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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 855 - Stars   

Chapter 855: Stars


The camera was facing the ball that was at the center of the show.

At this moment, the light in the entire hall dimmed. Only the ball was faintly emitting a faint dark blue-purple light, outlining its simple outline.

The star that appeared in the middle was a bright and dazzling golden color.

In the vast darkness, this small light easily attracted everyone’s attention.

Countless pairs of eyes were focused on that one spot.

The moment that star appeared, the melodious and clear sound of a harp echoed throughout the hall of the Sigri Museum.

The light of the golden star floated gently, which caused the audience’s heart to involuntarily jump along with it.

Soon, a second light spot appeared beside it.

Then, a third and a fourth…

More and more golden dots of lights appeared and gradually converged into a brilliant mass.


It was mostly concentrated at the center, and the closer it was to the border, the more scattered it was.

Looking from afar, it looked like a nebula that had been silent for a long time in the silent universe.

The music suddenly stopped at a certain moment. The mass of starlight dimmed for a moment before it suddenly lit up again with a loud bang!

This time, the lights had coalesced into a golden G&S logo and– Ning!

At the same time, the theme of this show finally appeared underneath this.

— Embrace of the Star!

In the vast dark blue universe, each star was brilliant and lonely.

Day after day, year after year, the galaxy and universe were evolving every minute and second.

In the silence, it was even more silent, in the loneliness.

In the silence, they waited in the long river of time and space.

Waiting from the birth of life to the annihilation, waiting from the disorder to the order of the rules.

— Waiting… to embrace a star.

After a short period of silence, the bullet screens in the live broadcast room quickly refreshed.

[ Embracing of the Star! The theme of this showcase is Embracing of the Star! ]

[ In the silent and lonely universe, embrace a star! How romantic! Ning’s style this time is different from her previous shows. It’s avant-garde and full of fantasy! ]

[ Why do I feel empty in my heart when I look at it? The universe is so big, and people are so tiny… Actually, we are just a drop in the ocean in the vast universe… ]


[ Me too, I suddenly feel that those things are so far away, so unreachable. ]

[ The universe is so boundless that we are not worth mentioning at all. How are we able to embrace a star? Or are we only able to raise our heads and look at the brilliant galaxy in the distance? ]

[ The people in front are all such intellectuals. I just want to say that this theme looks so amazing! This show has also been arranged so well! ]

[ Agreed. I’ve watched every one of Ning’s shows. Every time I think I’ve been shocked enough, I’m still amazed by her next design! The intention of this theme is really awesome. Moreover, it’s completely different from her previous design style. I’m truly convinced! I’ll kneel first! ]

[ Me too! ]

Before this, there had been many speculations about Shen Li’s show this time.

People had speculated about the theme, the design concept, and the style.

Shen Li’s previous designs had all been completely different from each other, so there was no pattern to follow. In addition, G&S had always done a very good job of keeping it a secret. Everyone had racked their brains, but they could not imagine what kind of show would be presented to the world on this day or what kind of show it would be.

It was only now, when that cluster of nebula appeared, that they finally understood.

— This was to be a show full of fantasy.

So romantic, because of the fantasy.

So lonely, because of fantasy.

The melodious classical music began to play again as the light and shadows crisscrossed and the first model entered!

The opening model was the international top supermodel Helena. She was also one of the most famous models and the most expensive from G&S.

She wore a gradient blue bustier dress and her thin skirt had been lifted up in a light and perfect arc.

Her left ear was adorned with a long, thin singular pearl earring. Pearls had been handstitched from the front of the dress to the waist.

There were not that many, only six pearls in total. Including the one hanging from her left ear, there were only seven pearls in total.

However, each pearl was round and white, with an extremely good luster. Since dark blue and black were the colors that were mainly being used in this show, the pearls were particularly eye-catching.

As she walked, a faint silver light seemed to emerge between the few pearls. It was like a thread, stringing the pearls together.

In the dark night, they shone brightly.

What was even more amazing was that when she walked past the runway and came to the first pillar, the light and shadow on the white jade pillar flashed. Immediately after, a star chart that was exactly the same as the few pearls on her dress appeared!

The entire hall of the Sigri Museum seemed to have become a corner of the universe at this moment. The stars crisscrossed and fluctuated. It was an almost soul-stirring beauty.

Then, when she came to the second pillar, the star chart quietly revolved, as if it was revolving around her.

Dressed in her beautiful dress, she walked within the silent and dark universe. She was just like a star that was being surrounded by stars.

She was extremely tiny in the universe. However, if she wanted to, she could also become the center and make the brilliant stars revolve for her.

“So beautiful! I really love this dress!”

[ Are those pearls strung together by silver threads? If we look at them together… Isn’t that a star chart?! Did Ning actually print the star chart on her clothes?! ]

[ The color of that dress is indeed very similar to the night sky. Oh my god, doesn’t she look like she’s wearing the starry night on her body? ]

[ Wow, it’s so beautiful! I want to be a pearl on that dress! ]

[ Should I kneel? I should! I will kneel to you! Please, Ning, don’t tease me anymore! I’m so afraid that I’ll be depressed for the rest of my life because I can’t afford this dress! ]

[ Previously, I had still been wondering about what she would design this time to surpass the previous “Night of Thorns”. I didn’t expect that. I definitely didn’t expect that she would go straight from the wilderness to the vast universe! ]

[ Ethereal immortal aura, with a deep and distant loneliness… How did she manage to fuse this contradictory beauty so perfectly? ]

[ Just this opening alone can be considered a killing blow, right? Ning is truly the glory of Chinese designers! ]

Everyone was deeply stunned by what they had just seen. At this moment, it was as if they were afraid that even breathing would destroy this beauty.

Then, the second model appeared.

She wore a dress of a similar color with a long train. It was extremely gorgeous.

On top of the fluffy and exaggerated skirt was the same pearl star map.

Soon, the second star map was reflected on the colonnade, and the first star map intertwined with the second.

After that, came the third and the fourth…

They circled around and completely merged with the show, creating a brilliant starry night.

The entire show lasted for an hour.

During this time, the many people in this small world witnessed the stars moving and the galaxy shining brightly.

Finally, the last model came on stage.

Unlike before, she was wearing a red flower-bud dress, which was flamboyant and beautiful.

As she walked, the words on the ball in the center gradually disappeared.

Layers of shadows gradually appeared.

Finally, at a certain moment, she came to the center.

The red flower dress reflected as a shadow on the ball, turning it into the shape of a camellia.

The sound of the harp lowered until only a light sound could be heard at this moment.

It sounded like a person’s sigh.

The camellia swayed gently with the wind, and a golden star suddenly fell from the distant starry sky, falling into the arms of the camellia.

The person watching would not be lonely forever. He would look up at the sky, and see that it would not be quiet forever.

All the waiting and loneliness that had happened before would not be permanent.

No matter how far away they were, there would eventually be a response.


The star would eventually fall and embrace you.