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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 845 - Genius in Oil Painting  

Chapter 845: Genius in Oil Painting

Dead silence.

Yu Yu lowered her head, as her eyelids drooped slightly to hide the expression in her eyes. However, her cheeks were burning so hot that she could feel the pain from it.

Ronai had spoken very bluntly. He had not given her any face at all.

Even though the fashion week was about to begin, she seemed unconcerned about her own show. Instead, she had placed all her attention on this kind of matter.

It was clear that Ronai was annoyed by this kind of behavior.

Craig had also not expected Ronai to say such a thing and was momentarily embarrassed.

“Ronai, this…”

Ronai gave him an indifferent look.

The reason he had come today was to give Craig face. However, this did not mean that he had to do the same for Yu Yu.

She had not earned it yet.

Yu Yu had used Craig’s connections to arrange for him to meet with her. Undoubtedly, she was aiming for the position as a member of the Bai City Fashion Association.

However, he was not even considering it. With her, it would be too capricious.

She did have some talent, but it was far from being able to impress him, let alone allow her to enter the association.

The reason he had spoken so bluntly was to make her realize the situation earlier and not waste any more of her efforts.

Craig coughed.

“Ronai, actually, Yu Yu’s showcase will be held tomorrow afternoon, which leaves them with ample time to prepare, so…”

Yu Yu quickly adjusted the expression on her face, so when she looked up again, there was no semblance of anything unusual on her face.

“Yes, the rehearsal for YU has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. At that time, the entire team and I will carefully review it again to ensure that the showcase will proceed smoothly.”

Ronai was noncommittal.

He did not really care whether Yu Yu would be having a rehearsal or not, or whether she would even be attending it or not.

He just did not like people like Yu Yu who were overly ambitious but were not honest about it.

There was nothing wrong with people having ambitions.

However, it was clear that she had put in a lot of effort to meet with him in order to obtain the association membership. Then, upon meeting, she had insisted on bringing up the subject of oil painting.

He did not feel any respect or love for design from Yu Yu.

Of course, it was the same for oil paintings.

Everything that she did had a clear ulterior motive.

He had seen too many people like her.

Craig could sense that Ronai was unhappy, and he felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

Yu Yu was very capable in all aspects. Wherever she went, she would receive praise.

He would never have guessed that Ronai would dislike her so much.

Now, he was thinking that it might have been better if they had not met.

However, it was already too late for that.

“Ahem… Let’s not continue to stand here. Let’s go in first. Ronai, don’t you like this restaurant very much?”

Ronai glanced at his watch.

“I have some other matters to attend to. I don’t think there’s a need for us to have a meal.”

At this point, Craig did not know what to say.

Amidst this awkward and cold atmosphere, the small group found a cafe nearby and sat down for a while.

Naturally, since things had not gone well at the start,they could not proceed with the rest of the arrangements.

Yu Yu felt as though she was sitting on pins and needles, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

Everyone managed to make small talk about topics that were not very sensitive. Very soon, Ronai stood up and took his leave.

Yu Yu pursed her lips as she watched Ronai and Lu Senze leave.

Craig sighed.

“I’m sorry, Yu Yu. Ronai might not have been in a good mood today. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Yu Yu forced a smile onto her face.

“Yes, I know. Besides, it’s probably because I have not made a good impression on Teacher Ronai…”

Craig continued.

“That’s just the way he is. Even after so many years, I have not seen many people who have managed to impress him.”

“Then… What about Ning?” Yu Yu asked softly. “I think Ning… is very much appreciated by him…”

Craig was speechless for a moment.

This was something that could not be denied.

Anyone could see this.

However, seeing the unconcealed disappointment on Yu Yu’s face, he could not say that.

After thinking for a moment, he comforted her.

“Perhaps it’s because Ning is the main designer for G&S’s showcase? You should also know that he has always had a good relationship with G&S.”

Yu Yu knew very well that this was just an excuse.

Over the years, G&S had produced more than one designer, yet she had never seen anyone who had ever been appreciated by Ronai for this reason.

He had even been able to accurately describe the themes of all three of Ning’s big shows. How could he remember that so clearly unless he really admired them?

She pursed her lips.


Craig consoled her.

“Forget it, don’t think about it. As long as YU’s showcase is outstanding enough, there’s still hope for you to join the association. In the end, that’s the most important thing.”

Yu Yu took a gentle breath.

“Thank you, I understand.”

As Ronai and Lu Senze walked back, they passed by the Sigri museum again, Ronai could not help but look over there.

The door was tightly shut, so it was likely that the rehearsal had not ended yet.

He asked, “The G&S showcase will be held at 10 a.m. tomorrow?”

Lu Senze immediately replied, “Yes. That will also be the opening event for this year’s fashion week.”

Ronai nodded.

According to tradition, he would always attend the G&S launch. Besides, this time, they would be the opening event for the Bai City Fashion Week.

Lu Senze thought to himself, ‘My teacher seems to really care about Ning. He’s even taken the initiative to ask about the schedule.’

He himself was also a great admirer of Ning, so he could not help but feel a little proud.

“Teacher, so you’ve watched Ning’s previous shows?”

When he had mentioned this earlier, Ronai had not said anything so he had thought that he had not seen much of her shows.

Ronai nodded.

“Her talent in this area is indeed outstanding, especially in the use of color and the juxtapositioning of light and shadow.”

Lu Senze could not hide his excitement.

“Teacher, that’s because she’s not only talented in fashion design! Her oil paintings are also exceptionally good!”

Ronai’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately turned his head to look at him.

“What did you say?”

“Yes! Didn’t you know?”

Lu Senze had thought that since he admired Ning so much, he must have known a lot about her background.

However, in actual fact, Ronai had only just happened to see her shows and nothing more.

“Her oil paintings are very popular in my home country, and they are highly praised. Many people say that she is a rare oil painting genius!”

Ronai stared at him as he carefully asked,”What is the pen name that she uses for her paintings?”