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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 842 - Who Are You Looking At  

Chapter 842: Who Are You Looking At

Shen Li took her phone out and glanced at it. She had just sent a message to Lu Huaiyu, yet he had not replied yet.

Could he still be sleeping?

After thinking for a moment, she sent another message to Lu Huaiyu, explaining that she would be attending the rehearsal for the G&S show and would be back later.

There still seemed to be no movement in there.

After waiting for a short while at the door, Shen Li decided that he had to be fast asleep, so she did not continue to knock on the door and turned around to leave.

After going downstairs, Shen Li waited in the hotel lobby for ten minutes before George arrived in his car.

As usual, he was in an eye-catching and stylish supercar.

He sat in the car and smiled at Shen Li in a very ostentatious manner.


Many of the people who were around looked over.

It would be really difficult not to recognize George’s face.

After hearing him call out, many people’s attention quickly shifted to Shen Li.

Shen Li was at a loss for words.

She really felt the urge to call Gu Siyang over so that she could see for herself which of these two people was more flashy.

“Huh? Is Second Master Lu not coming with you?”

George seemed surprised to see that Shen Li had come alone.

Shen Li glanced at the two-seater supercar.

“What? So, did you drive this car here so that I could drive Second Brother over to watch the rehearsal?”

The smile on George’s face froze and he coughed lightly.

“I was just kidding! After all, he accompanied you all the way from the Capital to Bai City. Now, you’re going to watch the rehearsal, but he’s not coming with you?”

“Second Brother is resting,” said Shen Li as she got into the passenger seat.

George remembered that Lu Huaiyu had indeed been busy taking care of Shen Li on the journey here, so he understood.


He started the car and drove forward.

Shen Li turned her head to look at him.

“But, didn’t you go home earlier? I thought that I would be going to the rehearsal together with Edmund.”

A look of pain immediately appeared on George’s handsome face.

“Dear, it wasn’t easy for me to escape.”

Shen Li was silent for a moment. “Yes, I can see that.”

George was silent.

He sighed in slight irritation.

“Do you know how many pictures of ladies and socialites I saw in the hour that I went back? My eyes have almost gone completely blurry.”

George was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Compton. Naturally, the couple doted on him greatly. Most of the time, they respected all of George’s wishes and thoughts.

All except for one thing– marriage.

“I’ve already told them that I don’t want to get married, yet they still insist on introducing me to all kinds of marriage partners.”

George felt depressed just at the mention of this.

It would definitely be very beneficial for a person to be able to marry into the family that owned G&S.

However, George did not like it.

He did not like this arrangement, and he did not feel anything for the women that he was matchmade with.

He had already been playing around for quite some time. If not for fashion week this time, he probably would not have even come back.

If it were not for the fact that he was taking Ning to the rehearsal, he would have been trapped at home today.

Thus, he was being particularly active at the moment.

Shen Li nodded in understanding.

George was such a character. If he was forced into marriage, it would probably be very painful for him.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore, and let’s just look forward to the rehearsal later.”

As George said this, his mood lightened and he clearly looked much happier.

“You’ve only watched it on the video before, but it’s better to watch it live than through the screen. Ning, your design this time is really…”

George clicked his tongue.


The Bai City Fashion Week would run for half a month. During this period, there would be a total of hundreds of fashion shows.

The venues were also relatively scattered according to the brand’s rank and style,

This year, the G&S show would be held at the Sigri Museum, just one street from the Bai City Cathedral.

At this time of the year, Bai City was always very lively.

At first glance, among the people who were coming and going, the proportion of models in the crowd is very high.

In addition, photographers and other people were also everywhere.

In short, even the air was filled with a sense of fashion and luxury.

As George’s car passed by, it attracted the attention of many.

Shen Li pressed down the front of her baseball cap until half of her small face was hidden in its shadow.

However, with her long, wavy hair and the part of her beautiful face that was exposed, it was not difficult to guess her identity.

“Is that Ning?”

“I think so!”

“I heard that she only just arrived this afternoon, so I suppose she’s going to watch the rehearsal for G&S’ show now?”

“I think so. I wonder what their design theme will be this time. I’m really curious!”

“Her previous shows have been very successful. This time will probably be no exception…”

In the fashion industry, the status of designers was very high.

Therefore, Shen Li’s appearance had immediately attracted the crowd’s attention.

This situation even continued until they arrived at the show venue.

The square in front of the Sigri Museum was crowded with people.

All the models that were participating in this show had gathered here. All of them had excellent figures and were dressed exquisitely.

The moment George’s car appeared, it immediately attracted their attention.

However, their attention was soon attracted by Shen Li, who was next to him.

Shen Li pushed the car door open and got out of the car.

She was wearing a baseball cap on her head, a white t-shirt, and a black casual coat over it. The cuffs had been rolled up to reveal her slender, white wrists.

She looked cold and aloof, but she carried herself with a natural sense of pride.

There seemed to be an innate aura around her.

Many people were stunned.

Most of the people present today were models who had been hired externally by G&S. Thus, very few of them had actually seen Shen Li in person before.

The only they knew was that the designer that G&S was very strongly promoting had only turned eighteen years old this year and that she was still in university.

They had not expected the real person to be so… Wow!

Shen Li looked up.

“Why have they not gone in yet?”

George had also gotten out of the car and walked over to her side. Hearing this, he smiled and explained, “Aren’t we all just waiting for you? The designer hasn’t arrived yet, so how can the rehearsal begin?”

Shen Li raised her chin.

“Let’s go then.”

Saying this, she took the lead and walked inside.

The crowd of models was stunned by her aura. Everyone quieted down as their gazes followed her.

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the left side at the back.

“Ms. Ronai, who are you looking at?”

Shen Li stopped in her tracks.