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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 823 - : I Want an Explanation  

Chapter 823: I Want an Explanation

After a short period of silence, the entire press conference venue was in an uproar!

The news that Yang Tao had just announced was extremely explosive!

This decision would have been understandable if LY had lost the competition. However, they were now actually choosing to fire their head coach, Doyle, just after winning the championship?

What kind of situation was this?!

The live media were all dumbfounded. The audience following the live broadcast was the same. Question marks and exclamation marks filled the entire screen.

Even Doyle himself had a look of shock on his face.

He looked at Yang Tao in disbelief, almost thinking that he had heard wrongly.

A reporter noticed Doyle’s reaction and immediately asked,”Coach Doyle, it looks like you don’t know about this matter?”

Several pairs of eyes focused on Doyle.

This was such a big matter yet LY had not informed him in advance?

The expression on Doyle’s face was extremely unpleasant.

Even without saying anything, the expression on his face was enough to explain everything. He really had no idea!

Realizing this, the atmosphere at the scene was strange.

This was extremely confusing. What was LY doing?

The head coach was very important to any team. How could he be fired just like that?

Yang Tao looked at Doyle with a hint of an apology on his face.

“I’m sorry. Advanced notice should have been regarding this matter. However, time was too tight, so I didn’t have the time.”

No one said anything.

Doyle’s face was ashen.

No matter how tight the time was, how could he not have even said a single word?!

Yang Tao was obviously doing this on purpose!

He had wanted to announce this decision in front of countless people at the press conference!

To be publicly fired, and at such a time… LY’s championship trophy had not even had time to be warmed up yet!

Wasn’t this a deliberate humiliation?!

The members of the media who were in attendance became restless.

“Director Yang! May I ask what caused LY to make such a decision?”

“President Yang, I heard that LY spared no expense to specially hire Coach Doyle in preparation for this year’s national rally. Why is LY suddenly firing him even though his contract has not come to its end yet?”

“Does this mean that LY will have to bear the penalty for breaching the contract?”

“Coach Doyle, did you really not receive any notice before this? I wonder what the reason is that LY is forcing you out of your contract?”

All kinds of sharp questions were thrown at him.

Doyle suddenly said coldly, “Regarding this matter, I really didn’t know anything before this. So I would also like to ask President Yang the same thing. Why?”

Being fired in public was a very unpleasant thing.

If this was not resolved properly, it would greatly affect the future of his career!

So even if these reporters had not asked this question, he would have still needed to ask Yang Tao for a reason!

Yang Tao seemed to have already anticipated his reaction. He kept his smile official and polite.

“Actually, the higher-ups at LY had already planned this, but because we were still in the middle of the competition, they put it on hold for the time being. Now that the competition has ended today, we thought that it was time to resolve this matter.”

The look on his face seemed somewhat regretful.

“Earlier, LY had indeed gone through a lot of effort to invite Coach Doyle to work for us. At that time, we had also had high hopes for him. We had hoped that LY would achieve better results under his leadership. However, after getting along with him, we have regretfully discovered that Coach Doyle is not suitable for LY.”

He paused.

“Not suitable”– This was a euphemism.

However, everyone understood that if the problem was not a big one, LY would not have suddenly and resolutely wanted to fire Doyle.

That was, on Doyle’s side…

Countless gazes fell on Doyle, interspersed with various suspicions and speculations.

Yang Tao paused for a moment.

“This is a matter of personal privacy, please forgive us for not being able to reveal more. As for compensation, someone from LY will take care of this matter after this, and it will definitely be resolved properly.”

In her heart, Shen Li secretly applauded Yang Tao.

As expected of the person who was in charge of external public relations and business relations for LY. With just one sentence, he had made his stance clear and had even managed to quietly push all the blame onto Doyle.

The specific reasons for the dismissal would not be released publicly out of respect. However, even if they were to compensate for the breach of contract, they were still resolute in their decision to terminate their contract with Doyle.

It would be impossible for anyone to misunderstand what had been said.

This was almost equivalent to the confirmation that the party who was at fault was Doyle!

Once the news spread out, the clubs that still wanted to hire Doyle as a coach would also have to think about it.

What else could Doyle do?

Doyle obviously thought of this as well as he glared at Yang Tao.

“What if I have to have a reason? What reason did LY have to make such a decision? Does President Yang not want to say it, or does he not dare to say it?”

As he said this, his eyes swept over Yang Tao and fell upon Shen Li.

“I believe that I have always been dutiful during the time that I have been coaching LY. If Director Yang can’t give me a reasonable answer, then I–”


Yang Tao interrupted him with a faint smile. This time, he had directly removed the word “Coach” as he addressed him.

“I think you know very well why LY has made this decision.”

Doyle was stunned.

Yang Tao continued,”In today’s match, Ji Shu placed first while Shen Li placed second. But, how much did the two of them learn from Coach Doyle? And how much of the credit for this championship belongs to you. Don’t you understand?”

Doyle’s lips moved, but he could not speak.

The smile on Yang Tao’s face faded slightly.

“In addition, your performance after Ron was injured also greatly disappointed LY.”

Doyle’s heart jumped. He subconsciously looked up and met Yang Tao’s gaze.

The look in his eyes was calm and cold, but the message was clear: If Doyle still did not know what was good for him, LY would continue to reveal everything that had happened during this period!

Then, everyone would know that LY winning the championship had nothing to do with Doyle and that after Ron’s car accident, he had not shown the care and concern that a coach should have for his players!

How many clubs would be willing to accept such a so-called “coach”?

This situation would be the last decent thing that LY was giving him.

However, if he did not want it, LY could simply take it back.

Realizing this, Doyle felt a chill run down his spine.

Then, he suddenly stood up and left the room!

The entire press conference instantly fell into chaos.

Several reporters wanted to chase after him, but Shen Li and the others were still here.

Between the two choices, Doyle naturally could not compare to Shen Li and the others.

Yang Tao picked up the microphone.

“Everyone, since Doyle has also chosen to leave, LY will respect his decision. If everyone has any other questions, you may continue.”

These words quickly calmed the crowd down and the press conference continued.

A white car drove away from the Beining Racetrack.

Yu Cheng was sitting in the front passenger seat as he watched the live broadcast on his phone.

When he heard Shen Li say that she hoped to continue to improve together with Captain Yu in the future, the dark look in his eyes almost overflowed.

Yu Yu looked over, her gaze lingering on his phone for a moment. Then, with a worried look on her face, she said,”Brother, are you alright?”