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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 853 - Gathering of the Big Shots   

Chapter 853: Gathering of the Big Shots


Shen Li inclined her head.

“Is that so?”

Ronai had indeed seen one of her paintings, but that had been a long time ago.

Lu Huaiyu nodded and smiled.

“Tomorrow’s event should be very lively.”

March 22nd, 10 a.m., Bai City.

The first showcase of the Bai City Fashion Week would be held at the Sigri Museum.

Many brands had chosen to broadcast their shows live online, including G&S.

At this moment, less than an hour before the official opening time of 10 a.m., all the models were already in position.

Outside the museum, one after another, the guests were entering the venue.

The time in China was six hours ahead of Bai Cheng, which meant that it would be 4 p.m. when it started there.

Therefore, many people were already waiting in the live broadcast room.

At 9:45 p.m., G&S’ official Weibo account officially started the live broadcast. Within just a minute, 300,000 people had arrived, and the number was still rising rapidly.

[ Is it starting yet? Is it starting yet?! ]

[ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Brother and Sister, here I come! ]

[ This is my Sister’s first time as a designer at Fashion Week, and she’s also in charge of the opening show! All fans! Put the public screen on the cards! ]

[ Goddess Ning! Goddess Ning! I’m here on my knees! ]

[ This is the first time that a Chinese designer will be in charge of the first show for Bai City Fashion Week, right? Ning is truly forever a god! ]

The news that Shen Li would be attending the Bai City Fashion Week as a collaborative designer with G&S had already spread a few days ago.

The Internet was buzzing, and countless people were looking forward to it.

Just the name Ning alone already had an extremely strong appeal.

Even though she had only held three runway shows so far, each show had been a classic which had attracted a large number of die-hard fans.

Not to mention, there were also many fans of the company itself.

Moreover, there were also many fans of Tree’s Shadow mixed in among them.

The common factor that drew them all here was art, and this factor was especially evident in Shen Li.

Therefore, even though the show had not officially started, and the live broadcast room’s screen was still black, it was already buzzing with activity.

Countless bullet screens quickly flashed past, making it almost impossible to see clearly.

Three minutes later, the dark screen disappeared, and the main entrance to the Sigri Museum appeared before the audience.

This was an aerial shot. The solemn museum exuded a strong sense of history and culture, while the people who were waiting in front of the entrance were the epitome of the new trendy fashion.

The combination of the somberness of the building and fashion was the collision of old and new, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

[ Wow! So this is the Sigri Museum! It’s the oldest and largest museum in Bai City! ]

[ The first ever Bai City Fashion Week was held here. Later on, it became the default rule that the opening event of every fashion week would be held here. For Ning to be able to hold a show here on her very first time here, it’s really… This is sure to be the envy of the other designers! ]

[ Ning truly deserves it! ]

Soon, the camera switched to the interior.

The camera zoomed in on the high domed entrance before moving slowly to look down from above.

This was the main hall of the Sigri Museum. There were a total of eight huge white jade pillars in the hall that was so thick that it would take three people to surround them completely.

At the moment, with these eight pillars as the boundary, all the seats had been arranged in an orderly manner, forming a nearly circular shape.

The runway for this show was different from the usual type. The models would have to enter through the main entrance, walk one round along the eight colonnades, and then leave through the main entrance.

Seats had been arranged on both sides of the aisle.

In the center was a silver ball that was half the height of a person.

The logo of G&S had been engraved on it.

There were less than ten minutes left before the start of the show, and most of the people had already taken their seats.

The camera panned across the audience.

The first thing to flash onto the camera screen was the exquisite and beautiful face of a young man.

Naturally, as the Brand Ambassador for G&S, Lin Fengmian sat in the front row.

He was wearing a dark blue custom-made suit designed by G&S, which accentuated the young man’s figure even further.

Today, his hair had been dyed a light brown color, and his fine bangs fell over his forehead, lightly covering his eyes and brows. The color complemented his light brown eyes, and the tear-shaped mole at the corner of one of his eyes made him look pure and bewitching.

The bullet screens instantly went crazy.

[ Ahhhhhhhh! Little Brother!”

[ Hubby is so handsome! ]

[ Too awesome, too awesome. This hair color, his tear-shaped mole, it’s really too awesome! ]

Perhaps because of his identity as a brand ambassador, or perhaps because it was known that Lin Fengmian’s fans were watching the live broadcast, the camera was especially fond of him and paused on him for a full five or six seconds.

Then, a few people away from where Lin Fengmian was sitting, a cold and beautiful face came into view.

Tang Wei.

She was wearing a dark green strapless dress today. Her long hair had been tied up at the back of her head, revealing her beautiful shoulders and neckline. She looked particularly attractive.

[ The female swan has really shaken me today! ]

[ This dark green color really suits her skin color, doesn’t it? My wife is so fair! ]

[ Today is a day for us to feast our eyes upon the beauty of the female celebrities! ]

The camera turned to look inside.

[ Eh? is that the movie queen, Ji Meng? She’s here too? ]

[ It really is her! ]

[ I think I saw a few familiar faces… Oh my god, there are so many big-name Chinese celebrities in this show! ]

[ No, wait! Why is our Ji Meng in the second row? Doesn’t her status qualify her for a first-row seat?! ]

Realizing this, Ji Meng’s fans were very dissatisfied and began to quarrel on the bullet screen.

[ Exactly! No matter what, she’s won the Golden Crane Best Actress award before. Yet, she’s only given a second-row seat at the G&S show? ]

[ Hehe… This seems to be her first time sitting in the second row. G&S is really something. ]

[ What a laugh! Is the person in G & S who planned this having a serious illness? ]

Ji Meng was 26 years old this year. She was one of the top actresses in the country and was very popular. Ever since she had won the Best Actress award last year, she was regarded as a very talented actor by her fans.

After Xu Yini had retired from the industry, she had become the most popular.

At this moment, seeing that she was sitting in the second row, the fans felt as if she had been demoted. Of course, this made them very unhappy.

Actually, other than Lin Fengmian and Tang Wei, there were also some other celebrities from China who had come to watch the show.

Those who could be invited to attend the G&S show were at least A-list celebrities in China, such as Ji Meng.

However, no one had expected that Ji Meng would not even get to sit in the first row.

After all, this was not a small venue and there were actually quite a lot of seats in the first row.

The bullet comments became noisier and noisier.

Finally, someone stepped forward to post a message.

[ I’m really impressed. Can Ji Meng’s fans please open their eyes and see what kind of big shots are sitting in the first row today? To be able to let your idol sit in the second row is already very respectful, alright? ]

Then, a few more lines were added.

[ Look, the woman in the white suit in front of Ji Meng is the editor-in-chief of the world’s top fashion magazine, Fashion Woman, Carrie. It’s already a great honor for Ji Meng to sit behind her, okay? ]

[ Also, the middle-aged man in front of her on the left is the top fashion designer, Bass. ]

[ The important thing is, although they are in the front row, they are not seated in the C-shaped section for this show. Do you see the innermost area? From left to right, the people in charge of G&S are Mr. and Mrs. Compton, the person in charge of the Berkshire family and the president of the Bai City Fashion Association, Ronai, and the first lady of the Gu family of Hong Kong City, Liang Su! Can’t you see that even the Crown Prince of G&S, George, is only able to sit in the corner? ]

[ Do you have any idea how many top-level bigwigs are backing this show? ]