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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 835 - As Long as She Likes It  

Chapter 835: As Long as She Likes It

Yi Bin repeated, “Bai City.”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly.

“What a coincidence.”

Yi Bin reacted for a split second before he quickly responded.

“Are you going to Bai City the day after tomorrow as well?”

He had already known that Lu Huaiyu would be accompanying Shen Li to the Bai City Fashion Week, but the exact date had never been set.

By the sound of it, it looked like it would be on the day after tomorrow.

Lu Huaiyu hummed lightly in reply.

“Book the flight for 9:50 a.m. the day after tomorrow.”

Yi Bin understood that this matter concerned Shen Li, so there would be no room for compromise.

He immediately said, “Alright, Second Master. Then Shengguang–”

Lu Huaiyu leaned against the back of the sofa as his fair and slender fingers lightly tapped twice.

“Then please delay the time until I come back from Bai City.”


Yi Bin had just agreed when he suddenly thought of something.

“Second Master, why don’t I approach Shengguang’s people and ask for their boss’ contact information? Perhaps you can meet with their boss in Bai City?”

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at Shen Li.

Shen Li’s eyelids drooped slightly as she held a glass of water.

After a moment, Lu Huaiyu said, “No need.”

“Alright, Second Master.”

Lu Huaiyu ended the call.

Only then did Shen Li raise her eyes.

“If Second Brother is busy with something, please feel free to go ahead with that. You don’t have to accompany me.”

Lu Huaiyu casually placed his phone to the side.

“It’s not an important matter. It’s the same even if it’s a few days later.”

Shen Li nodded and gently rubbed the glass with one hand. After a moment, she asked, “I thought that Special Assistant Yi’s suggestion was pretty good too. Why did Second Brother reject it?”

“None of that is as important as you. Besides, Shengguang’s boss has always been very mysterious within the industry. If he was willing to show his face in public, he wouldn’t have kept any relevant personal information private up until now.”

Shen Li said softly, “Oh.”

“One more thing.”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly smiled faintly,

“The morning after tomorrow, George will be on the same flight as you, right?”

Shen Li immediately thought of the photos in her phone.

She nodded seriously.



Two days passed very quickly.

Early in the morning, a black SUV slowly stopped outside the gate of Skyleaf City’s residential area.

In the car sat George and two other G&S executives from the Capital, a man and a woman who were both in their thirties.

They had come specifically to pick Shen Li up.

George called Shen Li as he sat in the passenger seat.

After a few rings, the other side picked up.

George smiled.

“Ning, we’re already in Skyleaf City. Which building do you live in?”

Shen Li was a little surprised.

“Are you here to pick me up?”

“What else?” George clicked his tongue. “You’re going to Bai City with us as a collaborative designer with G&S. Of course, these small matters–”

“I’m already out.”


George was stunned. He rolled down the window and looked to the gate of the residential area.

“I don’t see you.”

“I’m here.”

A familiar voice came from the side.

George frowned slightly. The voice sounded very close…

He turned his head and saw a black Bentley driving slowly from the right side.

The rear window was half opened, and a clear and cold figure came into view.

Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

“Mr. George, what a coincidence.”

Shen Li was sitting beside Lu Huaiyu. She leaned out slightly and waved her phone at George.

George was stunned.

Why was Lu Huaiyu here too?!

Meeting Lu Huaiyu’s gaze, George laughed.

“This is quite a coincidence! Second Master Lu, are you sending Ning to the airport?”

Lu Huaiyu’s smile was gentle.

“No, I’ll be accompanying her to Bai City.”

The smile on George’s face froze.

After a while, he struggled to speak.

“I remember that Second Master Lu has never been interested in these kinds of things… but with Ning this time, of course, it’s different. Haha!”

With Lu Huaiyu’s status, he received many invitations to events like this, but he rarely attended them.

It was clear who he was here for.

George laughed dryly.

“Second Master Lu is really…”

“I heard that the menswear collection that will be showcased by G&S at this fashion week is quite bold and avant-garde. Since it’s so unique, you can say that I’m going there due to its reputation.”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly.

“I think that it’ll be pretty good.”

George was stunned into silence.

He knew it!

As expected, he knew it!

This was what he had originally thought, but now he found himself regretting it!

George’s lips moved, and he said awkwardly, “The style of G&S’ menswear collection this time is actually more… Hmm… I don’t think it’s a style that Second Master Lu would appreciate. It’s actually fine if you don’t the show…”

“That doesn’t matter,” Lu Huaiyu smiled politely, “as long as Ah Li thinks it’s good.”

George was flabbergasted.

Now he was sure that he really regretted what he had done!

He turned his gaze slightly and looked at Shen Li.

“Hehe… Ning, Second Master Lu wants to go with us. Why didn’t you say anything about this before? It’s quite sudden…”

Shen Li nodded.

“I thought so too when you sent me Edmund’s design.”

George shut his mouth completely, unable to say anything more.

Finally, he could clearly see that in dealing with these two people, one was more difficult to deal with than the other!

During the hour’s journey to the Capital Airport, George was very quiet.

The two executives did not know what was going on and were actually quite happy to see that Lu Huaiyu was coming along.

It was obvious that Lu Huaiyu would be accompanying Ning to the G&S runway show.

It had always been difficult to get him to accept an invitation to their events. If he was able to attend this time, it would definitely cause quite a stir.

“I’ve long heard that Second Master Lu is very partial to Ning. He never attended such an event before. Now, he’s going along just for her.”

“Didn’t he attend her last show ‘Thorns’? He’s clearly showing his support for his girlfriend!”

“Just now, he even seemed to have praised our menswear line? Then–”

The two executives whispered to each other, their words not able to hide their excitement.

George closed his eyes in despair.

Capital Airport.

The small group of people checked in and headed to the boarding gate.

Lu Huaiyu was pushing the two carry-on luggage with one hand while holding Shen Li’s hand in the other.

George was a few steps behind as he walked with the two executives.

Many people around them could not help but look their way. This was mainly because these people were very good-looking, so it was difficult to ignore them.

Some people even asked in quiet voices if they were celebrities or something.

When they reached the lounge area at the boarding gate, a familiar voice rang out.

“I’m sorry, my time is limited. I really can’t go to your show.”

Shen Li looked up and her eyebrows lifted slightly.

It was Yu Yu.