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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 857 - You Must Like It

Chapter 857: You Must Like It

She had dedicated this show to her and her star.

In the study, Shen Zhijing sat quietly.

The afternoon sun shone through the window, casting a bright light on the table and covering his whole body with a layer of light.

Her words continued to echo in his ears over and over again.

The usual cold and indifferent look on his face seemed to be melting away.

He could even hear the sound of his heart beating vigorously in his chest. It sounded especially clear in the quiet study room.

The live broadcast of the “Embrace of the Star” show had ended, but the last image from it lingered in his mind.

The girl had stood in the center of the Sigri Museum Hall, surrounded by stars.

Everyone had stood up and applauded, their countless gazes focused on her.

As she looked directly at the camera, her beautiful peach blossom eyes had been slightly curved and the dimples at the corners of her lips could be seen.

So, it turned out that this show was her gift.

In the picture, there was a high dome, a white jade pillar with three people hugging each other, and a floor tile that could be seen clearly…

It was so familiar.

“Shen Zhijin, there’s a Sigri Museum in Bai City. It’s especially famous. Have you been there before?”


“Huh? What a coincidence! I’ve been there before! I can be your tour guide then!”

“… Thank you, but there’s no need.”

“Eh? Why not? Don’t you like museums? I thought people like you would definitely like places like this!”

“… People like me?”

“Well, people that I like!”


“Are you really not going? I’ve already bought the tickets! If you’re not going, I’ll have to find someone else…”



“Give me the tickets.”

“Ah! So, you are going with me! Okay, okay, this ticket is for you– Eh, no, is this for next week? Oh, this is for next week… I found it! This one is for this week!”

“… Gu Tingyin, how many tickets did you buy?”

“Ahem, one is for me, the rest are all for you. No, there’s no need to be polite!”

Shen Zhijin’s gaze fell upon the red camellias beside the computer.

After a long while, he smiled and said in a soft voice, “These are this week’s camellias, Yin Yin.”

“Tangtang gave it to you, so you must like it very much.”

During the Bai City Fashion Week, G&S together with the designer Ning, had used the “Embrace of a Star” theme for their opening show, and it had been a huge success.

After the live broadcast had ended, it had quickly become a trending topic on Weibo.

# Ning Bai City Fashion Week’s first show #

# Ning with the stars #

# Camellia and star #

Several entries appeared on the list one after another, which quickly climbed to the top.

The live broadcast had broken many records. For the whole hour, the number of viewers had not dropped any less than a million. At the last moment, the main designer, Shen Li, had made an appearance to express her gratitude, and it attracted more than three million people to watch it online.

The front page was full of relevant Weibo posts.

Whether it was screenshots, animations, or video recordings, as long as it was related to the show, the number of comments and likes was very shocking.

Some fashion bloggers had also started to make analysis blog posts using pictures and text, to make side by side comparisons.

[ Shangba: Ning has truly singlehandedly raised the status of Chinese designers in the international fashion industry this time! In addition, it is also of great significance in expanding the competitiveness of the Chinese brands in the market! In short, Ning equals success and wealth! ]

This blogger was a big fashion vlogger with nine million fans, so the moment this Weibo post was posted, it immediately exploded.

The comment section was very lively.

[ Goddess Ning! You have achieved great success! ]

[ After watching the live broadcast, I’m still so excited! The theme design was too awesome! ]

[ The development of the domestic luxury industry is very late. It could even be said to be barren. The competitiveness of brands can’t be compared to those ancient luxury brands overseas. Ning has really done us proud this time! ]

[ I’d like to declare that Ning is the number one fashion designer in China. I don’t think anyone would object, right? ]

However, not all the comments were harmonious.

[ Is the blogger being biased in her estimation of her? Ning is a pretty good designer, but there’s no need to say that she’s the number one designer in China. Don’t forget, YU s the first and so far, the only high-ranking brand from China that has ever been officially recognized by the Bai City Fashion Association so far. If you really want to talk about it, its designer, Yu Yu, would have been the first Chinese designer to be recognized internationally, right? ]

YU was a brand that had been developed over the past few years. They relied on this “first” and “one and only” official recognition as gimmicks to create a lot of publicity and also attract a group of fans.

At this moment, everyone was talking about how Ning was doing. It was as if they had completely forgotten about Yu Yu and YU. Naturally, fans of YU were unhappy.

[ Just because Ning has just had a successful show, does she have to erase the glory and radiance of others? ]

The two comments were so noisy below that they were pushed to the top.

The blogger replied to the second comment.

[ Excuse me? Can’t Ning be praised after having done such a good job? Besides, people do not deliberately erase the light of others, right? How can Ning be blamed for being too dazzling? Yu Yu’s brand is quite successful, but her performances at the Bai City Fashion Week as only been average so far. The previous few showcases that she organized only received a mediocre response. The international fashion industry didn’t pay much attention to them. This is clearly a few levels below Ning’s. ]

The blogger received many likes for this reply.

Very quickly, the person who had commented earlier replied again.

[ It’s said that Yu Yu is very likely to be selected as a member of the Bai City Fashion Association this time. The blogger is an insider in the industry. Surely it can’t be that he doesn’t understand what this membership means, right? ]

No matter how successful a show was, it was only a show and its influence was limited.

However, if she became a member of the Bai City Fashion Association, the standard and level would be completely different.

[ Even till now, Ning still doesn’t have her own independent brand. When Yu Yu becomes a member, the difference in their levels will be even more evident, okay? When that time comes, even several Ning’s combined will not be as influential as Yu Yu! ]