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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 840 - Staying In One Room?   

Chapter 840: Staying In One Room?


The climate in Bai City was mild and humid, which made it a very liveable city.

The weather at the end of March meant that the place usually had just the right amount of sunshine.

Shen Li sat in the back seat of the car and looked out of the window.

The streets were clean and lush with greenery. On both sides of the street, there were many uniquely designed buildings in the Gothic style.

As they drove along the road, they passed by a magnificent stone gate building.

“This is the only way in and out of Bai City. It’s also a landmark building in Bai City– The Holman Gate.”

As Edmund sat in the passenger seat, he introduced Bai City’s scenic spots and history to Shen Li.

As a citizen of Bai City, he was naturally very familiar with everything here.

Shen Li looked out into the distance and spotted a dome-shaped building. The huge and gorgeous dome was particularly eye-catching.

“Is that the Bai City Cathedral?”

Edmund followed her line of sight and nodded with a smile.

“Yes, it’s more than a hundred years old.”

He turned to look at Shen Li.

“Is Ning interested in that?”

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curved up slightly.

“I’ve heard my father mention it before.”

Edmund let out an “Ah”.

“I almost forgot. Ning’s father has spent a lot of time in Bai City.”

The headquarters of Fino Laboratory and Universe were both here.

The focus of Shen Zhijin’s work had mostly been in Bai City, so naturally, he was very familiar with this place.

“Since Ning will be in Bai City for the next few days, you’ll be able to take some time to take a look around.”

Shen Li nodded lightly.

“Yes, that is my intention.”

Seeing Lu Huaiyu out of the corner of his eye, Edmund said,

“Oh right, I seem to remember that Mr. Lu also spent some time in Bai City before?”

Lu Huaiyu hummed in reply.

“I worked at Fino Laboratory for a year.”

Edmund smiled and said, “Then Mr. Lu should be very familiar with this place.”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips twitched slightly.

In actual fact, he was more familiar with Leland.

“The two of you will be able to rest at the hotel today. The G&S showcase will be the opening event for this fashion week. It will officially be held at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The opening ceremony was of great significance.

There was no other brand that was more suitable for this honor than G&S.

This also meant that the G&S Women’s Fall/Winter collection, which Shen Li was in charge of, would be the first showcase of this fashion week.

It could really be said that it would be the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Okay,” Shen Li replied.

She had already known about this when she had checked her schedule earlier.

Hearing her casual response, Edmund could not help but ask in surprise, “Ning, aren’t you nervous at all?”

She was not even nineteen years old yet, and this would be her first time appearing in a fashion week. How could she… How could she be so calm?

Shen Li raised her eyebrows and asked in return, “Why should I be nervous?”

She had always had enough confidence in her own designs.

Edmund was momentarily stunned. As he looked at her clear, dark, peach blossom eyes, he could see that she looked extremely calm.

She was truly not nervous.

After a moment, Edmund laughed.

“That’s right. After all, you’re Ning!”

He pointed outside. The electronic screen on the building, the promotional billboards on the street, and the G&S logos could be seen everywhere.

“You don’t know how popular the designs from your previous shows have been in Bai City.”

All those shows had been held in the Capital. The intention had been to expand the Chinese market and expand their related businesses.

However, because the designs had been so brilliant, they had also caused quite a stir in Bai City.

It was well-known that Bai City was the world’s fashion capital. It had the most famous luxury brands, the most talented designers, and the most critical critics.

Every year, countless people came here with their dreams, all for the sake of gaining a place in the world’s top fashion circle.

Very few actually succeeded.

However, Shen Li had done it.

Before she had even set foot here, she had already carved her name deeply with her designs.

This was also why so many members of the media had been waiting at the airport today.

“Ning, you have no idea how popular you are in Bai City.”

Edmund smiled.

“You are undoubtedly the most dazzling star at this fashion week.”

After confirming Yu Cheng’s attendance, Yu Yu’s mood was much better.

However, this good mood did not last for long because she quickly saw the huge billboard advertising G&S on the street.

It was G&S’ promotion ad for the Bai City Fashion Week.

On the colorful promotional poster, the opening date of March 22 had been printed. Below it was the G&S logo, as well as–


The juxtapositioning of the silver and gold characters, colliding and interweaving with each other, created a dazzling spark that was particularly eye-catching.

Even though it was a simple flat poster, it was capable of making people feel the surging tension that seemed to almost burst out of the picture.

Yu Yu tightened her grip on her phone.

G&S had always placed a lot of importance on Shen Li, which was a fact that was recognized by everyone.

However, she had never expected it to reach such a stage.

They were clearly placing Shen Li on an equal footing with the whole of G&S.

She had only held a few big shows so far, yet G&S was actually promoting her to such an extent?

It was not that G&S had never produced an outstanding designer before. Their latest fashion director, Edmund, had already worked for G&S Group for several years and was also an undisputed top designer in the fashion industry.

Even he had never received such treatment, right?

However, Shen Li had.

As the car continued to drive forward, Yu Yu could see G&S’ promotional posters every once in a while.

After seeing so many of them, she finally understood why the media had reacted in that way today.

“Lil Yu?”

Having heard no sound for some time, Yu Cheng felt that something was off and called out to her twice.

Yu Yu quickly regained her senses.


“What are you thinking about? I called you a few times.”

“No, I just saw… I saw Shen Li’s promotional posters and took a few more glances.”

Hearing Shen Li’s name, Yu Cheng frowned and his voice turned cold.

“Her? In Bai City?”


Yu Yu lowered her voice.

“Oh, Brother, you usually don’t pay much attention to these things, so you might not know this yet. Shen Li has also been invited to attend the Bai City Fashion Week. Coincidentally, I was on the same flight as her.”

Only then did Yu Cheng remember that Shen Li had another identity: Ning.

“G&S treats her very well. I can tell that they put a lot of effort into promoting her. I reckon that she will shine again this time. After all, her previous shows have been quite successful.”

Yu Yu’s words sounded very objective, but Yu Cheng since had a grudge against Shen Li, the more he heard, the angrier he got.

He interrupted Yu Yu coldly.

“Don’t mention her anymore!”

Yu Yu paused, seemingly apologetic.

“I’m sorry, Brother. When I saw the poster, I naturally thought of this. I didn’t mean to mention her on purpose…”

Of course, Yu Cheng could not really be angry with Yu Yu over such a matter.

It was just that when he heard that Shen Li had gone to Bai City and seemed to be feeling so proud of herself, his dissatisfaction and resentment towards her increased.

After a moment, he sneered.

“Alright, I really have to go to Bai City this time. I’d like to see how long she can remain feeling so pleased with herself.”

Shen Li had come as a collaborative designer with G&S, so her accommodation and itinerary had basically been arranged by G&S.

The hotel she would be staying at was the only six-star hotel in Bai City, and it was also under G&S.

They were checking in at the front desk when Edmund suddenly thought of something. Looking at Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu, he asked, “Will you two… be staying in the same room?”