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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 827 - Especially Like You  

Chapter 827: Especially Like You

Yang Tao was very surprised.

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

He had mentioned this to Lu Huaiyu before, but ever since the incident two years ago, he had rarely mentioned this to Lu Huaiyu.

He had unintentionally mentioned it today while in the stands because he had managed to attend this match.

He had not expected Lu Huaiyu to call him at this time.

“To be precise, it’s about the person who won first place,” Lu Huaiyu said.

Yang Tao was stunned.



Lu Huaiyu’s tone sounded calm, as if he was merely asking a casual question.

However, Yang Tao knew very well that there had to be a reason for Lu Huaiyu to take the initiative to mention it.

He nodded.

“What is it that you want to ask?”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

“Do you know L’s identity?”

Yang Tao smiled helplessly.

“This is something that I really don’t know. At that time, everyone’s identity had been kept a secret, and there were no photos or videos of it.”

Besides, so much time had already passed. It would not be that easy to find out about what had happened then.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes were dark.

“Then did you know that Doyle was also there during that race?”


Yang Tao frowned.

“I didn’t know that. But when you say it like that, it seems like there was a driver who had the same driving style as him…”

Yang Tao had been in this circle for a long time. Although he was not a driver, he had done thorough research in all aspects.

He was sure that there had been a top professional driver in that match. He had just never been sure who it was.

Now that he heard Lu Huaiyu mention Doyle, he immediately felt that he seemed to be the one.

Lu Huaiyu said, “Is that so?”

Yang Tao thought for a moment and lowered his voice slightly.

“At that time, there was a racer who had been severely suppressed by L. Every time he had tried to overtake, his maneuver had been blocked by someone else. Ultimately, he seemed to have a mental breakdown and almost drove off the track. That car was also severely scratched. When I think about it carefully, it seems like that person might really be him.”

On the other end, Lu Huaiyu did not speak.

Yang Tao mumbled as he asked again, “Wait, how did you know that Doyle was there on that day? You were not there that night.”

Lu Huai said casually, “I accidentally overheard Doyle mention the race in Leland today.”

“He said it himself?”

Yang Tao was stunned.

“It shouldn’t be, right? If the person at that time was really him, why would he take the initiative to mention it? After all, he was beaten so badly that it was unbearable to watch. With his proud and conceited character, surely he would have hoped that this matter would never be known by others, right?”

Lu Huaiyu seemed to smile.

“I think so too.”

Yang Tao felt that the suddenness of this call seemed to indicate that something was wrong, but he could not say this out loud.

“Is there a reason you’re asking… about L?”

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly.

“Didn’t you say that the driver was very strong? I happened to think about it, so I just decided to ask.”

Yang Tao was silent for a moment before he silently sighed and said, “Yes. That person would have been capable of competing with you at that time. It’s a pity that you didn’t go there on that day. After all, you were clearly in Leland at that time–”

Yang Tao had originally thought that if there was a chance, he would have liked to see the two of them compete against each other to see who would end up winning and who would end up losing.

Unfortunately, thiswould never be possible again.

Speaking of which, Yang Tao himself also felt that there was no point in bringing up the past, so he simply stopped talking about it.

“I’m not trying to pour cold water on this, but I believe it will be quite difficult for you to find out any information about L.”

This matter had already happened so long ago. By now, it would be too difficult to say who had been there and who had not. How was he going to investigate it?

Lu Huaiyyu did not seem to be overly concerned about this.

“Then we won’t investigate.”

Yang Tao took his phone away from his ear and looked at it suspiciously.

“So, you won’t investigate? Lu Er, this is not your style of doing things.”

Since he had asked about it, that meant that he was interested. So, why did he just say that he would not investigate it?

Lu Huaiyu answered casually and hung up the phone.

Fang Qingyun glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Lu Huaiyu leaning against the back of the seat. His long legs were crossed, and he was casually using one hand to play with his phone. There was a slightly dark look in his eyes which kept anyone who looked at him from knowing what he was thinking about.

The smile on his face disappeared slightly, and he spoke carefully.

“Second Master, you watched the race live today… How do you feel now?”

Lu Huaiyu lifted his eyelids slightly, and he looked at Fang Qingyun with a faint smile on the corners of his lips.

“I was only watching a race, so Grandfather doesn’t have to worry.”

Fang Qingyun’s heart skipped a beat, as he realized that his true intention for asking that question had been seen.

He withdrew his gaze and said hesitantly, “That’s good.”

That was good.


That night, Shen Li followed Gu Siyang to the barbeque restaurant.

LY had booked the entire place and almost everyone had come.

The enticing aroma filled the air, and the atmosphere was lively.

This was LY’s first time winning the championship, and it had been a very beautiful victory. Everyone was very excited.

Shen Li and Gu Siyang came to the table in the middle.

Ji Shu waved at them.

“Sister Li! Director Gu!”

Gu Siyang trembled.

“Speak properly!”

Ji Shu clicked his tongue.

“Director Gu, your mental fortitude isn’t good enough.”

Gu Siyang was silenced.

Shen Li sat down beside Ji Shu, and Gu Siyang sat next to her.

Shen Li asked casually, “I just sent you a message. Why didn’t you reply?”

Ji Shu was shocked.

“Ah, Sister Li, you sent me a message?”

He took out his phone.

“I turned off my phone so I didn’t know.”

Shen Li shook her head. “It wasn’t anything important, but why did you turn off your phone?”

Gu Siyang chuckled.

“He must have received too many congratulation messages!”

Ji Shu clicked his tongue, while the expression on his face was subtle.

He lowered his head and his voice as he spoke in a bitter tone.

“Sister Li, do you know how many messages Null sent to me? And all of them were 59s long!”

He made a hand gesture.

“So many!”

Shen Li held up her cup of tea.

“Why did he send those to you?”

Usually, Null did not say much.

The expression on Ji Shu’s face was hard to decipher.


“I just found out that he came to the venue today, and then– He scolded me so much!”

At first, Ji Shu had been quite happy to see that Null had sent him such a long message. After all, in most cases, Null was the type of person who did not say much.

Now, he was surprised to find out that the situation had flipped on him.

In the first message, he had ended up with a scolding.

From the first second of the start of the competition to the last second of the competition, Null had given him criticism after criticism. He was just short of actually coming up to remove the wheels of his car.

Ji Shu had then decisively turned off his phone.

Shen Li was silent.

She glanced at Ji Shu and said,”That’s pretty good.”

Ji Shu was baffled.

Shen Li added, “Remember to listen to it over and over again. It’s best if you can recite it.”

Ji Shu was even more dumbfounded.

After a while, Shen Li suddenly thought of something.

“Did he use foul language as he was criticizing you?”

Ji Shu sighed and said in a deep voice,”It was about 50-50.”

Shen Li said, “Well, you don’t have to learn that part.”

The first Monday after the rally.

Advanced Mathematics.

Shen Li had just entered through the back door when someone shouted,”Shen Li is here!”

Shen Li stopped in her tracks and slowly raised her head. Only then did she realize that the number of male students in the classroom had increased greatly compared to before.

At this moment, all of them were looking over at her with burning gazes.

A male student sitting near the back door handed over a racing car model with an eager expression on his face.

“Shen Li! I’m from the Department of Electrical Automation! The entire dormitory room 503 admires you greatly. Can you sign this for me?”

Shen Li’s eyebrows jumped.

A tall and straight figure walked in after her and seemed to laugh.

“Which dormitory room did you say you’re from?”