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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 854 - She Was the Most Important  

Chapter 854: She Was the Most Important

When the names of these VIPs were displayed, countless people were stunned.

[ F*ck! Are you serious? ]

[ God… I knew that there would be many important people at the opening event of the Bai City Fashion Week, but I didn’t expect there to be so many of them! ]

[ To be honest, this lineup is really awesome. The previous opening show can’t even be compared to this one. Many of these people are here for Ning, right? Ning really has a great reputation… ]

[ Sob, sob, sob. What should I do? There are so many VIPs here. Which one of them should I call father?! ]

[ To the person above, with Ning in hand, I can have the world! ]

[ +1]

[ +N ]

Ji Meng’s fans quickly quieted down and stopped arguing about the first and second rows.

Obviously, even if they were Ji Meng’s fans, they could not deny that compared to all these VIPs, Ji Meng was indeed nothing.

After understanding what kind of VIPs were present today, their previous feelings of dissatisfaction disappeared, and they even felt a little proud now.

The fact that she was able to attend this show was already proof of her status!

Other than Ji Meng’s fans, the fans of the other celebrities also realized this point and were all secretly elated as well.

This was Ning’s first big show at the Bai City Fashion Week. It was already an honor to be able to watch this show!

Harmony quickly returned to the bullet screens and once again, everyone joyfully waited for the opening together.

Lu Huaiyu was seated not far from Liang Su.

The seat that G&S had originally arranged for him was closer to the center, but he had politely declined and changed to a more low-key seat.

Even so, when the camera shifted slightly and swept over from this side, his figure could be seen.

His long legs were crossed, and he was half leaning against the back of the chair. His well-tailored black suit made him look even more aloof and dignified, and showed off his natural languidness.

Actually, it had only been a quick shot, but there were too many sharp eyes in the live broadcast room.

[ Ahhhhhh! I spotted a super handsome guy! ]

[ I saw him too! Wasn’t it the one in the black suit and black shirt? Although that shot had only lasted a second, that side profile and that figure are f*cking awesome! ]

[ Am I the only one who noticed that handsome guy’s hand? How could someone even have such perfect hands? ]

[ Cameraman! Please aim the camera at the handsome guy again… Ahhhhhh! ]

[ I remember now! This man was at Ning’s Night of Thorns show previously too! He’s such a handsome man, I definitely wouldn’t remember wrongly! It’s definitely him! ]

[ That… that hand, I think I saw it at my brother’s concert? That man is my brother-in-law! ]

[ Brother-in-law? Well, that’s good. It’s true that only a man like that is worthy of my sister! ]

[ Wow, from the concert to the press conference, I truly admire this display of affection! ]

Just from that one-second view of this man’s figure from the side, the bullet screens in the live broadcast room quickly became chaotic.

Yu Yu was holding her phone and watching the live broadcast of the showcase from a relatively remote position in the front row of the show,

Of course, she was not very interested in the show. After all, she was at the venue right now.

She just wanted to watch the live broadcast of the show.

On one hand, this would show the popularity, evaluation, and public opinion of the show. On the other hand, tomorrow afternoon, Yu Yu’s showcase would be broadcast live for the first time. She wanted to watch it more because she would then be able to make a comparison.

After all, G&S had been around for a hundred years. Its scale and prestige were not something that her own original brand could compare to. After watching this show, she should be able to learn a lot. She would then be able to make adjustments and improvements to YU’s live broadcast show later.

It had to be said that Yu Yu’s ability to reach her current position was indeed due to her sharp business sense and tenacious character.

However, she was not in a good mood as she watched the live broadcast.

When she entered the live broadcast room, it had been 9:49 pm. The live broadcast had only started four minutes before, yet the number of viewers had already exceeded 700,000.

One had to know that this number was not calculated based on the number of times the ID entered and exited the live broadcast room. It was simply an extremely simple number of viewers.

No matter how many times an ID entered or exited, it would only count as one person.

This also meant that this number of 700,000 truly meant 700,000 people!

Yu Yu had done some research on the live stream before. She knew very well how astonishing it was for the number of people watching the live stream to reach 700,000 in four minutes.

What was even more terrifying was that the number was still rising rapidly.

By 9:55 pm, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room had exceeded one million!

One had to know that the show had not even officially started yet!

Moreover, this was a live broadcast of a fashion show!

G&S was a high-end brand. It was not something that ordinary people could afford.

For the high-end line of clothing especially, the customers were basically fixed. The annual turnover was basically maintained at two thousand, or even less.

Even so, this show had still managed to attract over a million people to watch online.

Just this alone was enough to prove the awe-inspiring appeal of G&S and Ning.

Other than that, what worried Yu Yu even more was the bullet messages that quickly flooded the screen.

She did not really care about the fanaticism and adoration of the fans.

What she did care about were the big shots that they mentioned.

Of course, she had noticed that the Comptons, as well as Ronai and several other big shots from related industries, had all appeared at the show today.

Previously, she had gone to great lengths yet she had failed to please Ronai. Now, he was sitting here and chatting happily with the Comptons and others.

Anyone could tell that he was in a good mood.

Did he value and like this show that much?

In addition to that, there was also Lu Huaiyu…

Without an expression on her face, Yu Yu put away her phone.

The Capital, Leighton International Astronomical Observation Center.

In the conference room, at an oval-shaped conference table, Shen Shijin was seated at the head of the table surrounded by a circle of well-known astronomical researchers.

Fino Laboratory and this side had always had a long-term cooperative relationship. Shen Zhijin came here several times a year, so he was quite familiar with the people in charge here.

Today, however, they found that Shen Zhijin seemed to be in quite a hurry, so the meeting went by very quickly.

Sure enough, at a certain point, Shen Zhijin looked at the time and said, “We will end the meeting here today. Meeting adjourned.”

Upon saying that, he stood up.

The middle-aged man sitting next to him was the director of the observation center. He was momentarily stunned to see this.

“Wait! Zhijin, is the meeting ending just like that? Isn’t there anything else you want to say?”

This was too rushed!

Shen Zhijin turned around to look at him before looking around the room.

Astonishment could be seen on everyone’s faces. There were also a few who looked confused and looked as if they wanted to say something but were hesitating.

He thought for a moment and said, “Regarding the contents of today’s meeting, if you have any questions that you don’t understand or are not clear, then just send me an email. I have something else to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

“What is it that’s so important?” The director had a good relationship with him, so he teased, “Is it actually more important than your work, Zhijin?”

Those who were familiar with Shen Zhijin knew that he had always been serious and meticulous when it came to his work.

This situation today was extremely rare.

A faint smile appeared on Shen Zhijin’s handsome face.

“My daughter’s fashion show.”

Shen Zhijin returned home.

He entered the study and placed the red camellias in his arms into a porcelain vase before turning on his computer.

Before this, he had never been interested in live broadcasts or fashion.

But now, on his clean and simple computer desktop screen, an additional icon for Weibo had been added.

He clicked on it, searched for G&S’s official Weibo account, and entered the live broadcast.

Right now, it was 3:59 p.m. Capital time.

He glanced at the upper left corner and saw that the number of viewers had reached 1.57 million viewers.

On the screen was the familiar hall of the Sigri Museum.

The time indicated was 4:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. in Bai City.

The museum hall suddenly darkened and a star silently appeared.