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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 843 - The Berkshire Family  

Chapter 843: The Berkshire Family

However, this action only lasted for a moment. She quickly recovered and continued to walk forward.

George did not seem to have noticed what was said and followed Shen Li into the museum.

The models followed closely behind.

Shen Li’s figure quickly disappeared behind the door.

Not far away, a young boy stood beside a man who looked to be in his sixties. The man was white-haired and he carried himself with an elegant air. The young boy was following the older man’s gaze as he looked in the direction of the museum strangely.

The young boy called out again.

“Teacher Ronai?”

Only then did Ronai come back to his senses and shake his head.

“It’s nothing. I’m probably seeing things.”

He spoke with a standard Leland accent.

Lu Senze noticed that the older man was still looking in that direction. It was as if he was looking for someone, but at the same time, he seemed to be lost in thought.

He could not tell what the man was thinking about, but his expression carried a rare hint of nostalgia and disappointment.

Such an expression rarely appeared on the face of this world-class oil painter.

Lu Senze had been studying painting with him for a year, but he had never seen such an expression on his face before.

It looked very complicated.

So, after thinking for a moment, he added a little more information.

“Teacher, that’s where the G&S show will be held for this year’s Bai City Fashion Week. The man who just passed by is the Crown Prince of G&S, George. They must be going in for their rehearsal.”

Ronai suddenly asked,”Who was the person next to George?”

Of course he knew who George was, but the other one…

Lu Senze was stunned. He had not expected that the man’s focus had not been on George, but on the person next to him.

He thought about it.

“She looks like a pretty young girl, and she was personally being accompanied by George… If I’m not mistaken, I believe it’s Ning.”


“Yes. She’s the designer that G&S has been working with for more than a year. I believe you should have heard about it.”

Ronai nodded.

Of course, he had heard of Ning before. However, he had never seen her in person before.

In fact, they had not been far away from each other just now, but George and Ning had been surrounded by too many people. With their backs facing them, they could not be seen clearly. All they had been able to see was a tall, slender back and part of a small side profile.

Lu Senze looked at the time and reminded him,”Teacher, it’s almost time for your appointment with Mr. Craig.”

“Hmm,” Ronai responded, as the expression on his became a little lighter.

Lu Senze knew that he was not really keen on meeting with Craig, because he could easily guess why Craig had invited him this time.

The Bai City Fashion Association was about to admit a new member.

As the capital of the world’s fashion trends, Bai City’s status was undeniable.

Founded a hundred years ago, the Bai City Fashion Association had long been the most authoritative existence in the world’s fashion circle.

They were the ones that defined luxury, couture, fashion, and trends.

All brands were committed to winning their recognition.

It was especially true for the newly founded brands. The only way for them to truly occupy a place in the luxury fashion world was to be recognized by them.

The Bai City Fashion Association had originally been co-founded by a number of luxury brand founders and top designers.

Over time, the association had grown, and later to avoid trouble, the association decided to keep the total number of members at thirteen.

These thirteen members were appointed for life, and new members would only be elected if they committed a big mistake or died.

A few months ago, a member of the Association had passed away from an illness, so there was now a vacancy.

It was customary for the Bai Cheng Fashion Association to choose a suitable candidate after fashion week, based on the performance of the major brands and designers that year.

This was the Bai Cheng Fashion Association. Once one crossed that threshold to become a member, it would be of great significance to both the brand and the individual.

Therefore, all parties were eyeing this membership slot.

Unfortunately, Ronai was the current president of the Bai City Fashion Association.

Therefore, during this period of time, hordes of people were trying to build a relationship with him by trying their best to curry favor with him.

Ronai was tired of it. He refused as many as he could.

However, there were some people who were not that easy to refuse, such as Craig.

Craig was currently one of the twelve remaining members. He had also been Ronai’s friend for many years.

Therefore, even though he knew that Craig had ulterior motives for this meal, Ronai could not refuse him and was forced to accept his invitation.

After taking a few steps forward, he could not help but turn to look back.

The museum doors had already closed, and the figure he had been staring at had completely disappeared.

Lu Senze turned back to him. After some thought, he felt that only one guess he could make.

“Teacher, do you also like Ning’s design?”

Ronai looked at him. “Also?”

Lu Senze nodded.

“That’s right! I’ve watched all of her previous showcases! Even through the videos, the showcases have such a huge aesthetic and sensational power. I can’t imagine how impactful it would be if I were to watched it live… Wasn’t that why you were looking at her earlier?”

Ronai paused but did not answer his question directly. All she said was,”Yes, her design truly does have a special aura.”

Her talent was unquestionable.

If not, even someone as proud and picky as George would not give her such special treatment.

Lu Senze chuckled.

“It’s rare to hear you praise someone like that!”

Ronai was an oil painter, and also the head of the Berkshire family.

His great-grandfather, Eugene Berkshire had been the founder of the Bai City Fashion Association.

All these years, the position of President had always been in the hands of the Berkshire family.

When Ronai was young, he had been rebellious and had dedicated himself to pursuing art. However, after his father unexpectedly died, he finally changed his mind and took over the family business, as well as the position of President of the Bai City Fashion Association.

He had the sensitivity and acumen of an artist, yet he also had the shrewdness and wisdom of a businessman.

Therefore, over time, his position had stabilized even further.

It was easy to imagine how high the standards of such a person were.

In fact, Lu Senze had already followed him for more than a year, yet the number of times he had praised someone was really very few.

Ronai looked at him.

“Why are you so happy that I praised her?”

Lu Senze laughed.

“It’s because Ning is also Chinese like me!”

Ronai was actually a very traditional and stubborn person. It was rumored that he only accepted students whose native languages were English and German.

This was because the Berkshire family had originated from Leland and made their fortune in Bai City.

Lu Senze was his first Chinese student, which had caused a big stir at the time.

Ronai seemed to be lost in thought as he contemplated something in his mind.

After a moment, he muttered,”Speaking of which, your home country has indeed produced quite a number of geniuses…”

He said this so softly that Lu Senze was unable to hear him very clearly.

“Teacher, what did you say?”

Ronai shook his head.

“It’s nothing, let’s go. If we’re late, Craig will nag us for a long time.”

At this moment, Shen Li and the others had entered the museum.

They came to a long hall corridor with huge white columns on both sides. Exquisitely beautiful murals had been painted on the ceiling.

Shen Li was sitting on a chair at one end of the hall while George sat next to her.

“All models please prepare–”

Shen Li clapped her hands.