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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 851 - Could Not Refuse Him  

Chapter 851: Could Not Refuse Him

Hearing this, Shen Li was momentarily stunned.

Then she realized what he had meant.


‘You’re still too young.’

Shen Li’s eyes slowly widened. She could hardly believe that this man actually had the nerve to speak this sentence!

What a backhanded way of saying it!

Why did he make it sound like she really wanted it?!

The person who had been leaning in close to her and nibbling on her ear to ask if she was okay had now become the innocent one?!

Perhaps it was because Shen Li’s reaction had been so big that Lu Huaiyu even kissed her lips patiently.

“Be good. We’ll wait until you grow up.”

Shen Li was speechless.

She gritted her teeth.

“That wasn’t what I was thinking about!”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.


His hand was still on her waist, and his clear, languid eyes were filled with a casual smile. Then, he lowered his eyes slightly, and his gaze stopped for a moment on her two small hands that were propped up on his chest.

He asked slowly, “Really?”

Shen Li was stunned. Only then did she realize how intimate their positions were!

Lu Huaiyu was leaning against the headboard while she was straddling him, her hands propped up his chest.

She could even feel his firm, well-defined abs under the thin pajamas!

Shen Li’s face instantly turned red!

Just now, she had felt that something was wrong with Lu Huaiyu and his state of mind. Her mind had only been preoccupied with making sure that he really did not remember what had happened during that short period of time. That was why she had turned over and straddled him. She had just wanted to get closer and carefully make sure.

However, before she had been able to do anything, Lu Huaiyu had given her that slap in the face!

In this position, she really could not defend herself!

She took a deep breath.

“It’s true!”

It could not be any more true!

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh when he saw this rare outburst of hers.

He stroked her hair and coaxed her nicely.

“Alright, alright. Ah Li really didn’t want to.”

Shen Li gritted her teeth. “It’s clearly you who wants to!”

Lu Huaiyu played along.

“Yes, I do.”

Shen Li was speechless.

She suddenly realized that there was no winner or loser in this argument.

Or rather, no matter what she did, she would still be the one to lose!

She glared at him, her cheeks and the corners of her eyes were red. She looked extremely cute and lively.

Most of the time, she rarely revealed her emotions. It was only when she was with him that she was either shy, embarrassed, cunning, or well-behaved.

There were so many parts of her and all of them were fine.

In the next moment, Shen Li could not take it anymore. She immediately lowered her head and bit his chest.

Lu Huaiyu grunted and instantly tensed up.

Sensing his movement, Shen Li thought that he was in pain. She finally straightened up, feeling a little satisfaction that she had finally taken her revenge.

“Lu Huaiyu, you can’t say such things. Do you understand?”

He looked at her with his deep eyes.

Then, Shen Li felt the grip around her waist tighten, and suddenly the world seemed to spin around her.

By the time she could react, she had already been pressed onto the bed by Lu Huaiyu.

As he looked down at her from above, his whole body exuded a dangerous aura.

In the quiet room, his low and husky voice sounded particularly clear.

“Shen Tangtang, what I said just now was not nonsense.”

There was no need for words to explain certain things. Just a glance was enough to make it clear.

The intimate atmosphere became sticky, leaving only the sound of their intermingled breathing.

Shen Li’s heart was beating faster and faster, and her face was burning.

Unlike before, she knew very well that Lu Huaiyu was very clear-headed at this moment.

It was precisely because of this that it proved that his rationality and restraint could no longer conceal his desire and lust.

In the previous situation, she had still managed to embrace him and coax him by asking him to “Wait”.

But now, for some reason, she could not say a word.

The cold smell of cedar filled her, which made her feel as if she was intoxicated by alcohol.

She did not speak, because she suddenly realized that she might not be able to refuse Lu Huaiyu.

How could Lu Huaiyu stand her gaze?

The string of tension in his mind was on the verge of snapping.

Finally, he was unable to control himself any longer. He held her waist with one hand and pressed his body against hers, their bodies extremely close to each other. At the same time, he tilted his head slightly and kissed her collarbone.

Just then, Shen Li’s phone on the bedside table vibrated.

This sound immediately pulled Lu Huaiyu back to his senses.

His movements suddenly stopped, and his hot breath fell upon her delicate skin.

Then, he pulled her collar back in place and kissed her cheek.

“Good girl.”

As he spoke, he picked her up again.

Shen Li blushed and went to get her phone.

It was a message from Lin Fengmian. He was letting her know that he had just arrived in Bai City and had just gotten off the plane. He was now on his way to the hotel.

Seeing this message, Shen Li looked at the time and realized that it was almost eight o’clock in the evening.

Both she and Lu Huaiyu had indeed slept for a long time.

The G&S press conference was to be held at ten o’clock tomorrow morning. Lin Fengmian and Tang Wei would not be going onstage as runway models. Instead, they would be watching the show as the official brand ambassadors.

Shen Li replied to him, telling him to pay attention to his safety and to rest well after arriving at the hotel. She then finished off by saying that she would see him tomorrow.

He and Tang Wei were also in quite a hurry this time. They had to get over their jet lag that night itself and recover their bodies and spirits. Only then would they be able to appear at the show in good condition tomorrow.

Previously, G&S had invited domestic celebrities before, but Lin Fengmian and Tang Wei’s appearance this time was different. It was of great significance.

Therefore, Shen Li took this matter quite seriously.

It was good that Lin Fengmian replied.

Shen Li scrolled through her phone and found a few unread messages from George.

It had been an hour ago when he asked if she wanted to have dinner together. He had sent a few messages, but Shen Li had not responded.

After a short interval, he had sent one final one.

[ Got it ]

Shen Li stared at the last sentence, her eyelids twitching.

Got it?

What was wrong? What was he implaying?!

She wanted to retort, but after typing a few words, she deleted them all.

George was already beyond saving. No matter what she said, it was useless to explain any further.

She would just have to forget it and let it go!

With this thought in mind, Shen Li exited the message box and turned her head to look at Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, what would you like to eat?”

Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment.

“It’ll be quite troublesome to go out. Let’s order some room service from the hotel.”

Shen Li nodded.


She turned on the lights, took the hotel menu from the side, and began to order the food.

Then, she suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, by the way, Second Brother, my uncle was looking for you this afternoon. He said that he had been trying to send you a message, but you had not answered. He told me to let you know about it when you woke up.”

Lu Huaiyu paused.