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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 848 - Don’t You Want to Have Anything to Do With Him?   

Chapter 848: Don’t You Want to Have Anything to Do With Him?


His momentary silence made Shen Li feel a little strange.

She looked at the time. It was already midnight in China. Why had Gu Tinglan suddenly called at this time to ask about Lu Huaiyu?

“Little Uncle, is it because of an urgent matter that you’re looking for Second Brother?” She asked.

Gu Tinglan massaged the space between his eyebrows.

Thinking that Lu Huaiyu had followed Shen Li to Bai City and that it was too late to be resting at that moment, he had just sent him a message in passing.

Over the past year, Lu Huaiyu’s condition had gradually been improving, so he had thought that there would be no problem.

However, Lu Huaiyu had not replied.

He had waited for a few hours, but the situation had remained the same. Finally, he could not help but call Shen Li.

Shen Li was not by Lu Huaiyu’s side.

Thus, it was even more difficult to say what the situation was like over there.

Gu Tinglan paused and said, “There was a matter that I needed to contact him for, but it has already been settled on this end. Just remind him to call me back when he wakes up later.”

Shen Li vaguely felt that this matter was not that simple, but Gu Tinglan’s tone of voice did not indicate anything.

She nodded.

“Okay, I’ve got it. The rehearsal here has ended so I’ll be going back soon.”

Gu Tinglan felt a little relieved.

“By the way, I still haven’t asked you how you’re feeling in Bai City. Did the rehearsal go well?”

Shen Li smiled.

“It was fine. Don’t worry, Little Uncle.”

“Hmm,” replied Gu Tinglan and gave her a few more words of advice before hanging up.

Shen Li lowered her eyes and stared at her phone for a few seconds.

Bringing up the message box with the conversation between Lu Huaiyu and her, she sent the same message that she had sent before she left the hotel again.

Had he slept the whole time until now?

Shen Li thought for a moment, put away her phone, and turned to look at Ronai.

Without waiting for her to speak, Ronai smiled gently and said, “Are you going back to the hotel?”

In the face of such an important person, no small thoughts could be hidden.

Shen Li silently sighed and nodded honestly.

“I’m really sorry.”

Ronai smiled and waved his hand.

“I know that you’ve only just arrived in Bai City today and have a press conference tomorrow. Your schedule must be very tight, so there’s no need to apologize. After you’re done with this part of your schedule, we’ll find an opportunity to have a good chat when you’re free.”

George listened to them and clicked his tongue in amazement.

Ronai’s attitude toward Shen Li was really warm and friendly, which was something that was rarely seen. Even he felt a little envious of this.

If all those people who were trying their hardest to get closer to this person witnessed this, who knew how jealous they would be?

On the other hand, Shen Li remained as calm and composed as usual.

“Thank you, Mr. Ronai.”

Ronai turned around and was about to leave when a thought suddenly came to his mind. He turned around and asked, “By the way, Ning, have you ever been to Leland before?”

Shen Li’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

“No, why did you suddenly ask this?”

A hint of surprise flashed across Ronai’s eyes.

“You’ve never been there before? I noticed that you speak with a very standard Leland accent.”

So that was the reason.

Shen Li’s heart relaxed slightly, and she brought out her usual excuse.

“I like the history and culture of Leland very much. I’ve long admired your paintings, so I looked for some of your courses and lectures on the Internet. Over time, I developed this accent.”

This was something that Ronai had not expected.

He seemed to be a little surprised as he chuckled and said, “So you really do like my paintings? I thought your earlier answer was just to make me happy.”

Shen Li was speechless.

‘So he clearly knew everything, yet he had still insisted on asking just to hear that answer?’

Seeing Shen Li’s rare look of speechlessness, Ronai smiled even more happily.

“Good, good. You should go back and rest early. I’ll see you at the show tomorrow.”

He was still very curious and looking forward to what kind of theme and style Shen Li’s showcase would be presenting.

Shen Li lowered her chin slightly.

“Take care, Mr. Ronai.”


The figures of Ronai and his companion gradually disappeared into the distance. Wherever they went, almost everyone would respectfully greet Ronai.

There were definitely many people who wanted to go up and chat with him, but those who actually dared to do so were very few.

Unless someone had specifically introduced them, ordinary people would not be qualified to strike up a conversation with such a person.

George stared at him for a while before turning back to look at Shen Li. He touched his chin with a face full of emotion.

“Tsk, I’ve known Mr. Ronai for so many years, yet he’s never treated me as cordially as he did with you. How did you do it?”

Shen Li paused.

“Are you sure it’s something I did and not something you did?”

George was stunned.


He snorted softly and raised his hand to indicate ahead.

“Look at that. So many people want to please him, yet they don’t even have the chance to. You’re probably the only designer in the entire Fashion Week to whom he has taken the initiative to express his goodwill. Ning, do you know what this means?”

Shen Li tilted her head.

“Does it mean that… I’m very likable?”

George was stunned into silence again.

Although this answer did not seem to be wrong, it seemed like she had got the main point wrong!

He lowered his voice and smiled meaningfully.

“I heard that Mr. Ronai went to see Mr. Craig just now. More importantly, there was another person present– Yu Yu.”

The reason for Yu Yu’s actions was self-evident.

“However, it seems that their meeting this time was not very pleasant. Mr. Ronai only sat for a short while before leaving. I reckon that Miss Yu didn’t manage to win Mr. Ronai’s favor.”

Shen Li glanced at him.

“You seem to know everything.”

George spread her hands.

“Ning, you seem to have forgotten that this is Bai City. Moreover, all of this is public information. Anyone who asks around would be able to find out.”

Shen Li thought about it and agreed. To the Crown Prince of G&S, all of this was really not worth mentioning.

She looked forward and saw that Ronai and his companion had already disappeared.

George followed her line of sight and said with some uncertainty,”Ning, do you… not want to have any interaction with Mr. Ronai?”

At first, he had thought that it was just his imagination. However, when he thought about it carefully, that feeling had just grown stronger.

Shen Li had been extremely polite and courteous to Mr. Ronai. She had handled their interaction with ease and she had carried herself flawlessly.

However, it was a little strange that she was still maintaining such an attitude even after Mr. Ronai had clearly expressed his admiration for her.

Wouldn’t any normal person have already taken advantage of this opportunity to latch onto him?

Shen Li laughed.

“What do you mean? That’s Ronai, after all.”

George instantly felt that he was overthinking things.

He muttered, “That’s true, that is Ronai…”

Shen Li raised her chin.

“Let’s go back to the hotel.”

As she spoke, she turned around and walked to the side.

Without thinking too much about it, George followed her.

Back at the hotel, Shen Li went up to the 36th floor.

She came to the door to Lu Huaiyu’s room and knocked again.

There was still no answer.

She took out the room card.

Since the Crown Prince himself was personally escorting her, and the front desk knew that she and Lu Huaiyu were a couple, they had simply given her the room card to Lu Huaiyu’s room.


She pressed the handrail down and pushed the door open.