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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 829 - Is All Yours  

Chapter 829: Is All Yours

The boy in yellow stood up with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Professor, that… I’m not a student of this class…”

Professor Fang chuckled.

“I know. You’re not a student of this class, yet you still came here to listen to the lecture. It can be seen that your enthusiasm for learning is high! Come, come up here and write the solution down!”

The boy in yellow blushed in embarrassment.

“… Professor, I’m from the Faculty of Arts…”

They didn’t study Advanced Mathematics either!

Professor Fang’s face was filled with regret.

“Ah, is that so…”

That meant that he really would not be able to do it.

After all, when it came to Advanced Mathematics, he would only be able to do it if he was familiar with it. If he did not know it, then he would not be able to do it.

He put his hand down.

“Alright, then sit down.”

The male student in yellow immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the moment his buttocks touched the seat, he heard Professor Fang say with a smile, “This class is very good. The lessons that will be taught today are all quite simple. I’ll test you on them later.”


A look of despair appeared on the face of the boy in yellow.

Professor Fang then turned his attention to another person.

“The one leaning against the wall, the second from the bottom. The tall boy, you come here.”

The guy who stood up was also in a difficult position.

“Professor, I’m from the Physical Education Department.”

If he was asked to write down the solution to the question on the blackboard, he would not know how to do it!

Professor Fang sighed, but his attitude remained gentle.

“Okay, then you should sit down first and listen carefully. If you don’t understand anything later, remember to ask.”


Professor Fang looked left and right.

Everyone lowered their heads in unison, afraid that they would be chosen if they were not careful.


Professor Fang silently sighed.

After all, it was true that not everyone could be compared to Lu Huaiyu.

Thinking of this, Professor Fang’s heart felt a lot more comforted.

Although that kid often gave him a headache, he was indeed smart. In his class–

Professor Fang’s gaze became much more loving. Looking at the last row, he saw Lu Huaiyu leaning to the side as he held Shen Li’s hand and whispered something in her ear.

Professor Fang stayed quiet.

Silently, he opened the cup and took a sip of Chrysanthemum tea.

His anger was really getting stronger and stronger!

Lu Huaiyu was holding Shen Li’s hand.

The warm temperature came from the palm of his hand as his fingertips carelessly rubbed against the back of her hand. His touch caused her hand to tingle.

As if sensing her gaze, Lu Huaiyu raised his eyes and looked at her.

“Ah Li doesn’t seem to have given me an autograph yet, right?”

Shen Li did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“What does Second Brother want this for? It’s just a signature.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“Everyone else has my girlfriend’s autograph, so why don’t I?”

These words…

They seemed to make sense, but also seemed to have a double meaning.

To say that this man was not willing to suffer a loss was really–

She struggled to free her hand, but Lu Huaiyu did not let go.

As if he noticed something, he lowered his head and said, “What is it that you want to say?”

Shen Li looked at him. The lines of his profile were perfectly smooth and elegant.

She blinked.

“Second Brother, don’t you want an autograph? Let me write it down for you.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his chin slightly, and Shen Li followed his gaze.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to laugh.

“A signature on an Advanced Mathematics textbook?”

Shen Li paused to think.

That did not seem to be appropriate.

“Then, where does Second Brother want me to put my signature?”

Lu Huaiyu laughed softly, the tone of his voice was unhurried.

“This signature is very important. You can’t just simply sign it anywhere. I’ll tell you when I’ve chosen the place.”

Shen Li nodded.


For many people, this class seemed to go on for an exceptionally long time.

When the class was almost over, Professor Fang called out the students he had called upon earlier to answer the questions again.

The boy in yellow barely managed to answer the question, but the one from the Physical Education Department was even more miserable. He got stuck while attempting to answer the question. Professor Fang explained the answer to him in great detail again, but he still did not understand it.

There were two to three other boys who had also come to the class, but they were unable to answer the questions either.

In the end, Professor Fang ended the class by saying, “All of you, go to my office after class. I’ll give you a good lecture.”.

The few boys who had just been chosen had all been excited when they had come to the class earlier. However, they had not expected to end up getting stuck in Professor Fang’s Advanced Mathematics class. They did not react until Professor Fang’s figure had disappeared outside the door.

The male student from the Physical Education Department asked blankly, “I clearly don’t study Advanced Mathematics! Why do I have to take a remedial class now?”

Someone patted him on the shoulder.

“Professor Fang’s class is very hard to get into, and now, he’s taking the initiative to give you guys a special lesson. Brother, this is a rare opportunity!”


Someone from the front turned around and gave a gloating smile.

“Considering that you guys came all the way to the classroom and disturbed Shen Li while in class, it’s already generous that Professor Fang didn’t ask you to hand in another assignment!”

Who did not know that Professor Fang favored this class representative greatly?

“No.” Another boy who was also being forced to take up a remedial lesson was also full of dissatisfaction. “Then doesn’t Senior Lu accompany her to this class every time too?”

“Tsk. How can we be considered on the same level as Senior Lu? Previously, Professor Fang once posed a question with an uncertain answer. Yet, wasn’t it Lu Huaiyu who went up to solve it, right?”

“That’s right. Besides, why don’t you take a look at the relationship between the two of them?”

As they spoke, they all turned their heads to look at the back row of the classroom, only to see that the two people at the center of their conversation had already left.

In the evening, Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li finished their meal and went for a walk in the park together.

At this time, it was almost dusk and the students who were at the park were in groups of twos and threes.

Although their faces could not be seen clearly, their figures were still very easy to recognize. From time to time, people would come over to greet them.

It was also obvious that more people were coming for Shen Li.

The two of them walked along the edge of the walkway. The trees beside them had already grown luxuriant leaves that rustled with the wind.

When Shen Li was once again stopped by a boy, who nervously and eagerly expressed his love and admiration for her and LY, Lu Huaiyu suddenly stood still.

Shen Li turned around. “Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu exerted a little strength with his hand and pulled her aside.

“I suddenly feel that it’s not that fun in taking a walk here any more. Shall we go somewhere else?”

Shen Li raised her head to look at him and could not help but laugh.

It had already been so long, yet he was still thinking about it.

She pulled his hand and moved closer to him, her peach blossom eyes curved.

“Even though I’m yours, why are you still fighting for an autograph?”

Lu Huaiyu looked down at her as if he was laughing.


The little girl seemed to be up to something. Did she want to put this matter behind her with just one or two sentences?

Shen Li suddenly moved forward and hooked her arm with his, as if she had something to say.

Lu Huaiyu smiled and bent his head slightly to hers. They were so close that their breaths were intermingled.

He wanted to see if she was still–

A warm and moist heat burned his collarbone.

She was kissing him.

Lu Huaiyu’s body tensed up instantly. Pulling his arms together, he wrapped them around her waist and pulled her into his arms.

Suddenly, he felt a slight stabbing pain and he could almost feel her teeth grinding against his collarbone.

It was warm and scalding hot.

The night breeze in March still carried a hint of coolness, but Lu Huaiyu seemed to feel as if something was about to boil over.

She stepped back slightly and leaned her head close to his ear. Her voice was soft and gentle, lingering enticingly.

“I’m giving Brother an autograph.”