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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 846 - Mei Yanqing Was Just a Little Luckier Than Him   

Chapter 846: Mei Yanqing Was Just a Little Luckier Than Him


Lu Senze had this vague feeling that his teacher seemed to be taking this matter very seriously, but he did not think too much about it. He simply thought that it was because he greatly admired Ning.

Thus, he said, “Tree’s Shadow. Her pen name is Tree’s Shadow.”

The two of them were conversing in English. Only the words “Tree’s Shadow” had been spoken in Chinese.

Ronai’s expression froze, and he asked in return, “Tree’s Shadow?”

These words had come out of his mouth sounding slightly awkwardly.

Lu Senze repeated them again but translated them into English.

Ronai gradually frowned.

Tree’s Shadow?

Tree’s Shadow…

Lu Senze saw that something was not right with the look on his face, and asked curiously, “Teacher, what’s wrong?”

Could it be that there was something wrong with this name?

It shouldn’t be, right?

Ronai was silent for a moment before he said, “Have you seen her paintings before?”

Lu Senze shook his head regretfully.

“I’ve only seen photos of two of her paintings, but I’ve never seen the real paintings with my own eyes. She only made her debut in the past two to three years, but from the moment the first painting appeared, every painting had been bought for a private collection at a high price. So far, not a single painting has been sold on the market again. We will not be able to see it anymore.”

“But most of the people who have seen it have praised it.”

“Previously, I heard that there was an art gallery in the Capital that had displayed her “Seventeenth Night”. I was out of town at the time and had intended on rushing over to see it. However, before I could even make a move, I heard that it was actually a fake painting. So, that settled the matter.”

At the mention of this, Lu Senze still felt some regret.

He genuinely wanted to see and admire her painting with his own eyes.

“Where are the photos?” Ronai suddenly asked.

Lu Senze was stunned. “What?”

Ronai repeated, “The photos of her paintings. Let me take a look.”

“Oh, okay!”

Lu Senze was unfazed over Ronai’s sudden request.

As one of the world’s top oil painters, it was normal for Lu Senze to pay special attention to these things.

In addition, he clearly admired Ning very much, so it was not unusual for him to want to see her paintings.

Thus, Lu Senze took out his phone, found the two photos, and handed the phone over.

“Take a look.”

Ronai felt as if his heart was being tightly gripped by something. This tension continued until he saw the paintings on the phone.

The pictures were very good, but…

It was not.

Both the painting style and the technique were completely different.

He flipped to the second picture and saw that it was the same.

Lu Senze was standing beside him so when he saw that a frown was gradually forming on Ronai’s face, he could not help but feel a little bewildered.

After a moment, he carefully asked, “Teacher, do you… not think these two pictures of hers are good?”

Ronai came back to her senses and shook his head.

“They’re pretty good.”

‘If they were pretty good, then what was with the expression on his face?’

Lu Senze was puzzled.

He did not know if his eyes had been deceiving him, but he seemed to have seen some disappointment on his teacher’s face earlier.

However, why would he be disappointed?

Tree’s Shadow was highly valued in the domestic art circle. Such talent was really rare. He did not believe that his teacher would not be able to see it.

Even if he didn’t like her style of painting, he wouldn’t be disappointed, right?

Ronai continued to study the paintings for a while.

“Her style of painting… is somewhat familiar.”

Lu Senze smiled.

“That’s because she studied under Mei Yanqing… Elder Mei!”

Mei Yanqing and Ronai were equally famous. They were both top-notch oil painting masters. However, the two of them walked different paths, and their styles were completely different.

Since Tree’s Shadow was Mei Yanqing’s disciple, it was normal for their paintings to have some similarities.

Ronai was a little surprised.

“He took in another student?”

He and Mei Yanqing could be considered acquaintances. Although they did not interact much, they still had some understanding of each other’s situation.

After the master-disciple relationship between Mei Yanqing and Tree’s Shadow had been exposed, it had caused quite a stir within the domestic art world. However, the people in Leland had not heard much about it.

Therefore, Ronai had not known about this matter.

As he spoke, he looked at the two paintings again.

“That’s true that with such talent, it would be a pity not to accept it.”

As he returned the phone to Lu Senze, he could not help but mutter, “His luck is quite good…”

Lu Senze was stunned for a moment and could not help but ask:

“Teacher, are you talking about… Elder Mei?”

Ronai did not say anything in return and raised his foot to walk forward.

However, this was a tacit agreement.

Lu Senze was shocked.

Was his Master actually envious of Elder Mei?! Just because Elder Mei had accepted Tree’s Shadow as his disciple?

He put a hand over his heart, feeling a little shocked.

However, he also liked and worshipped Tree’s Shadow.

Even if he were to judge it himself, Tree’s Shadow’s talent was definitely much higher than his.

Thinking of this, Lu Senze felt a little less uncomfortable.

He had to just let it go and accept the circumstances!

“Teacher, if Tree’s Shadow had not already acknowledged Elder Mei as her teacher, would you have wanted to take her in as well?” Lu Senze said as he chased after him.

Ronai gave a faint “Hmm”.

Lu Senze was silent.

‘I knew I shouldn’t have asked!’

He hesitated for a long while before gathering his courage to ask, “Then… then do you regret taking me in?”

Ronai stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at him. He smiled.

“Why do you ask that? I was the one who wanted to take you in. Why would I regret it?”

Lu Senze felt his wounded little heart come to life again!

Teacher Ronai was so nice!

Ronai sighed softly as a thought seemed to come to his mind.

“A genius like that can only be met by chance. Since it was not our destiny, there’s no need to force it. I just feel that Mei Yanqing’s luck is better than mine.”

Lu Senze was stunned.

However, before he could think about it any further, Ronai patted his shoulder again.

“You’re also considered very talented. Just work hard.”

Lu Senze hurriedly nodded seriously.

“Thank you, Teacher. I know.”

Just as the two of them were about to leave, there was a sudden commotion from the museum.

When Ronai turned back to look, he saw the museum’s door open and a group of people walked out.

The girl leading the way wore a baseball cap that hid part of her face. As George talked to her with his head tilted slightly to face hers, she would nod from time to time.

From the looks of it, her aura was even stronger than George’s.

Ronai stared at her, seemingly lost in thought.

Lu Senze looked at him and thought for a moment before asking, “Teacher, should we go over and say hello?”

Almost at the same time, George and the others also noticed Ronai.

He raised his chin.

“Hey, Ning, do you see the person in front? I believe you’ve heard of Ronai, the oil painter, right? He is also the president of the Bai City Fashion Association. Would you like me to introduce him to you?”

Shen Li then raised her eyes.