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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 86 - Please Help Her

Chapter 86: Please Help Her

Ning Li cleared her throat. She thought that Zhou Fei already knew why she was absent the other day.

“I wouldn’t.”

Zhou Fei said nonchalantly, “Your explanation doesn’t sound convincing at all.”

He finally knew what happened. It was the b*stard, Lu Huaiyu’s evil plan!

If this continued, as a teacher, he would lose his respect and presence in front of his student, Ning Li. He clenched his teeth and put his phone away.

No, he had to save Ning Li from Lu Huaiyu’s claws. He had to prove to the man that Ning Li was his student!

Ning Li returned to the classroom to put the book back on her desk before she headed to the cafeteria.

She ran into Pei Song downstairs, so the two of them went to the third floor together.

When they arrived at the cafeteria, He Xiaochen and the others were already there.

“Ning Li! Monitor, here!” He Xiaochen waved at them, her action catching a lot of attention.

Ning Li then went over and sat down beside He Xiaochen. Pei Song sat opposite her with Ren Qian and Lin Zhouyang sandwiching him.

When Ning Li looked at the dish in front of her, she said to Lin Zhouyang, “Thank you.”

Flattered, Lin Zhouyang sighed heavily. “I got five sets today and only got one thank you in return.”

He Xiaochen looked at him with contempt. “I helped you write the template for your essay, but I didn’t get a ‘thank you’ either.”

It should have been a barter system, but someone decided to be calculative about it.

Lin Zhouyang gave in right away. “Right, right, you are right! Please continue to help me and I will get 100 sets for you!”

He Xiaochen took a huge bite of sweet and sour pork ribs.

“Oh, Brother Pei, we are going to have a small test tonight. I think someone is going to be eliminated. What about you guys?” Ren Qian asked.

“As usual.”

The competitive Mathematics and Physics classes consisted of the best students in Second High, but only the cream of the crop could actually win a prize.

The fierce competition was unimaginable.

Therefore, the competitive class usually held tests every now and then to eliminate those who could not keep up. It was to inform the students about their own strength and placing.

Those who fell behind would be advised to give up on the competition and focus on the entrance exam instead.

Some of the open-minded students would also give up before it was too late.

After all, the competition had great demand for concentration and time, thus common students would not be able to handle it.

“Ning Li and the monitor will be okay. I’m just wondering how the others are doing.” He Xiaochen then thought of what happened earlier in class. “I think Ye Ci is a little dangerous.”

Lin Zhouyang found her words unsettling. “Why is she in danger?”

“Can’t you tell? Ever since she joined the competitive Physics class, she was already obviously reaping more than she could sow, and this is just the start. It will only get harder from this point onwards. In my opinion, she should drop out of competitive Physics while she can, or else, it might mess up her entrance exam.”

Although Lin Zhouyang wanted to argue, he found He Xiaochen’s words reasonable as well, especially the last part. He had a general idea of Ye Ci’s standards, but if she were to drop out just like that, given the girl’s personality, she would feel terrible.

He looked down and ate in silence.

In the end, he could not hold back his concern and asked Pei Song softly, “Brother Pei, can you, like, help her?”

Ning Li drank some soup nonchalantly. She had heard the same thing before in her past life. The only difference was that back then, Lin Zhouyang had asked her instead of Pei Song.

Back then, everyone assumed they were the closest of sisters, and helping each other out would have been natural.

Even she agreed to a certain extent.

In the end, she realized how foolish and naive her thoughts were.

This time, she did not give Ye Ci any chance because she displayed the conflict and disharmony between her and Ye Ci on the table for everyone to see. By doing so, she saved herself a lot of trouble.

Ren Qian smiled. “Help? How? If she can make it, she can; if she can’t, she can’t.”

Pei Song did not comment on it either. “It’s up to her.”

In the Competitive Physics class, Zhou Fei spent the first 40 minutes talking about the papers he had distributed earlier in the day.

After a 10-minute break, he distributed a new set of papers.

“The duration is 70 minutes with a maximum score of 100. All the questions in this paper are what I talked about in class. Give it a try, and it will give you a rough idea of where your current standards are. Whether you should go or you should stay, you guys have to think it through.”

Zhou Fei had a last glance at the clock.


The paper he distributed was designed to filter out the best from the mediocre, so it ought to be difficult.

Time flew by.

After Ning Li finished the last question, she looked at the clock and realized that she had used 57 minutes to answer all the questions. She used the remaining 13 minutes to check all her answers again.

Zhou Fei rolled up the paper in his hand as he said, “Those who have finished the paper may leave.”

The students in the class submitted their papers one after another.

Ning Li packed her bag and was prepared to leave as well.

After Zhou Fei had collected all the papers and left, the class groaned in misery.

“My gosh! The number of questions is ridiculous! And the level of difficulty! I got stuck at the first question!”

“Me too! I thought I could come back to the question that I couldn’t answer, but then the paper didn’t even give me the chance to!”

“I left all 3 essay questions at the back blank. I’m dead meat.”

“Hey, Ye Ci, how did you do?” the boy beside Ye Ci asked out of concern.

Ye Ci was glad that she had been burning the midnight oil for a couple of days. “I left one blank and didn’t have enough time to answer the last question.”

“Wow! You are going to pass this time!” the boy said out of jealousy.

Ye Ci tightened her lips. “I don’t know. There are a few questions that I’m not so sure about…”

“You still did great.”

“Ning Li, what about you?” someone asked.

Ning Li shrugged and simply replied, “I answered everything.”

Ye Ci suddenly felt like it was extremely hard to breathe.