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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 830 - Shen Tangtang, I Seem to Be a Little Thirsty

Chapter 830: Shen Tangtang, I Seem to Be a Little Thirsty

Her voice was extremely soft, like a feather brushing past his ear and falling into the bottom of his heart.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head and moved to kiss her.

Shen Li tilted her head and moved away slightly.

Her sparkling peach blossom eyes curved into a smile.

“Is this signature okay?”

Lu Huaiyu’s Adam’s apple rolled as he held her waist tightly and their bodies were extremely close to each other.

Even though they were separated by their clothes, Shen Li could still feel the heat emanating from his body.

His voice was slightly husky.

“Where did you learn to run away after flirting with me?”

Shen Li blinked.

“Second Brother, it’s not good to do this in public, right?”

It was all aside cleanly.

Lu Huaiyu pressed the tip of his tongue against his upper palate. After a moment later, his thin lips curled up.


As he said this, he let go of her waist and turned to hold her hand.

“Let me send you back.”

Shen Li was a little surprised by his words.

It was only past seven o’clock now. Usually, Lu Huaiyu would not let her go so early.

Today was indeed–

As if he had guessed her thoughts, Lu Huaiyu raised his chin.

“If you stay any longer, you might have to hold a fan meeting here.”

Following his line of sight, Shen Li saw three boys standing nearby as they looked over at them.

They whispered to each other as they stood there looking over. They were probably hesitating whether they should come over and greet them.

Shen Li coughed lightly.



The two of them came out of the park and walked along the road towards the institute.

“Are you still going to the lab tonight?” Lu Huaiyu asked casually.

Shen Li nodded slightly.

“Yes, but there aren’t many things to do. I’ll be starting the last experiment of my project tomorrow so I’ll just need to go over and do some preparatory work later.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded and continued to walk forward with her.

Shen Li turned to look at him, with the thought that he would have a lasting memory of her since she had bitten him today.

“What are you looking at?”

Lu Huaiyu sensed her gaze and turned to look.

Shen Li blinked.

“I’m looking to see if Second Brother will hold a grudge against me over such a small matter.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Trivial matter?

So in the eyes of the little girl, this was… a trivial matter?

“How could it be?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and spoke in a languid tone of voice.

“You already said it was a trivial matter.”

Shen Li thought that from the park until they came here, he had indeed–

Suddenly, her footsteps stopped, and she looked around in surprise.

They had come to a small hillside, interspersed with trees and shrubs, with a cobblestone path in the middle.

“Second Brother, why are we on this road?”

Her focus had been completely on him so she had not paid much attention to their surroundings. Now, she realized that they had just deviated from the main road and arrived here.

“It’s closer to the Institute of Physics from here,” Lu Huaiyu said, “And it’s quieter.”

If they were to walk on the main road, they would have to make a half-circle to get back to the Institute of Physics. Taking this road was considered a shortcut.

Shen Li nodded.

The whole day at school today, people had continuously come to look for her. It was indeed rare for her to have some peace and quiet.

On one side of the street, the street lamps were standing at regular intervals. The dim yellow light spilled down, casting a halo of light on the ground.

After taking a few steps, Lu Huaiyu suddenly stopped.

Finding it a little strange, Shen Li turned around to look. Almost at the moment that she had turned around, she felt her back against a warm and firm chest.

In the next moment, he easily pulled her into his arms.

Subconsciously, she raised her head.

“Second Brother– Oh!”

She only had time to speak this half-sentence before the rest of her words were swallowed by him.

He kissed and nibbled on her soft lips. Both gently but firmly, he pried her lips open, and his lips curled up.

Shen Li pushed him a little, but she did not push him away.

He held her around her slender waist. With the burning hot palm of his hand exerting an irresistible force, he was also extremely patient, sucking and nibbling her bit by bit before gradually going deeper.

The scorching hot breath mixed with the cool cedar smell on his body was intoxicating.

The surroundings were quiet, with only the sound of the wind blowing the leaves, and the slightly rapid breathing of the couple.

Shen Li’s body gradually softened. Her slender white fingers grabbed his shirt at his chest and gradually tightened.

He kissed her lips, before slightly tilting his head. The hot temperature seemed to brand the side of her delicate neck.

She shivered, and a very light moan came out from her throat.


As soon as the sound left her mouth, she immediately blushed and silenced herself.

However, Lu Huaiyu had already heard it.

The hand that he was using to press against her waist immediately tightened, as he felt his sanity in danger.

After a long while, he kissed the soft skin of the side of her face again. Then, with an extremely husky voice, he said, “Shen Tangtang, I seem to be a little thirsty.”

Shen Li did not speak. She merely buried her face in his neck, as she felt her face burning hot.

They were so close to each other that they could feel every little change in each other’s bodies very clearly.

Their surroundings became quieter and quieter. She could even hear their rapid heartbeats beating together.

Lu Huaiyu raised his head slightly as his Adam’s apple moved up and down.

After a while, a thought came to Shen Li’s mind and she gave him a slightly accusatory look.

“Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t fuss over these trivial matters with me just now?”


Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh.

“Since it’s such a trivial matter for you, naturally, it’s a trivial matter for me too. Since I didn’t take issue with you over it just now, then shouldn’t you also not take issue over it with me now?”

Shen Li’s eyes widened slightly as her small face flushed red, and the corners of her eyes were almost tinged with a faint color.

How could she be so unreasonable?

Lu Huaiyu was standing in the faint shadows of the lamps, as if there was a layer of warm light enveloping him.

He looked at her, with his intense phoenix-like eyes, and the corners of his lips curled into an extremely faint smile.

“Didn’t you just ask what I thought about this signature?”

His eyelids drooped slightly, and his gaze fell on her moist and full lips. His fingertips suddenly pressed against hers with a touch that was neither too heavy nor too light.

In a moment, Shen Li almost felt as if her heart had tightened and was beating along with it.

The evening wind was blowing.

His low and lazy voice fell into the wind, seemingly with a smile.

“This is my answer.”