely because of this that I’m even more worried. My meeting with Mr. Ronai didn’t go well. I won’t be able to rely on him to speak up for me during the member review. I think it’d be good enough if he could remain objective and neutral at that time.”

Yu Cheng frowned.

“How did this happen?”

His younger sister had always been smart since she was young. Her EQ was very high and she had always been able to rely on her wealth and power.

She should have been well-liked by Ronai. Why did it sound like she had attracted the other party’s annoyance instead?

Yu Yu picked up the cup of black tea on the coffee table.

She did not want to think back to that day, because from the beginning to the end, she had been made to look extremely ridiculous, just like a clown.

“Mr. Ronai didn’t like that approach very much, so asking for Craig’s help backfired. It’s too late to regret it now.”

Only then did Yu Cheng understand.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Actually, this matter isn’t as bad as you think. Before this, the Bai City Fashion Association has never had any Chinese members. However, the potential of the Chinese market is huge now. For the benefit of their own development and other considerations, they will surely choose a Chinese. Apart from you, is there anyone else who is more suitable?”

Yu Yu had invested a lot in YU.

If she could succeed in being selected, the most obvious benefit would be the development of Yu Corporation.

In addition, she was a member of the Yu family. From everyone’s point of view, the relationship between YU and the Yu Corporation was very close.

As a result, all of Yu Corporation’s clothing, luggage, and other related industries would also benefit from it.

This was also why the Yu family had always been very supportive of her founding YU. They had even used their family connections to enlist Craig.

She had done this not just for herself but also for the entire Yu family.

Naturally, Yu Yu knew this very well.

She took a sip of black tea and after a long while, she said, “Brother, you forgot about Ning.”

“A member of the Bai City Fashion Association?”

Shen Li looked at Liang Su in surprise.

Liang Su smiled and nodded.

“Yes. After the Bai City Fashion Week ends, they will make an official decision. This membership position was finally been vacated after such a long time. Many people are eager to make a move, so I’m here to ask you what you think. If you’re interested, you may submit your application to the association now.”

Shen Li tilted her head slightly.

“I didn’t have any thoughts about it.”

This time, it was Liang Su’s turn to be surprised.

“Don’t you want to? Ah Li, you should know very well what this membership status means to a fashion designer.”

It was an absolute affirmation of a designer’s talent and talent. At the same time, once a designer became a member, their position in the entire industry would also be greatly enhanced.

In this industry, who would not want to truly stand at the top of the fashion industry?

The corner of Shen Li’s lips curled up slightly.

“I know.”

Liang Su still felt that it was a pity.

“This opportunity is really rare…”

Shen Li’s talent in this area was obvious to everyone. If she really gave up just like that, it would be a pity for herself and the Bai City Fashion Association.

Shen Li slowly stirred the coffee in front of her/

“Aunt, I understand your thoughts, but I’m really not interested in this.”

Hearing her say this, Liang Su knew that she could not persuade her.

She sighed softly.

Shen Li was actually a very determined person. Basically, she would not change any decision that she had made.

If she could become a member of the Bai City Fashion Association, it would be very beneficial for her personal development. However, if she did not want to, then no one would be able to persuade her otherwise.

“Alright, but I still have one last question.” Liang Su looked at her. “Can you tell me why you don’t want to?”

Shen Li paused for a moment and then looked up.

She sighed and answered honestly.

“Because that membership is for life.

“It will be too troublesome.”