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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 844 - How Can Ning Compare to You  

Chapter 844: How Can Ning Compare to You

The rehearsal lasted about an hour.

Since Shen Li was the main designer of the show, all the clothes and accessories that the models wore were her designs.

The theme had been decided long ago, George and the whole G&S design team had put in a lot of effort in order to present it perfectly,

As the music started, the models entered the venue one by one.

George tilted his head and glanced at Shen Li. Looking at her calm and aloof expression, he could not help but think of the phone call that Edmund had made to him earlier.

“The press conference will be held tomorrow and this will be her first official appearance at the Bai City Fashion Week. At the same time, she will also be the opening event. If it were any other newcomer, they would definitely be extremely nervous. Yet, she’s still so calm!”

She did not seem nervous about facing the critical gazes of the world.

She did not seem excited about becoming famous and getting rich either.

It was as if this was a simple matter to her.

Studying her expression, George finally understood that she was not looking down on this.

On the contrary, every design that was being showcased was proof of her seriousness.

The reason she was so calm was because she was completely confident in her own talent. Also, she had a very pure view of this matter.

She had come here just to do her job well.

She did not even consider what other people might think of the show or what she would gain and lose because of it.

George silently sighed, and the memory of the first time he had seen her suddenly appeared in his mind.

At that time, she had still been an unknown, but she had still had the guts to say, “I’m here to talk about a collaboration with you,” without being condescending.

How could such a person not succeed?

George looked ahead again and stroked his chin.

The Bai City Fashion Week event tomorrow should be very lively.

Ronai and Lu Senze arrived at Durman Garden.

This was also a famous scenic spot in Bai City and would also be the venue for one of the shows for this fashion week.

Craig was already waiting for them at the entrance of the restaurant where they had arranged to meet.

Beside him stood a young woman.

Lu Senze was the first to recognize her and he could not help but mutter in surprise, “Yu Yu?”

Ronai turned his head.

“You know her?”

Lu Senze was also stunned.

“Don’t you know who she is? She personally founded YU. It’s the first high-fashion brand in China to be officially recognized by the Bai City Fashion Association!”

Ronai understood.

“Oh, so that’s her.”

Previously, YU’s application had been submitted by his subordinates. After reading it, he had felt that it was just average and voted against it.

However, there were a total of thirteen members on the committee. YU had managed to receive eight votes, so she had ultimately been selected.

He did not have a deep impression of Yu Yu, let alone its founder, Yu Yu.

However, he had not expected Craig to actually pull some strings for her this time.


Craig smiled as he stepped forward,

“You’re finally here.”

He and Ronai were similar in age. The two of them had known each other for many years and generally had a good relationship.

Therefore, Ronai would still give him face.

He smiled and greeted her.

“I passed by a few shows on the way here, so I took some time to watch them a little longer.”

Craig waved at Yu Yu.

“This is Yu Yu, the founder of YU. I believe you should remember her.”

Yu Yu took a few steps forward with a polite and generous smile on her face.

“Hello, Teacher Ronai. I’m Yu Yu. I’ve admired you for a long time and I even have two of your paintings in my house. It’s such an honor to finally meet you in person today.”

She had not addressed him as “President” but as “Teacher”.

She had also not mentioned fashion week but had started with oil paintings instead.

Anyone who knew Ronai well would know that his true love was oil paintings.

Yu Yu had prepared well before she came and naturally understood this point.

It was a pity that Ronai could see right through her.

After all, he was the head of the Berkshire family so it was no surprise that he had keen eyes.

Therefore, he was not a fan of Yu Yu’s flattery and fawning, and only smiled faintly in return.

“Hello, Miss Yu.”

Yu Yu was stunned. She had not expected such a reaction from Ronai.

He was smiling and was still very polite, but he seemed to be… very distant.

It was obvious that he had not been impressed by her opening statement.

Watching from the side, Craig naturally understood what Ronai meant.

However, Ronai was not easy to please, so this development was within his expectations.

He had a friendship with the Yu family, and he admired Yu Yu Yu very much, which was why he was helping her.

Anyway, Yu Yu was a smart person. If she spent more time with Ronai, there was a chance that she would eventually win him over.

Even if it was just a little.

He smiled.

“Ronai, Yu Yu is very talented in fashion design. Do you still remember her ‘Summer Night Fairy Tale’ collection that I showed you before? It was really–”

“I don’t remember.”

Ronai bluntly replied.

Craig’s voice came to an abrupt halt, as he looked embarrassed.

The smile on Yu Yu’s face froze as well.

That had been her most famous collection, and it had also been because of that collection that Yu Yu had officially been recognized by the Fashion Association.

However, Ronai had just bluntly said that he did not remember it…

However, she quickly adjusted her expression and smiled.

“Teacher Ronai is usually busy with work and has seen so many shows. It’s nothing unusual that you don’t remember mine.”

Ronai nodded, seemingly agreeing with her words.

“I don’t really remember ordinary shows. In the past year or so, there are only a few that I can remember.”

Hearing the first sentence, Yu Yu’s smile became a little forced, but hearing the second sentence, she felt much more relieved.

If he did not remember it, then so be it. After all, that meant she was not the only one that he had not remembered.

“However, there were a few shows that made a deep impression on me,” Ronai said.

Craig asked in surprise, “Oh? Which ones? Those that caught your eye must have been very impressive!”

Ronai smiled.

“G&S’s Night of Thorns.”

Yu Yu’s heart skipped a beat as he continued to speak.

“This one is the best. In addition, their first two showcases weren’t bad either. I remember that one was ‘Flowers and the Moon’ which was in the Chinese national style and I think the other was ‘Snow and Spring’? But personally, I still like ‘Night of Thorns’ the most.”

Yu Yu’s palms were sweaty.

The designer for all these showcases was Shen Li!

Ronai looked at her.

“Speaking of which, both you and she are designers from the Chinese region. So, you should know each other, right?”

Yu Yu forced a smile on her face.

“Yes, we’ve met each other.”

Ronai said, “She’s very talented.”

Yu Yu did not know how to respond.

How could she have imagined that after so much effort to invite Ronai over, he actually spent the whole time praising Shen Li?

Craig seemed to have noticed the awkwardness as well, so he chuckled to smooth things over.

“So you’re talking about Ning! I’ve seen her showcase before, and it was pretty good! Her talent is not inferior to Yu Yu’s!”

Ronai suddenly smiled warmly.

“I actually think that her talent is not as good as Yu Yu’s.”

Yu Yu was both surprised and delighted as if she was overwhelmed by the praise.

“Teacher Ronai, you’re too kind–”

“After all, Ning still needs to watch the rehearsal, but Miss Yu doesn’t need to do that. I think Miss Yu must be very confident in her own designs.”