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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 824 - L  

Chapter 824: L

After the race, there were also many media outlets that were waiting to interview FN.

Initially, FN had overtaken LY in the previous race, and Ron had had a car accident. Everyone had thought that LY would fail, and that the championship would definitely be in the hands of FN.

Who would have known that Shen Li would suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Now, not only had FN lost the championship titles of best overall driver and best team, but Yu Cheng had also been humiliated and disgraced in today’s race!

For Yu Cheng, the latter point was more important.

He came from a good family background and was favored by Elder Yu. Thus, he had developed a domineering personality.

All these years, he had never suffered such a huge loss from anyone before!

Therefore, as the captain of the team, Yu Cheng had rejected all interview requests from the media and left with Yu Yu.

He left the mess to be dealt with by the other people from FN.

However, he had not expected Shen Li to say such words in the live broadcast!

Yu Cheng’s expression was so gloomy that it seemed as if a rain cloud had appeared above him and would start to rain. He did not say a word.

Yu Yu lowered her voice.

“… I’ve met her a few times before, but she always seemed like such a quiet person. I hadn’t expected her to be so good at racing.”

Yu Cheng could not bear to hear such words now.

Each word reminded him of every minute and second on the field today!

He sneered.

“She’s not a simple person. There’s much more to her that you can’t possibly imagine!”

Yu Yu sighed and tried to console him.

“Brother, the competition is over now anyway. Don’t think about that for now. You haven’t been back to Haicheng for quite some time. Grandfather has been thinking about you.”

In the entire Yu family, only Yu Cheng received such treatment.

When Yu Cheng heard this, the fire in his heart burned even more fiercely.

“Go home? How can I go back? How can I show my face with this kind of result?!”

Before the competition, he had made an agreement with Elder Yu that if FN could win the championship this time, he would be able to state whatever conditions that he wanted.

He had already been certain that he would win. However, in the end?!

Actually, Elder Yu did not care whether he won the championship or not. The main reason he valued it so much was because his favorite grandson liked it.

Besides, what happened had already happened. How could he pretend that it had not happened?!

Yu Cheng did not need to think to know that today’s match would become a stain on his body that would be hard to wash away!

How could he not think about it?

Yu Yu was quiet for a while before she spoke helplessly.

“She’s just a child. Brother, I know you’re angry with her… but I think she’s just a child at heart. Maybe it’s because she’s been spoiled by her family and was unhappy after hearing what you said to her before the match. That’s probably why she deliberately made such a fuss…”

Yu Cheng sneered.

“Does she really think that she can do whatever she wants just because she has the support of the Gu family?”

Yu Yu looked ahead.

“There’s only one young miss in the Gu family. Don’t they completely dote on her? Remember how big of a fuss the Gu family made just to welcome her home?”

Yu Cheng frowned but did not speak. However, in his heart, he was even more disgusted with Shen Li.

After a long while, he spoke coldly.

“Sooner or later, I will seek revenge on her!”

Yu Yu worriedly tried to persuade him otherwise.

“Brother, please don’t be rash.”

Yu Cheng closed his eyes. It was obvious that he did not want to continue this topic any longer.

There were many ways to deal with someone without causing a fuss.

Yu Yu’s lips moved slightly. She looked at him and finally softened her voice.

“Then, Brother, rest well. I will call you when we reach our destination.”

The LY press conference.

Yang Tao’s ability to control the scene was very strong, and he maintained the rhythm throughout the entire process.

All the difficult questions had been handled smoothly by him. Other than Doyle’s sudden departure, which had caused a bit of a ruckus, the overall atmosphere was still rather harmonious.

After the entire press conference had gone on for about 15 minutes, Yang Tao received a call.

It was from Gu Siyang.

Considering that many media outlets were still around, he ended the call.

Gu Siyang knew roughly what was going on here, so he quickly sent a message.

[ Why isn’t the press conference over yet? I think my sister is tired! ]

Yang Tao, “…”

He turned his head to glance at Shen Li.

This person could drive with such an amazing result on the field, yet could she already be tired after just sitting for half an hour?

Gu Siyang persevered.

[ Why are those reporters asking so many questions? Can’t they see that my sister can’t be bothered to reply? Moreover, my sister hasn’t even had lunch yet! ]

Yang Tao, “…”

He looked at the time. Yes, it was 11:35.

Was this really too late for lunch?

It was really not appropriate to say anything at this occasion, so Yang Tao continued to ignore him.

No matter what, he had to wait until the end of this press conference, right?

Just these five minutes and ten minutes–

A third message was sent from Gu Siyang.

[ My dad said that if we release my sister within five minutes, he’ll increase the investment based on the previous amount. ]

Yang Tao was bewildered.

He immediately put away his phone and raised his hand to point at a reporter with a smile on his face.

“Thank you, this will be the last question.”

Many media outlets were shocked. The reporter who was called out asked in a daze, “Director Yang, I’m the last one?”

This was too sudden!

Yang Tao nodded.


Then, he stood up.

“Since the last question has been answered, the press conference is over. Thank you all.”

Everyone was puzzled.

Yang Tao was already looking at Shen Li and the others with a warm smile.

“I’m also very tired from today’s competition. Go back and rest early.”

Shen Li had already been feeling a little impatient, so when she heard this, she naturally nodded her head in agreement.

As for Ji Shu and Lu Siyu, whatever Shen Li did, they followed along. Thus, they immediately followed Shen Li and stood up.

Yang Tao waved to the side. The staff quickly moved forward and escorted Shen Li and the others away.

“Director Yang!”

Someone called out to him from behind.

Yang Tao turned his head and smiled.

“Everyone has been working hard today. Today’s lunch will be on LY. Everyone, please have a good time.”

Everyone was stunned.


LY was truly rich and generous!

The members of the Gu family were waiting in the VIP lounge as Shen Li walked over there.

Just as she turned the corner, she saw a tall and straight figure walking over.

She smiled.

“Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly. Before he could speak, a cold and hoarse voice suddenly came from the side.