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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 839 - She Was Worth It    

Chapter 839: She Was Worth It

As soon as the elegant looking man made his appearance, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Many of the reporters looked at each other.

“Who is this? Is he Ning’s boyfriend?”

“Is he a celebrity? Or a model? I don’t think I’ve seen this face before during previous fashion weeks. If he has ever been here before, I guarantee that I would definitely remember him!”

“I remember someone mentioning to me before that Ning’s boyfriend is the president of the Lu Corporation in the Capital?”

When the Lu Corporation in the Capital was mentioned, many people were shocked.

The Lu Corporation also had many businesses overseas and was quite well-known.

For many years, Lu Huaiyu had always kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public. He only appeared occasionally in the financial news section. Many people had only heard of his name but did not know what he looked like in person.

No one had expected him to actually come with Shen Li this time.

After a brief moment of confusion, the reporters became even more excited.

However, perhaps because Lu Huaiyu had such a domineering aura, none of the members of the media who were around actually dared to step forward after what he had said. They even hesitated to ask any further questions.

Lu Huaiyu stepped forward with his long legs.

The reporters in front immediately stepped back and automatically cleared a path for them.

George, who had just arrived, could not help but click his tongue when he saw this scene.

How was it that Lu Huaiyu was able to turn any place that he went, into his own territory wherever he went?

Lu Huaiyu held Shen Li’s hand tightly as he led her out.

Everyone watched helplessly, but no one dared to move forward.

After taking a few steps, Lu Huaiyu suddenly paused.

“Oh yes, Mr. George is right behind us. If you have any questions, you can ask him.”

He deliberately did not lower his voice as he said this, so George, who was walking behind him, heard him clearly.

George was dumbfounded.

Had he just dumped the responsibility onto him? Without even a transition?

Hearing this, everyone suddenly became spirited again and quickly turned around.

George was the Crown Prince of G&S. He was handsome, flirtatious, and had always been the focus of the media.

It had been a while since he had returned to Bai City. Since the Bai City Fashion Week was about to begin, both he and G&S were a top priority this time.

Therefore, without any hesitation, everyone rushed toward George.

“Mr. George! Are you personally accompanying Ning this time?”

“May I ask how many years long is the contract between G&S and Ning? When the contract expires, would G&S be interested in extending her contract?”

“The previous shows that Ning has done for G&S have been a huge success. G&S’s performance last year was a lot higher than the year before it, and the company’s stock price has been on the rise. It’s said that you were the one who stood up to the public’s objections and insisted on appointing Ning as the main designer, which led to its subsequent success. So, what is it that caused you to be so firm in your choice of selecting Ning at that time?”

George was silent.

He was feeling in a delicate mood.

This was the first time that he had been surrounded by so many media outlets, yet no one had asked him about his private life.

It was clear that they did not even care about him. All their focus was on one person– Ning.

If they wanted to ask about this person, then why had they not done it when that person had been right in front of them? Why didn’t they just go over to her now? Instead, they had come to him to question him in such a roundabout way.

George looked at the two people who had already pushed open the door and walked out. He was speechless.

He really had too much on his shoulders.

However, since it was about Ning and G&S, George still had to give them some face.

He spread his hands.

“These are trade secrets which I can’t reveal to you. However, I can give you the answer to the last question immediately.”

A perfect smile appeared on his handsome face, and his gentle and affectionate eyes blinked gently as he spoke.

“Even if you gave me another hundred chances, I would still choose her. That’s because… with her gifts and talent, she would be worth it.”

Since all the attention and bombardment of questions had shifted to George, the atmosphere around Shen Li suddenly became much more relaxed.

When she and Lu Huaiyu walked out of the airport, they spotted a few cars waiting by the roadside.

A man got out of the first car and walked toward them with a smile.

It was Edmund.

“Mr. Lu, Ning.”

He had received a message from George earlier, informing him that Lu Huaiyu would be accompanying Shen Li this time. Thus, he was not surprised to see them together now.

“The two of you must be tired from the journey. Why don’t you get in the car so you can go to the hotel to get some rest?”

As he spoke, he pointed to the car behind him.

G&S had specially sent three cars over. One was for Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li, one was for George, and the last one was for the two executives.

Shen Li glanced over. The supercar in the middle was very eye-catching.

“George has other plans?”

Edmund smiled. “Yes. It’s been a long time since he has been home. Mr. and Mrs. Compton are waiting for him.”

These two were George’s parents.

Shen Li nodded in understanding.

“We won’t wait for him then.”

On the other side, Yu Yu and her assistant came to a car that was parked by the roadside.

It had specially come to pick her up.

Yu Yu turned her head and saw Edmund, Shen Li, and Lu Huaiyu getting into the same car.

This director of G&S was notorious for being arrogant and eccentric. However, today, he had actually personally come to pick Shen Li up.

“President Yu?”

The assistant urged.

Yu Yu withdrew her gaze. Then, keeping the expression on her face neutral, she got into the back seat.

As the car in front slowly drove away, she glanced at it a few times before lowering her head to take her phone out to call Yu Cheng.

After a few rings, the person on the other end picked up.

Yu Yu’s voice was as gentle and intimate as ever.

“Brother, I’ve arrived in Bai City.”

The background on Yu Cheng’s end was a little noisy. He was probably at a bar or some similar place.

“My showcase will be held the day after tomorrow. Brother, you should be here by then, right?”

Yu Cheng replied,”The day after tomorrow?”


During the two weeks of the Bai City Fashion Week, over a hundred big shows would be held. Apart from the contents of the shows themselves, the invited guests were also very important.

The more important people who were invited, the more it would prove the appeal of the brand and the more eye-catching the show would be.

YU was the only high-fashion brand in the country that was recognized by Bai Cheng Fashion Association. It was considered impressive, but compared to the international luxury brands, it was still lacking.

Therefore, although YU had done a good job of promoting itself in its own home country and relied on this recognition that had been given by the association to gain the support and admiration of many people, YU did not have any advantages in the Bai City Fashion Week.

When considering her guest list, Yu Yu had used her own connections to make the show look lively and cool.

The reason she had invited Yu Cheng was not because Yu Cheng was actually interested in this. It was because his presence would make the entire Yu family pay more attention to her career and achievements here.

“Oh yes, I seem to remember that when you guys were choosing models, there was someone called Pan… Pan something on the list?”

Yu Cheng had changed the topic.

“She seems to be a newcomer?”

“Pan Jiajia.”

Yu Yu smiled.

“She’s a very outstanding newcomer model. She’s only 20 years old, with good business skills and overall quality. This is her first time officially appearing on the catwalk of the Bai City Fashion Week.”

Yu Cheng took the cigarette that his female companion handed over to him and smiled.

“Alright, I’ll definitely go and support my sister the day after tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Brother.”