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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 828 - Signature  

Chapter 828: Signature

The boy was stunned. Only then did he notice Lu Huaiyu, who had followed Shen Li in.

When his eyes met the amusement in that man’s eyes, the boy subconsciously began to tremble.

“Lu, Senior Lu… I, I am in 503…”

Hesitantly, he looked at the racing model in his hand as a hint of uncertainty flashed across his face.

He thought of the previous rally race.

A full four and a half laps of all-round suppression, as well as the last half lap of the three bends to pass six cars.

Although the race was over, every time he thought of it, it still made him excited.

“Oh,” Lu Huaiyu said in an extremely soft voice.

A chill inexplicably surged up, and the boy finally found his slight desire to live.

“I-If it’s not convenient–”

“Give it to me.”

Shen Li stretched out her hand.

The boy’s eyes immediately lit up. “Really?!”

He hurriedly handed over the racing car model and an autograph pen.

Moreover, the racing car model was pure black which was very similar to Shen Li’s car.

He had come very well-prepared.

Shen Li signed her name on the bonnet of the car model and handed it back.

“Thank you, thank you! Shen Li! Thank you so much! I’m so happy… I really admire you!”

The boy suddenly stopped, almost biting his tongue in the process. He took the car model with both hands, feeling extremely excited.

Shen Li said casually, “No need to thank me.”

As she said that, she walked to a seat at the side and sat down.

The gazes in the classroom that were looking over became even more eager.

One after another, those who were sitting in the front row turned their heads to look back at her. Some people even started walking over. It was a mix of both males and females, although most of them were males.

Obviously, many of them were here to ask for autographs.

Even if they couldn’t get it, they could at least say a few words to her!

Racing cars were a fatal attraction to many boys. They had not known about it before, but now that they had seen Shen Li’s performance in competition, they were completely in awe of her.

Therefore, many people had come to this class just because of her reputation.

“Shen Li! I’m from the Electronic Information Engineering Department. Could you also sign this–”

“You were so cool in that rally!”

“My whole family really admires you!”


Amidst the noise, Shen Li heard the boy beside her say something in excitement.

When she turned her head to look, she saw that he was on the phone. He was talking very fast, and his excitement was visible to the naked eye.

“Holy sh*t! Shen Li really signed my car! She signed it! Call Daddy! I’ll show you when we get back!”

Shen Li was speechless.

More and more people came, until it seemed like they were about to completely surround her.

Before Shen Li could speak, someone took a seat next to her.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back against the chair, his posture lazy. The corners of his thin lips were slightly raised resulting in a faint smile on his face.

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

They had no choice. The aura from some people was just too strong.

Even with just a simple action, it was capable of making everyone feel a little pressured.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly and his gaze fell on a hand that was holding a pen and paper in front of him. He raised his eyes slightly and saw that it was a tall and thin boy wearing glasses.

He was saying something to Shen Li.

“Shen Li! I’m from the Finance Department! I–”

Perhaps because the intensity of Lu Huaiyu’s gaze was too strong, he suddenly stopped and turned his head to look at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu asked with a faint smile, “Are you from the Finance Department?”


The boy nodded before he remembered that the person in front of him was his direct senior and had once been a famous figure in the Finance Department of Xijing University.

Even though he had graduated many years ago, there were still many rumors about him in the school.

Many students in the Finance Department were fans of his.

Of course, this included him.

Today, however, he had come here for Shen Li, so he had not even noticed Lu Huaiyu earlier.

By asking this question, did it Lu Huaiyu feel that… as his direct junior, he had betrayed the Finance Department?

Thinking of this, his expression immediately turned solemn as he asked in seriousness, “Senior Lu, please don’t worry. I’m still loyal to our department! You’re still ranked No. 1.”

Saying this, he stopped, but upon seeing that Lu Huaiyu still had not responded, he felt a little guilty.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and decided to compromise by asking,”Then how about… you sign the second page?”

Shen Li, who had been drinking some water, suddenly stopped when she heard this and turned her head to cough.

Lu Huaiyu immediately turned his head and took her water tumbler. At the same time, he handed her a piece of paper and patted her back gently. He whispered,”Why are you so careless?”

The people around also became anxious.

“Hey, Shen Li, are you okay?”

Shen Li waved her hand, indicating that she was fine.

Lu Huaiyu waited for her to calm down before turning back to look at the boy.

The boy seemed to have realized something as well and his face showed some slight embarrassment.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze fell on the paper in his hand and said,”Ah Li doesn’t sign on blank pieces of paper.”

The boy was stunned for a moment, but he quickly understood and secretly regretted it.

He had come in such a hurry that he had actually forgotten about this!

“Yes, yes! This won’t do!”

He thought for a moment, and suddenly had an idea. He then stretched out his left arm.

“Then, then can you sign it on my jacket?”

Lu Huaiyu’s phoenix eyes narrowed dangerously.

Shen Li shook his hand.

This man’s temper was never good.

She raised her head and shook her head at the boy.

“I’m sorry.”

This was the meaning of rejection.

The boy could not hide his disappointment, but he also understood that it was not appropriate for him to suddenly come over and ask someone else to sign on his clothes.


The people around wanted to say something, but the bell for the class suddenly rang.

Right on the bell, Professor Fang walked in. At first glance, he noticed a crowd in the back row of the classroom.

Oh, right, those were the seats that Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu usually sat in.

Professor Fang placed his water tumbler on the podium and said with a smile, “Why is it so lively today?”

The sound of his voice finally reminded everyone that it was the start of class.

Although they were reluctant to leave, they still went back to their seats.

Shen Li exhaled lightly.

After her relationship with Lin Fengmian had been exposed, many girls had come to see her in class. They went wherever she went, wishing they could help her with her homework.

After a long time, things slowly returned to normal.

Who would have thought that after the rally, so many people would come, and that most of them would be boys?

More importantly, when the boys became fanatical, their fervor was no less than the girls.

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at her.

Professor Fang stood on the podium and looked around the classroom with a smile on his face.

“There are quite a few people here today.”

Ever since he had chosen Shen Li as the class representative, the attendance rate for his class had been unusually high.

100% was basic, but quite often there would often be more than 100%.

Looking at the number of people today, there seemed to be at least 30% more than the number on the roster, right?

Professor Fang was very pleased.

He wrote a question on the blackboard before turning his head to look in a certain direction with a wide smile on his face.

“The boy in yellow in the third-to-last row, why don’t you write down the solution to this question?”