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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 826 - : I Want to Ask You Something  

Chapter 826: I Want to Ask You Something

As she spoke, she moved to exit the room and close the door.

Gu Siyang immediately stood up.


He was risking his life to fight for this! How could she just stand by and watch him die?

Probably because the way he had called out to her had sounded so miserable, Shen Li hesitated for a moment before looking back into the room.

Gu Tingfeng and the others were all there, each occupying a spot.

However, compared to Gu Siyang, these people were all very calm and collected.

As if sensing her gaze, Gu Tingyun smiled warmly and said,”Ah Li, it’s nothing. We were just discussing what you would like to eat later.”

Shen Li did not say anything.

It really did not seem like it though.

“Right. But actually, our opinions aren’t important. The main decision is still up to you.” Gu Tinglan took a sip of water and casually said, “Siyang, don’t make a scene. After all, you’re the older brother.”

Gu Siyang was flabbergasted.

He was making a scene?

He was making a scene?!

Weren’t his uncles fiercely arguing just a moment ago?

Why were they quiet now?

Gu Tingchuan frowned.

“You should rein in your temper. And your voice– Can’t you see that you made Ah Li feel as if she had to leave the room?”

Gu Siyang was rendered speechless.

‘Second Uncle, you’re the one who shouldn’t be saying this, right? In what way was your temper any better?

‘Are you sure that the reporter from Thousand Bird Sports wasn’t you?

In despair, he turned his head to look at his father.

Gu Tingfeng lowered his eyelids slightly. He blew on the tea in the teacup that he was holding before looking up.

His gaze swept passed Gu Siyang before landing on Shen Li. He smiled and said, “Ah Li, don’t worry about your cousin. What is it that you would like to eat?”

Gu Siyang thought to himself that he had been relegated to some kind of clown meme.

Shen Li looked around before finally looking at Shen Zhijin.


There was a faint smile on Shen Zhijin’s handsome and clean face.

“Ah Li usually eats at home. Today is the time to go out and celebrate, so you should decide.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the spacious lounge immediately fell silent for a moment.

Go out.

That was a good one.

Shen Li paused for a moment, silently giving a thumbs up in her heart once again.

She looked at Gu Siyang and saw that he was sitting there listlessly with an aggrieved look on his face. It was rare for her to feel some sympathy for him.

It was not that Gu Siyang’s combat ability was not good, but it was just that these opponents were extremely brutal.

Her eyes curved as she smiled.

“Let’s go to Cousin’s house.”

Gu Siyang’s eyes lit up instantly!

“I knew I could rely on Sister the most!”

Thus, after this friendly exchange, everyone finally decided to go to Gu Siyang’s home at Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard.

Gu Siyang did not usually come here. Most of the time, he would go to the villa next door where Gu Tingfeng and his wife lived.

Today could be considered his busiest day, especially after Shen Li had helped LY win the championship. This would be the first time he would be hosting a meal here. As the boss of LY and Shen Li’s cousin, Gu Siyang was feeling very satisfied with his life.

It was for this reason that he even changed the team celebration for LY to the evening. He planned to take Shen Li there later.

Knowing that he was happy, Shen Li decided to let him be.

Since the end of the competition, Shen Li’s phone had continued to receive congratulatory messages and calls.

After the meal, she curled up on the sofa and started to reply to each message, one by one.

After replying to some of them, she also received a video call from Gu Siqi.

Shen Li answered the call.


Gu Siqi’s cheerful voice was heard. At the same time, a handsome little face appeared through the camera lens.

His face was full of excitement, and his eyes were bright.

“Cousin! We watched your competition today! You looked so good!”

Shen Li could not help but laugh.

“That’s right, that’s right!”

On the screen, one handsome little face turned into two as both heads squeezed together.

“Cousin, you said that you were a substitute driver! How is it that a substitute driver could be such a good driver?”

Gu Sicheng wrinkled his nose, obviously still thinking about this matter.

Shen Li smiled.

“I am indeed a substitute driver, but I didn’t say that I didn’t drive well, right?”

The two brothers were stunned.

Ah, that did seem to be true…

When they heard Shen Li say that she was a substitute driver, they had just assumed that it was because she was not strong enough, but who would have known…

Gu Siyang walked over and happened to hear their conversation. He bent down and leaned against the back of the sofa with a grin on his face.

“I already said that your cousin drives well. Otherwise, why would I have had to beg– I mean, go through so much effort to sign her up?”

Shen Li had personally requested for her contract to be amended. Each and every one of her conditions had completely been in her favor. In the end, he had still gritted his teeth and signed it. Why?

Wasn’t it because he had good taste?!

Reality had proven that he had not made a mistake in this aspect!

Old Madam Gu’s gentle voice came from the other end.

“Siqi, Sicheng, are you video-calling your cousin?”

The two of them turned their heads at the same time.


The camera shook for a moment before Old Madam Gu’s smiling face was seen. At the same time, a corner of her tang suit sleeve brushed past the edge of the camera.

Shen Li’s eyes curved as she smiled.


Gu Siyang called out, “Grandma!”

Old Madam Gu acknowledged their greetings before calling out to someone to the side.

“Brother Ci, come and see Ah Li.”

The next moment, Old Master Gu finally appeared on the screen.

His usually solemn and dignified face relaxed into a smile when he saw Shen Li.

“Ah Li, you–”

He suddenly stopped and looked at the camera with a frown.

“Why is there another person here?”

Gu Siyang was dumbfounded, “… Grandpa?”

Wasn’t he the eldest grandson?

Old Master Gu could not hide his disdain.

The phone screen was only so big, yet half of it was being taken up by Gu Siyang’s big face.

Gu Siyang pursed his lips.

“Hmph, anyway, my sister signed a contract with me, the only one!”

The Gu family had many properties. In the eyes of Old Master Gu and the others, LY was just his plaything.

But now, Shen Li was a part of LY!

In the entire family, who else had such treatment?

Thinking of this, Gu Siyang was happy again. He patted Shen Li’s shoulder, feeling a little smug.

“Sister, you go ahead with your video call first. If there’s anything, we can talk about it at the company!”

Shen Li kept quiet.

Old Master Gu’s expression remained calm.

“It looks like your company isn’t short of money these days.”

Gu Siyang was shocked.

He immediately said seriously, “Grandfather, look at our venue. Does it match my sister’s qualifications?”

Old Master Gu looked up but did not say anything.

Gu Siyang said sincerely, “Please consider it carefully. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

In the next second, his face quickly disappeared from the video.

Shen Li smiled.

“Grandpa, Cousin is so happy today–”

Old Master Gu looked at her and said gently, “Ah Li, what do you think of the conditions over there? The last time I saw it, I thought it was a little lacking.”

Shen Li stayed quiet.

She could guess how Director Gu managed to acquire investments.

Lu Huaiyu left after having lunch together with Shen Li.

The black Panamera slowly drove out of Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard.

Fang Qingyun had a smile on his face, unable to hide his excitement.

“Second Master, I didn’t expect Ah Li to drive so well! Today’s competition was really exciting!”

Lu Huaiyu, who was sitting in the back row, chuckled when he heard this.


He looked out of the window as if he was thinking about something.

After a moment, he took his phone out and dialed Yang Tao’s number.

The call was answered very quickly.

“Lu Er?”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment before speaking slowly.

“I’d like to ask you about something. It’s about the underground car race in Leland that you mentioned earlier.”