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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 822 - LY’s First Decision After Winning the Championship   

Chapter 822: LY’s First Decision After Winning the Championship


After the phone call with Null, Shen Li felt slightly relieved.

She knew very well that he was afraid of trouble, yet she had still continued with her actions this time. It was inevitable that he would be implicated.

Fortunately, he had not fussed too much about it.

Of course, it was also possible that he knew that it would be useless to fuss about it.

Shen Li thought about it and felt that the work she had done in the repair shop a few years ago was finally not in vain.

Knock, knock.

“Sister Li, are you done resting? We should go to the press conference now.”

It was Ji Shu’s voice.

Shen Li put away her phone.


As soon as Shen Li’s face appeared on camera, the bullet comments started to flood the screen.

[ Ahhhhhhhhhhh… Shen Li! Shen Li! ]

[ Here she comes! Sister is here!]

[ I actually think that Shen Li is more good-looking than Ji Shu! Can the camera get closer? Her eyelashes as so long! ]

“Can the person above restrain himself a little? Why are you trying to steal my position?”

“Make way! Make way! Don’t delay me from kneeling before my sister!”

The media and paparazzi converged, the flash from their cameras almost made it hard for people to open their eyes.

As Yang Tao stood up, he smiled to welcome them, and pointed to the seat on the left:

“Shen Li, Ji Shu, Siyu, come and sit here.”

Doyle was on his right. When he saw Shen Li and the others arrive, he looked over at them, and his gaze lingered on Shen Li for a while.

The first seat to Yang Tao’s left was the seat in the middle. Shen Li had originally wanted to let Ji Shu go there, but Ji Shu insisted, “Sister Li, that was originally Ron’s seat. Since you’re competing on his behalf, you should sit there too!”

Shen Li paused.

Ron’s seat.

So, that was the captain’s seat.

Ji Shu winked at her and smiled brightly.

Shen Li gave a slight smile and without refuting him, she sat down.

Next, was the segment where they would answer the questions from the various media outlets.

These questions basically revolved around Ji Shu and Shen Li.

Logically speaking, Shen Li was just a substitute driver and a rookie. Thus, she should not have been sitting in this seat and should not have attracted so much attention.

However, her performance today had been truly stunning!

She was a female driver who had never participated in any official professional race before this. Everyone had thought that she was bound to lose.

Who would have known that her true level of skill was so amazing?

There were too many explosive points!

“Hello, Shen Li. I am a reporter from Thousand Birds Sports. What I want to ask is, that you clearly have the skills of a top professional driver. Why haven’t you participated in a race before?”

This was also what everyone was curious about.

Countless cameras were aimed at the girl sitting in the middle.

Upon hearing the question, the answer she gave was especially simple.

“It’s because I’m a substitute.”

Everyone was speechless.



Yes, she had originally been a replacement for Ron, so she was indeed a substitute…

“Well, what I mean is, your standard is so high, so how is it that you’re still just a substitute driver? Could it be that there is some inside story about LY?”

This person was trying to dig for a story.

Shen Li smiled.

“There is an inside story, but it’s not to do with LY, it’s me.”

She paused.

“It’s because I’m busy with my studies and I don’t have much time and energy to focus on LY. So, I initially signed a contract with LY to be a substitute, so that I would have more freedom in this aspect.”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Was she serious?!

Yang Tao added with a smile, “I can testify that what Shen Li said is the truth. In fact, LY wanted to sign her up a long time ago, but she was busy preparing for the college entrance exam at that time, so we waited until her college entrance exam was over. Once she entered Xijing University, her coursework was very heavy, so LY gave a corresponding flexible countermeasure that was specifically for this point.”

Everyone was shocked.

This interview had only just begun, yet they were already trying to show off?

It was because she was busy with her studies… In order to free up her time, she had become a substitute… Sure, this was a really great reason…”

[ If someone else had said this, I might have thought that this person has some kind of serious illness, but since it’s Shen Li… I’ll just kneel down and cry! ]

[ Oh, in that case, perhaps that paper of hers that was published in “Universe” had even been written in the car, right? ]

[ From eight in the morning till eleven at night, anyone else would cry at that. ]

Shen Li and Yang Tao’s words were too straightforward and dry that they did not leave any leeway for the media to misunderstand.

Yes, she had the ability, but she still had to go to school, so she had signed up as a substitute. Was there a problem with that?

Another reporter stood up.

“If that’s the case, Shen Li, then it seems that you’d be more focused on scientific research, right? Why were you willing to compete this time?”

Shen Li raised her eyebrows and glanced at the reporter who asked the question. She answered in a lazy tone of voice.

“It was because of Ron’s car accident and LY wanted to win the championship.”

She had come because LY had wanted to win the championship.

A dead silence fell upon the place again.

[ Exciting! So exciting! ]

[ Sister, this is too much! ]

[ Did that reporter have a blood clot in his brain in the past ten years that caused him to ask this question? Of course, Shen Li was racing on behalf of Ron! Besides, after today’s competition, who wouldn’t be able to see her strength? Is there anyone more suitable than her in LY? ]

That reporter clearly choked up. After reacting for a moment, he reluctantly asked another question.

“Today’s race was very interesting. You targeted Yu Cheng almost the entire time. May I ask if there is any personal grudge between the two of you? Was your race today for LY or for yourself?”

This question was extremely sharp.

After all, everyone had seen the situation on the field. It would be completely ridiculous to say that Shen Li had not done it on purpose.

So, had she been helping LY win the championship, or had she been venting her anger over a personal issue?

Shen Li paused for a moment. The entire venue was silent as they waited for her answer.

Then, the crowd saw the girl’s red lips twitch slightly as she asked with a faint smile, “Then, who do you think you are by participating in the team’s championship press conference?”

The entire venue was dead silent.

The reporter’s face had turned red.

It could be said that Shen Li had been a great contributor to LY’s win today.

It had been especially evident in the last segment of the race. If she had wanted to, she could have overtaken Ji Shu.

However, she had not.

She had only wanted to help LY rank first in the total of points!

“Also, in my opinion, today’s match was just a friendly exchange between the opponents. Everyone can learn by sparring with each other, right?”

As Shen Li spoke, she looked at the camera and gave a very sincere smile.

“I hope that there will be a chance in the future to compete and improve together with everyone from FN, especially Captain Yu.”

After a few rounds of questioning, everyone finally realized that Shen Li was not someone to be trifled with and quickly shifted the questions to the others.

“President Yang, this is LY’s first time winning the National Rally Team Championship. May I ask what plans and arrangements LY has for the future?”

Yang Tao nodded.


“After some discussion with the senior management of LY, we have formulated a new direction of development. It seems right that I use this opportunity today to announce our first decision.”

As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Doyle, who was sitting at the side.

Seeming to sense something, Doyle looked at him and quickly frowned.

Why was Yang Tao looking at him?

Could this matter be related to him?

Yang Tao smiled slightly and spoke, as he enunciated each word clearly.

“LY’s first decision after winning the championship is to expel the head coach, Doyle.”