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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 825 - Farewell to Leland  

Chapter 825: Farewell to Leland

Shen Li’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

This was Doyle’s voice. It was his voice that was directed at her.

She did not stop walking until she stood in front of Lu Huaiyu before she turned her head to look.


She greeted him calmly.

Doyle was leaning against the wall in the corridor at the side. His figure was hidden, so Shen Li had not noticed him when she came over.

By the looks of it, he seemed to have been waiting here for quite a while. Needless to say, he was specifically waiting for her.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curved slightly.

“I thought you had already left.”

Doyle’s eyes were fixed on her as he slowly stood up.

“I was waiting for you, L.”

A faint look of surprise flashed across Shen Li’s face.


Doyle did not allow the change in her expression to go unnoticed.

The way he had called her had been a test, and so was this sentence.

At the press conference, after Yang Tao had said that he would be fired, he had left in anger.

At that time, he had intended on leaving immediately.

However, after walking some distance, he had thought of Shen Li again.

He thought of her straight and slender back, and of her performance on the field today.

Everything had made the memory that had been buried deep in his mind gradually become clear.

Although he knew that this was a ridiculous guess, he did not care about anything more after splitting up with LY in such an ugly manner.

He had come back and specially chosen to wait for her here.

The moment Doyle opened his mouth, the Lu Huaiyu’s brows raised slightly.


It was such a simple letter. If it was being used to refer to a person, and it had been said by Doyle, then…

It should be that person.

Coincidentally, he had heard of this title from Yang Tao.

Noticing that Doyle was looking at Shen Li, Lu Huaiyu’s eyelids drooped slightly, as his gaze fell on the little girl in front of them.

From this angle, he could see her wavy black hair, thick curly eyelashes, and her elegant nose bridge.

Doyle walked forward until he finally stopped about three steps away from the two of them.

The corners of his lips twitched as if he was smiling, but his eyes were dark and cold.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you recognize me now since we parted at Leland?”

At this moment, only the three of them were in the corridor. It was cold and quiet, so when he said this, his words had been heard extra clearly.

He had emphasized the word “Leland” particularly strongly.

Lu Huaiyu’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed and moved slightly.

Shen Li’s brows furrowed slightly as she looked directly into Doyle’s eyes.


The air seemed to freeze, and both sides fell into a stalemate.

Doyle’s eyes were the first to show signs of wavering.

The expression on Shen Li’s face did not seem to indicate that she knew what he was talking about.

The pair of peach blossom-shaped eyes on her face remained calm without any ripples having been stirred up.

Doyle had tried to trick her, but now that he had seen Shen Li’s reaction, he was not too sure of himself.

In the dead silence, it was Shen Li who broke the silence first.

“Doyle, what exactly is it that you want to say to me?”

Doyle did not answer. He still had doubts in his heart.

Shen Li had always reminded him of that person.

Previously, it had been her back view. However, this time, it was the domineering presence that she had on the field. It had been exactly the same as that person.

However, other than that, from any other point of view, she could not possibly be L.

If it really was her, she would have only been sixteen years old two years ago.

Besides, he had already looked up Shen Li’s background. No matter which way he looked at it, it did not seem that she should have appeared in Leland at that time.

Moreover, although Shen Li’s performance today had indeed been pretty good, compared to the L of that time, it was still a lot worse.

After a long while of not receiving an answer from Doyle, Shen Li seemed to be a little impatient.

She softened the tone of her voice.

“If there’s nothing else, then I’ll be taking my leave first. After all, LY has just won the championship so there’s a lot happening.”

When she said this, Doyle’s expression became even colder.

He was LY’s chief coach. At this time, he should have been celebrating with LY and the others, but he was now stuck at this point because he had been fired!

No matter how much was happening with LY, it had nothing to do with him!

Shen Li turned around.

“Second Brother, let’s go.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and replied,”Okay.”

As he spoke, he held her hand and led her forward.


Doyle was still feeling reluctant to let the matter rest and raised his voice to shout again.

This time, it was Lu Huaiyu who turned around.

The expression on his face remained as calm as the tone of his voice. However, he had a bone-chilling reserve and detachment that made him seem unapproachable.

“My girlfriend has a name.”

Doyle choked. He did not know why, but when his eyes encountered the indifferent look in Lu Huaiyu’s eyes, he inexplicably shivered. All the words that he had prepared became stuck in his throat.

“But…” Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips lifted to form a very slight curve, and there seemed to be a faint chill in the depths of his dark eyes. “You aren’t qualified to call her name.”

A strong sense of shame surged up. Doyle had the impulse to step forward, but he felt as if he had been pinned to the spot by Lu Huaiyu’s eyes and was unable to move.

Some people were born with a strong aura and were looked up to by others.

While Doyle was still hesitating, Lu Huaiyu withdrew his gaze.

As he walked, he turned his head to look at the little girl next to him.

Unlike the cold and solemn look he had aimed at Doyle, his eyebrows and eyes were now relaxed, and a smile played on the corners of his lips. His voice was also low and gentle.

“Are you tired from the press conference?”

The two people gradually disappeared from view. This time, Doyle did not follow them.

He stared at their backs for a long time before clenching his fists and finally turning around to leave.

On the other end, Shen Li had completely forgotten about Doyle. She held Lu Huaiyu’s hand as they walked on.

“It was okay.”

“I saw that they kept on asking the same questions. It wasn’t very interesting.”

“Second Brother, did you watch the live broadcast?”

“Yes, there’s a projector in the VIP lounge of the race track.”

Shen Li stopped and looked up hesitantly.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“It was Gu Siyang who set it up.”

Shen Li looked at him silently.

A moment later.

“Well, you’re right. Everyone watched it together.”

Shen Li remained silent as she digested this piece of information.

This statement that “everyone watched it together”… There was no need to ask who all those people were.

Thinking about it, it did make sense…

Forget it. They had already watched the match today anyway. In comparison, watching this press conference was not a big deal.

Shen Li continued to hold his hand and walk forward.

“Then why did Second Brother come alone?”

It was a little strange to talk about this.

According to her understanding of the members of her family, it was unlikely that they would have allowed Lu Huaiyu to come to pick her up alone, right?

A faint smile appeared on Lu Huaiyu’s face.

“Because they are still discussing which house they will take you to for dinner later.”

Shen Li was stunned into silence.

As expected, she knew that she should not have had any illusions.

Lu Huaiyu stopped in his tracks.

“We’re here.”

Shen Li looked up. There was a VIP lounge sign on the tightly shut door.

She placed her hand on the door handle and gently pressed it, pushing it open slightly.

Gu Siyang was straining his neck as he shouted out,”That’s my sister! My sister! She won on behalf of LY today! Of course, she has to go to my place!”

Shen Li, “…”

Sensing her arrival, the noisy room instantly quieted down. Everyone turned their heads at the same time.

Gu Siyang was feeling aggrieved.


Shen Li silently took half a step back.

“I’m sorry for interrupting.”

“Please, carry on.”